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National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Durgapur Scholarships


  • INSTITUTE MERIT‐CUM‐MEANS SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship shall be awarded to undergraduate/post graduate students based on the recommendations of the Scholarship Committee of the Institute. Scholarship is liable to be withdrawn, fully or partially or wholly, in case of misconduct, deliberate concealment of material facts and/ or supply of false information. Students leaving the Institute on their own accord without completing the programme of study may be required to refund the amount of scholarship received during that year. During the tenure of the scholarship, the scholarship holder shall not receive any other scholarship, stipend, financial assistant or remuneration etc., for any work except with the prior permission of the competent authority. The students selected for scholarship shall not accept or hold any appointment, paid or otherwise, and will not receive any emoluments, salary, etc. from any other source during the tenure of scholarship. The scholarship may be suspended or terminated at any time on the ground of misconduct on the part of the student concerned or on the ground of continued absence for more than one month (except on medical grounds).


    1) Parents’ Income: Parents’ annual income not more than Rs. 90,000=00 (Original income certificate during the current financial year and issued by the employers/ not below rank of SDO)

    2) Students having supplementary in any semester are not eligible for applying for Institute scholarship 3) A student against whom any action has been taken and or pending by the Disciplinary/ Anti-ragging Committee, is not eligible for applying of Institute scholarship. SELECTION PROCEDURE: Selection will be made on the basis of the following points :

    1) Parents’/ Guardians’ Income

    2) Merit: For 2nd , 3rd & 4th year students: Percentage of marks obtained in the semester examinations For 1st year students: Percentage of marks obtained in 12th class and rank of Joint Entrance Examination

    3) Interview conducted by the Scholarship Committee.

OTHER SCHOLARSHIPS A student can receive only one scholarship/ financial assistance/ stipend/ remuneration etc. from any Institution/ Organization. The following documents need to be submitted to the Scholarship Section along with the Application Form of the concerned Institution/ Organization:

1) Attested copy of Bona fide Certificate of the current semester

2) Photocopy of I-Card

3) Declaration by the student that no action has ever been taken and /or pending by the Disciplinary committee and/ or Anti-ragging committee of the Institute.

4) Duly filled-up Declaration Form

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