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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Durgapur

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2021

There are in total 9 hostels for boys and 4 hostels for girls. The hostel fees (including mess fees) is nearly about 3-3.5k per month.

There are many PGs outside the college campus available for the students.

The food in the hostel is mediocre (not too good, not too bad). There are various canteens available inside the college campus.

The infrastructure is in the developing stage, some new high rise buildings are in construction stage which, after completion will improve the external beauty of the college.

Classrooms of the new buildings are in awesome condition but the classrooms of the old buildings are in miserable conditions which need improvement.

Central library is there inside the campus with over 1 lakhs of books inside the library.

Wifi and common rooms with TVs are the facilities available in every hostel.


Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Civil Engineering), batch of 2018

Smart boards and projectors are recently installed in all classes, but almost all professors restrain themselves from using it for reasons unknown to me. The library is a little out of sorts; sometimes important books are not available. There is an adequate number of hostels and construction of new girls' hostel is recently finished and that of boys' hostel going on scheduled to be finished within one year. Apart from hostel foods, there are some canteens and restaurants within college premises who provide reasonably good food at affordable price.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Agricultural Engineering), batch of 2017
  • There are 12 hostel and 2 upcoming hostel present in National Institute of Technology.
  • The hostel fees are Rs. 3,000 per month.
  • The food cost is included in hostel fees. But the food is not so good. 
  • The classroom condition is very bad, labs are best, library and dining hall is good.
  • The internet speed of institute broadband is 100 MBps and it is available for all students.

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Master of Computer Application [MCA] Reviews

Master of Computer Applications [M.C.A], batch of 2019
  • There are 9 Hostels at present, 7 for boys 2 for girls. First year gets seperate hostel as a measure for anti-ragging.
  • PG costs are around Rs 6000 per month.
  • Food in hostel is great if you are from Eastern or North Eastern or South India, its average for North Indians. Mess charge is 3000 per-month.
  • Labs are great, classrooms are average with projectors and all.

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National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Durgapur Infrastructure Details

Major Facilities

Computer Centre

The Institute possesses state-of-art computing facilities. The Institute has a Computer Centre as a central computing facility for the students, scholars and the teachers of the Institute. The Centre has necessary infrastructure like sufficient number of Computer Hardware and Software,air-conditioned space and stabilized uninterrupted power supply as well as trained technical manpower.In addition, the Institute has developed two state-of-art CAD Laboratories to train the students on Computer Aided Design.  

Apart from the above each academic department has its own Computer Laboratory with a sizeable number of PCs and Workstations running specialised engineering and scientific packages, like MATLAB, AUTOCad, STADD, IDEAS, PSpice, ANSYS, AFS, Sybase and PowerBuilder.  

The whole Institute including the Students' Hostels and the residential area of the Faculty is connected by a campuswide LAN using high speed Fibre Optic/UTP cables. The LAN is managed by High Level Switches and a host of Servers. The Switches are connected by Fibre Optic Cables to Switches located in different academic departments, students' hostels and residential areas of the Institute. The Switches cater to a whole lot of nodes in different locations as mentioned. In additon to this, the Administrative Offices and the Library have separate local networks running Windows Server. The Library is fully computerised using LibSys software. The Institute has a dedicated 54 Mbps (34 Mbps BSNL+ 20 Mbps Reliance Comm) 24X7 Internet Connectivity, which serves the Institute Internet needs.

Central Instrument Facilities

XRD Equipment: PANalytical XPert Pro Basic X-ray Powder Diffraction Package with all accessories and soft wares. Offers Defect studies of Metallic Alloys including Rietveld Analsis, Phase Analysis, Chemical Analysis for both inorganic and organic specimen, Microstructural Parameters. Compatible for samples of solid flat specimens, solid powders, liquid specimen, thin films etc.

SEM with EDS Equipment: SEM: S-3000N, HITACHI-JAPAN, EDS : THERMO-NORAN-USA, SIX-NSS 200 with PC Monitor, Softwares etc. Offers morphological and surface studies of Metallic Alloys, semi-conducting, insulating and biological samples. Chemical analysis, Phase analysis, X-ray mapping etc. on the EDS

High Voltage Laboratory

The High Voltage Laboratory is a graduate research and undergraduate teaching laboratory with the following infrastructure and testing facilities:

  • Impulse voltage generator – 800 kV, 40 kJ

  • 500 mm sphere gap for HV measurement

  • Impulse voltage divider (damped capacitive type) –800 kV

  • Digital impulse oscilloscope with software

  • 300 kV AC power frequency  HV testing transformer

  • AC Divider 300KV                           

  • Partial Discharge Measuring System

  • Coupling Capacitor

  • Vessel for Vacuum and Pressure

  • Measuring Sphere gap - 500mm

  • RIV Measuring Instrument

  • Operation with Information Communication Technology (ICT) of Impulse as well as AC test system, an unique facility in India .

  • Capacitance and tan delta measurement

  • Resistivity meter

  • Leakage current tester


The library is an institutional member of DELNET (Developing Library Network), American Center Library, Kolkata, NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning), and Current Science Association, Bangalore. It is also a beneficiary Member of INDEST-AICTE (Indian National Digital Library in Engineering, Science & Technology) Consortium, which provides Desktop Access to high quality e-resources (online journals) like IEL Online (IEEE/IEE Electronic Library), Springer Verlag’s Link, Proquest, ACM journals, ASCE, ASME, Nature Magazine, Indian Standards (Intranet version)and ASTM journals & Standards etc. It has a good collection of Learning Resources. It has also a collection of several thousand E-Books on Computer Science (Published by Springer) available through our website.


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