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Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm] Reviews

Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm], batch of 2009
Excellent infrastructure and facilities. Stellar labs with state-of-the-art equipment. Excellent libraries with a huge collection of bookks and journals. Safe campus and beautiful surroundings. Pleasant staff and faculty. World class sports complex called Marena. Huge food courts and numerous restaurants.

Great hostel facilities. Airy and well lit rooms. Regular housekeeping and staff very friendly.  Wide variety of food options available.

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Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, [MCOPS] Manipal Infrastructure Details


MCOPS, established in 1963, boasts some of the best facilities to promote comprehensive teaching and learning.
Air-conditioned lecture halls fitted with good audiovisual aids give the right ambience for the teacher and the taught.
A highly qualified faculty with 72 full-time members is engaged in teaching. The faculty-student ratio is an enviable 1:12, which is better than the stipulated requirement. More than 85% of the teachers hold doctorate degrees and the rest are currently working towards acquiring PhD.
The labs in MCOPS are spacious and well equipped. For this the college has received excellent support from Manipal University. Besides, the financial assistance from national funding agencies has helped the procurement of state-of-art equipment for our labs. Expensive instruments such as LCMS-MS, flow cytometer, auto analyzer, zetasizer, to name a few, are some of the priced possessions of our institution. Labs dedicated to cell culture, molecular biology and formulation development and chemical synthesis account for the significant research contribution from MCOPS. Facilities for herbal drug development are second to none in the country. The 2000-bed Kasturba Hospital facilities are readily available for pharmacy practice department of MCOPS, enabling the students to learn and practice pharmaceutical care and services. Because of this the department offers drug information and patient counselling and ADR monitoring services. The students and faculty have access to the Central Animal Research Facility, which houses a number of experimental animals. Some of the animals are specially bred for cancer and drug development programmes. The pharmacy management department regularly conducts training programmes for our students on issues related to pharmaceutical industries such as drug regulation, sales and marketing.
Apart from these, the students and faculty have unlimited access to campus facilities such as redoubtable Health Sciences Library, IT services, sports and the newly built indoor complex MARENA, and Kasturba Hospital. Also the MCOPS students can interact with the students of the 25 other institutions to enlarge their horizon.

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