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Maimil Maiti Maimil Maiti | Mar 15, 2024

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Updated on - Mar 15, 2024

Latest Updates for IIT Bombay

  • 25 April 2024 :

    IIT JAM 2024 application deadline for admission has been extended till Apr 29, 2024.

  • 17 April 2024 :

    JEE Advanced 2024 registration for foreign nationals is ongoing and the last date to register is May 7, 2024.

  • 15 April 2024 :

    JEE Advanced application form 2024 will be available from Apr 27, 2024. The last date to apply is May 7, 2024. 

  • 12 March 2024 :

    CEED 2024 Scorecard is out. The last date to download the scorecard is Jun 12, 2024.

The IIT Bombay placements 2023 have concluded successfully. The highest international package offered was INR 3.67 CPA and the highest domestic package offered was INR 1.68 CPA. 16 offers
of above INR 1 CPA and 65 International offers were accepted during the IITB placements. The average salary stood at INR 21.82 LPA.

In IITB placements 2023, 384 companies participated in campus placements and have given out 1788 offers. IIT Bombay saw outstanding placement records, with students achieving several offers from their super-dream and dream companies. 

The IIT Bombay placement cell is responsible for all the placement-related activities like guest lectures for pre-placement training, skill-enhancement workshops, campus drives, summer internships and much more. In addition, reputed organisations like L&T, Microsoft, Google, HUL, P&G, TATA, BCG, Sony and several more companies participate in the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay placements. IIT Bombay also offers MBA to aspirants through its school of management. The placement cell of the Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management or SJMSOM provides placement facilities for the MBA graduates. 

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IIT Bombay Placement Highlights 2023

The recruitment procedure at IIT Bombay incorporates a strong partnership with various top organisations and companies across India. IIT Bombay is the number 1 university in India and thus ensures exemplary placement records to maintain the ranking. The highlights for IIT Bombay placements 2023 are listed below.

No. of Registered Students 2174
No. of Students who Actively Participated 1845
No. of Companies Participated 384
Total no. of Companies Making Job Offers 324
Total no. of Job Offers 1788
No. of Accepted Offers 1516
No. of Pre-placement Offers 300
Pre-placement Offers Accepted 194
Job Offers above Rs. 1 Crore Accepted 16
International Job Offers Accepted 65
Highest International Salary INR 3.67 CPA
Highest Domestic Salary INR 1.68 CPA
Average Salary Package of Selected Students INR 21.82 LPA
Top Recruiting Sector
Engineering and Technology

IIT Bombay Top Recruiters

Several national and international companies joined in the phase 1 recruitment drive of IIT Bombay placements 2023. A total of 293 companies have already visited the campus, and over 1600 job offers have been recieved by deserving students. Some of IIT Bombay top recruiters visiting the campus during placements are listed below.

L&T TATA Google
Apple IBM Microsoft
ISRO Sony Mercedes Benz

IIT Bombay Placement Statistics

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay placement statistics have constantly been rising yearly, with higher salaries offered and more recruiters joining the recruitment drive. The IIT Bombay placements are in various slots for courses like B.Tech, M.Tech or PhD. The Phase 1 placements for the year 2023 have been completed, and the phase 2 are currently ongoing. Some placement statistics, such as IIT Bombay salary trends, other top recruiter details and other placement statistics, are given below.

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Pre-Placement Offers Received and Accepted

In the IIT Bombay 2022-23 placement season the total offers received was 300 and the total offers accepted were 194. The job offers received was 1788 and the number of accepted offers was 1516. A tabulated representation of the same is given below:

Year Pre-Placement Offers Total Job Offers
2022-23 Received Accepted Received Accepted
300 194 1788 1516

IIT Bombay Highest Package Statistics

As per the IIT Bombay salary trend 2023, a massive year-on-year increase of 94.17% was seen in the highest domestic salary as compared to the previous year. The graph below exhibits the highest salary trends comparison for 2022 and 2023 during IIT Bombay placements.

IIT Bombay Highest Package Statistics

IIT Bombay Average Package Statistics

Refer to the graph below for the details of the IIT Bombay average packages offered to the candidates during placements over the past two years. An increase of 2.46% was seen in the IIT overall average package. 

IIT Bombay Average Package Statistics

IIT Bombay Median Package Statistics

The graph below details the IITB median packages offered to the candidates during placements over the past few years. The various courses that have been considered for the graph are B.Tech, M.Tech, Dual Degree (B.Tech+M.Tech) and MBA.

IIT Bombay Median Package Statistics

IIT Bombay Sector-Wise Placement Statistics 2022

Several companies join the annual recruitment drive at IITB every year. Deserving students are given employment opportunities in various sectors of the corporate industry. Tabulated below are the number of offers and companies recruited from each sector.

Sector Number of Companies Number of Offers
Engineering and Technology 87 434
Finance 54 205
IT/Software 86 370
Research and Development 14 56
Services 7 15
Consulting 31 145
Education 9 29
Public Sector Undertaking 1 5
Others 43 182

Exhibited in the graph below are the sector-wise IIT Bombay placements statistics.


IIT Bombay Sector-Wise Placement Statistics


IIT Bombay B.Tech Sector-Wise Placement Statistics


IIT Bombay M.Tech Sector-Wise Placement Statistics

Dual Degree (B.Tech+M.Tech)

IIT Bombay B.Tech+ M.Tech Sector-Wise Placement Statistics

IIT Bombay Branch-wise Placement Statistics 2023

IITB placements 2023 are still ongoing. Phase 1 of the 2023 placement procedure was concluded, and several companies joined the drive. The table below exhibits the IIT Bombay company-wise highest salary and the engineering branches that participated during the annual recruitment drive.

Branch of Engineering Company Name Highest CTC Offered (in INR LPA)
All Branches  Morgan Stanley 38.5
All Branches  Bain Capital 30
All Branches  Google 31.8
All Branches  Microsoft 31.3
All Branches  McKinsey and Company 19.5
All Branches  P&G 27
All Branches  Sony Japan 60
All Branches  Strategy& 25
All Branches  Honda 55
All Branches  ANZ Bank 19.33
All Branches  Airbus 10
All Branches  Uber 38
All Branches  Kearney 16.5
All Branches  Kedaara 76
All Branches  Westbridge 40
All Branches  Worldquant 76
All Branches  Elevation Capital 45
All Branches  BCG 24
All Branches  Bain and Company 22
All Branches  GIC Singapore 70.5
All Branches  Arthur D. Little 20.5
CSE Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company 66.2
CSE Cohesity 48
CSE, Electronics and Mechanical Mckinsey Knowledge Centre 21
CSE and Electronics Graviton Research Company LLP 90
CSE, Electronics, Systems & Control and Engineering Physics Apple 32
CSE Shell 22.5
CSE, Electronics and Math Qualcomm 28.5
CSE and Electronics Quadeye 102.5
CSE Rubrik 45.85
Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Meta and Systems & Control GE ITC 16.6
Electronics, Engineering Physics and Energy Science Engineering Texas Instruments 26.8
Electronics Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company 54.9
Mechanical, Chemical, Meta, Aerospace Shell 22.5
Mechanical TATA Steel 11.8
Mathematics and Industrial Engineering & Operations Research UBS 24
Aerospace, Earth and Geoinformatics & Resource Cairn Oil and Gas Vertical of Vedanta Limited 20
All Branches of PhD NEC 46.7

IIT Bombay Year-wise Salary Range Statistics 2022

The table below shows various companies offering packages in different salary ranges during the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay placements in 2022. 

Salary Range (in INR LPA) Number of Companies Number of Offers
Above 16 124 562
13.5 -16 71 284
11.5 - 13.5 61 230
9.5 - 11.5 47 172
7.75 - 9.5 42 117
6.25 - 7.75 24 54
5 - 6.25 9 17
0 - 5 3 5

IIT Bombay Department-Wise Placement Statistics 

Based on the IIT Bombay department-wise placement statistics, the highest offers, 228 were made in the Computer Science & Engineering department, followed by 141 offers in the Chemical Engineering departments. The other department-wise data from 2021 to 2023 is mentioned below:

Department 2021 2022 2023
Aerospace Engineering 54 76 78
Applied Statistics and Informatics 23 29 26
Biosciences and Bioengineering 5 7 33
Chemical Engineering 89 135 141
Chemistry 10 17 35
Civil Engineering 98 999 129
Computer Science & Engineering 199 2236 228
Earth Sciences 12 13 117
Electrical Engineering 220 257 214
Energy Science and Engineering 29 32 40
Industrial Design Centre 69 56 54
Mechanical Engineering 151 180 191
Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science 90 127 131
Physics 1 1 17
Other Programs 91 176 182

IIT Bombay Program-Wise Placement Statistics

The IIT Bombay program-wise placement statistics recorded the highest placement percentage in the B.Des + M.Tech course, at 95% followed by B.S. and M.Tech course with 90% placement percentage. More details about the program-wise registered, placed and percentage are mentioned below:

Program Registered Students Placed Students
Percentage Placed
B.Des 23 7 58%
B.S. 57 39 90%
B.Tech 791 598 88%
B.Des + M.Des 10 8 88%
B.Des + M.Tech 215 1778 95%
M.Des 76 39 61%
M.P.P. 12 6 66%
M.Sc 214 110 69%
M.Tech 583 479 90%
PhD 166 41 31%
Others 27 11 52%

IIT Bombay Course-Wise Placement Statistics

The table below shows a detailed placement report of the IIT Bombay placements across the various courses for the year 2023. The IIT Bombay course-wise highest salary for MBA courses was INR 54 LPA.

IIT Bombay Highest Package in PhD INR 29 LPA
IIT Bombay Average Package in PhD INR 16 LPA
IIT Bombay Highest Package in MBA INR 54 LPA
IIT Bombay Average Package in MBA INR 28.88 LPA
Top 75% Average Package in MBA INR 31.41 LPA
Top 50% Average Package in MBA INR 34.58 LPA
Top 25% Average Package in MBA INR 40.80 LPA

IIT Bombay Sector-Wise Statistics

In 2023, the maximum offers were made in the Engineering and Technology sector, followed by IT/Software sector with 302 offers. The IIT Bombay sector-wise data about the number of offers and the number of companies that visited the campus are mentioned below:

Sector No. of Offers
No. of Companies
Analytics 79 21
Consulting 154 29
Data Science 25 13
Design 33 19
Education 81 7
Engineering and Technology 458 97
Finance 76 32
IT/Software 302 88
Public Sector Undertaking 14 4
Research and Development 92 30
Services 9 4
Others 193 59

IIT Bombay Department-Wise Internship Statistics

Given in the table below are the IIT Bombay department-wise internship statistics over the past three years, from 2022 to 2020.

Department Internship Offers in 2020 Internship Offers in 2021 Internship Offers in 2022
Aerospace 41 33 58
Chemical 109 98 112
Chemistry 14 20 19
Civil 60 49 85
Computer Science 207 237 252
Electrical 139 138 176
Engineering Physics 22 19 38
Energy 17 11 20
Mechanical 132 130 155
MEMS 59 50 86
Others 101 155 194

IIT Bombay MBA Placements 2023

The IIT Bombay placement drive 2023 saw students in the MBA course grab 50% of PPOs from their summer internship programmes. Tabulated below are the IIT Bombay MBA course placement details for the year 2023.

MBA Placement Highlights 2023

Batch Size 115
Percentage of PPOs 50%
Highest Package INR 54 LPA
Average Package INR 28.88 LPA
Median Package INR 26.64 LPA
PPO-wise Average Package INR 30.35 LPA
PPO-wise Lowest Package INR 16 LPA
Recruiting Domains FMCG/FMCD and Conglomerates

MBA Sector-Wise Placement Statistics 2023

Sectors Average Package Offered (in INR LPA) Percentage of Students Placed Percentage of Recruiting Companies
BFSI 25.63 14% 18%
Conglomerates 28.54 24% 25%
FMCG/FMCD 28.88 24% 27%
Consulting 29.09 21% 16%
IT/E-commerce 31.72 17% 14%

IIT Bombay Alumni Statistics

The company-wise placement trends for the alumni of IIT Bombay are displayed in the table below. Google has hired 550 alumni during the annual recruitment drive of IITB.

Company Name Number of Alumni
IIT Bombay 2262
Google 550
Microsoft 518
Amazon 448
TCS 433
Techfest, IIT Bombay 350
Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay 320
E-Cell IIT Bombay 290
Qualcomm 261
Goldman Sachs 189
Facebook 165
McKinsey and Company 128
BCG 114
NSS, IIT Bombay 77
Bain and Company 56

IIT Bombay Other Recruiters

Refer to the table below for other top recruiters participating in the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay placement drive.

CITI Bank Accenture EY
EXL  ANZ Group Holding Limited BYJU’s
TSMC Analog Devices Piramal
Dr. Reddy’s ITC HUL
Sekisui Chemical Indegene Micron
Sysmex Strand Life Sciences Citius Tech
Murata  JSW Applied Materials
Exxonmobil NEC DHL
P&G SFC Environmental Technologies Pvt Ltd Eaton Corporation
KLA-Tencor Software Vedanta Schlumberger
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Cairn Oil and Gas Vertical of Vedanta Limited HP
Boeing Delhivery Havells
Hitachi General Electric Company TATA Steel
Loreal Paris Daikin Jaguar
Bajaj Bloomenergy Qualcomm
Rakuten Shell Global TATA ELXSI
Reliance Industries Ltd Mahindra GSE Renewables
Texas Instruments Tower Research Uber
Rubrik Ramboll Dar Al-Handasah Company
Samsung Mobis Airbus
Gulfstream Honeywell -

IIT Bombay International Placements

IIT Bombay international placements saw students bagging the highest salaries during recruitment. Several international companies participated in the drive to offer attractive employment opportunities to deserving students. The international IIT Bombay placement highlights are tabulated below.

Number of International Offers in 2023 71
Number of International Offers Accepted in 2023 63
Number of International Offers in 2022 66
IIT Bombay Highest International Package 2023 INR 1.31 CPA
IIT Bombay Highest International Package 2022 INR 2.1 CPA
IIT Bombay Average International Package 2022 INR 60.9 LPA

IIT Bombay Placement Cell

IIT Bombay Placement Cell is called the Placement Office. A universal aptitude test called the Placement Common Aptitude Test, is administered by the placement office (PCAT) to alleviate the strain associated with completing numerous aptitude tests for each recruiting firm. The PCAT score is typically used by organisations taking part in IIT Bombay placement drives to shortlist candidates. The placement cell of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay works with numerous businesses to offer students placement training programmes. Providing training through the Center for Entrepreneurship Development inspires students to pursue entrepreneurship.

The IIT Bombay placement cell at the university provides frequent training sessions, mock calls, logical reasoning, soft skills, and verbal ability tests, which help the students in final placements. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay organises various programs like guest lectures, live projects, and summer internships to enhance students' skills and prepare them for upcoming challenges in the professional world. 

IIT Bombay Internship

Internships are an integral part of the IIT Bombay placements. Students are encouraged to take up internship opportunities to gain real-world corporate industry experience. The internships are divided into summer and winter internships. Several students land a PPO offer during their internship tenure. There was a 15% increase in internship offers in 2022 compared to 2021. Given below are the internship highlights of the IIT Bombay placement drive 2022.

IIT Bombay Highest Stipend INR 1 - 2 Lakhs per month
Total Number of Internships 1195
Number of Summer Internships 924
Number of Winter Internships 271
Number of PPOs Offered 248
Number of PPOs Accepted 201

IIT Bombay Placements FAQs

What was the highest package offered at IIT Bombay placements 2023?

The highest package offered at IIT Bombay placements is INR 3.67 CPA internationally and INR 1.68 CPA domestically.

What was the average package offered at IIT Bombay placements 2023?

The average package offered at IIT Bombay placements was INR 21.82 LPA.

Which top recruiters joined the IIT Bombay placements?

Top organisations like Microsoft, Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Samsung, Sony, Mercedes Benz, HUL, P&G and others joined the IIT Bombay placement drive.

Which sectors recruit students during the IIT Bombay placement drive?

Students are recruited into sectors like consulting, services, engineering and technology, education, research, and other sectors.

From which countries were the international offers rolled out to IIT Bombay students during placement 2023?

The international offers were rolled out from the USA, Japan, UAE, Singapore, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Taiwan to IIT Bombay students during 2023.

What was the IIT Bombay highest package for the PhD course?

The highest package offered for the PhD course was INR 28 LPA.

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Ankur A K Singh Batch 2020 M.Sc [Master of Science]
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Entrance Exams & Admissions : Graduation in physics with mathematics in 4 semesters. Joint admission test for m

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Diwankar Gupta Batch 2023 BSc [Bachelor of Science]
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3.5 Academics
5 Infrastructure
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Entrance Exams & Admissions : Eligibility: Student above 18 and having passed MH CET LAW or another ent

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Rajat Daga Batch 2021 B.Tech [Bachelor of Technology]
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4.5 Placements
4.5 Fees
4.5 Academics
4.5 Infrastructure
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2.5 Fees
3.5 Academics
5 Infrastructure
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Entrance Exams & Admissions : The students sho

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