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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Dayananda Sagar Institutions, [DSI] Bangalore

Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] Reviews

Bachelor of Business Management [BBM], batch of 2016

There are 3 hostels in DSI. 2 hostels for boys (NRI and Indian Hostel) and 1 common hostel for girls. DSI charges around 25,000 rupees per year for Indian hostel and 40,000 rupees per year for NRI hostel. The cost of PGs outside college is 5,000 to 6,000rs per month. There are 2 canteens and 2 coffee shops inside the college. The food in college is pretty decent and charges around 60rs to 70rs per meal. 

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Master of Business Administration [MBA] Reviews

Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Marketing), batch of 2018

Basically, there is two type of hostels - Indian and NRI hostel separate for boys and girls. The hostel fee for Indian hostel being INR 80000 PA that is INR 8000 per month with 4 sharing along with food with common bathrooms and NRI hostel is INR 1,20,000 PA that is INR 12,000 per month with 2 sharing and food and attached bathrooms. DSI has strict rules for hostels for safety purposes.

There are many PG facilities in and around the college, the cost of which varies from INR 5000 to 10,000 per month depending on the sharing of the room and facilities.

The food court in college consists of a variety of options from Goli vada pav to multi cuisine NRI canteen. Hygiene and quality of food are given priority. The basic food meal plate costs around INR 50 per meal.

DSASC has well-structured classrooms which are comfortable for students. The labs are well equipped with systems and technology with highly trained personnel. The wifi facility provided for students is high-speed 4G, on daily basis, every student has limited usage of 1 GB/day. DSI infrastructure is a well equipped and GO Green campus.

Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Marketing), batch of 2018

There two types of hostel facilities for both girls and boys.


              Indian hostels will be having 4 sharing rooms with common bathroom and pure vegetarian food. And rooms will be semi furnished.

Fees structure for Indian hostels will be INR 80000 per annum.


             NRI hostels will be having 2 sharing rooms with attached bathrooms and non-vegetarian food (optional). And rooms will be highly furnished.

Fees structure for NRI hostels will be INR 120000 per annum.

     DSI is having total 4 hostels. 2 for girls and 2 for boys with all safety measures.

there are many PGs outside the campus with a reasonable price like INR 6-7k per month with healthy and tasty food.

DSI is providing healthy food it's canteens which costs INR 50/- per meal.and we have 5 cantees in DSI .

DSI is having well structured classrooms and labs. And good libraries with a rich collection of books.

DSI is providing 4G wifi network.


Master of Business Administration [MBA], batch of 2018

there are 4 hostels in our college and cost is around 6-8k per month in Indian hostel and ten thousand in NRI hostel.

there are many PGs near the college and its cost is around 5-6 k per month

food is average and its cost is on the basis of canteen we choose to go and items we select.

classrooms and libraries are good

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2017
  • DSI is noted for it's well-equipped infrastructure. The campus area is huge and hosts many different buildings. Almost all departments have their own department building.
  • Apart from this, the college has 4 hostels. 2 for boys and 2 for girls. There is an NRI hostel each for boys and girls which are higher priced than the normal hostel. NRI hostel fees are around 1 and a half lakhs while normal hostel fees are under a lakh per year. This fee includes meals and other facilities like gym and WiFi.
  • Apart from the hostel, various PG and personal accommodation options are available for students which are within walking distance from the college. The cost for these range from Rs.1,000 to Rs.4,000 per month depending on the size and facilities.
  • The college hosts two canteens and one cafe within the campus. The price of each meal is an average of 60 rupees and is quite reasonable. It is also hygienic and good. Many choices of food are available in both the canteens ranging from Indian to Chinese.
  • Each classroom in the campus is spacious and equipped with fans and lights. Each classroom has a smart board and projector. Lab facilities for each branch are very good having all the required equipment to carry out experiments.
  • The college boasts a huge smart Library which has vast choices of books, magazines, and journals as well as computers for research. The library also has study rooms and AV rooms. The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled. A convent selling books and other stationary is found on the campus as well as an amphitheater for programs.
  • For sports and fitness, there is a football field and basketball and tennis court as well as a gym.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2018
  • The only thing which is good about this college is its infrastructure. They take money from us and build a new college (there are 3 DSI currently). In DSI kumarswamy layout college (oldest and the best of above three). There are 2 hostels I.e., 1 for nri hostel and Indian hostel separate for boys and girls. Indian residents can also opt for nri hostel.
  • There are enough pg outside college.
  • The food is good only on Saturday and Sunday you have go outside college and eat as they don't provide food on Sundays.
  • Labs and library are well equipped but ultimately we don't get what we desire since the procedures and rules are made for earning money from them as well. For external lab exams pay ₹100 and do only the write-up part and the rest is taken care by the lab in charge. And if u don't u will face few difficulties. Also if u miss any lab you will have to pay money to do that experiment. Ultimately this is not learning. For library first u need to deposit ₹2000 &then only u can issue books. General category students can issue 1 book, SC 4 and ST 5 books. What a system we have. Classes are well equipped with most of the facilities including well furnished benches good boards etc.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2015
  • Hostel facilities are provided to the students at Dayananda Sagar Institutions
  • The hostel fee is INR 150000 per annum
  • The quality of food is good

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Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] Reviews

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2018

Infrastructure is too good in regard to classrooms libraries hostels campus food etc

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Diploma Reviews

Diploma in Civil Engineering, batch of 2015

There are 4 hostels, 2 for girls and 2 for boys. Hostel fee is around INR 1 lakh per annum. Pg's are available nearby the campus. Food quality is good in college. 

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Dayananda Sagar Institutions, [DSI] Bangalore Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure Facilities at Dayananda Sagar Institutions, [DSI] Bangalore:

Dayananda Sagar Institutions [DSI]'s world-class Infrastructure is on the par with some of the world's best universities.


  • Separate hostels are provided for boys and girls situated within the campus of DSI.
  • Well Furnished Spacious Rooms are present.
  • These consist of neat rooms and dormitories, good toilet facilities and all the comfort that students seek to live in a hygienic atmosphere.
  • The facilities also include well - ventilated reading rooms and television.
  • The new international hostel is unique for the extremely high levels of comfort it offers to students from all over the world.
  • The Gym, Squash Court and associated features in this modern complex - offer world-class facilities.
  • The facilities in the hostel are T.V., Indoor Games, Telephone, Washing Machine, Hot Water [Solar & Electric System], Outdoor Games, Balanced & Nutritious Food Vegetarian & Non- Vegetarian.


  • The library at DSI provides the abundant knowledge to augment learning.
  • DSI's exhaustive Library has a massive collection of books and study materials from some of the top publishing houses.


  • Dayananda Sagar Institutes [DSI] has well-equipped auditoriums.
  • Dr.Premachandra Sagar Auditorium with 750 Seating Capacity.
  • Dr.C.D Sagar Auditorium with 150 Seating Capacity.
  • A.V Auditorium with 55 Seating Capacity.
  • Seminar Hall with 180 Seating Capacity.


  • Dayananda Sagar Institutions [DSI] has well-equipped Laboratories for all the streams.
  • The labs facility in the departments such as Engineering, Management, Information Technology and Dental Sciences.
  • These ensure the practical knowledge to the students in all the specialisations preferred.

Food Court:

  • A 200 seater restaurant offers choice food of different regions outside the country as also from all parts of India.
  • A multi-cuisine food outlet, very modern with excellent design features, caters exclusively to the requirements of the women students.

Centre for Performing Arts [CPA]:

  • Centre for Performing Arts [CPA] has been at the centre of many cultural activities happening in the institution but none could match the success of Vibrations-2K14.
  • CPA provides a nurturing platform for students to showcase their amazing talents.
  • CPA always believes in encouraging students to go out and live their dream by supporting art, music, dance, photography, theatre, fashion etc.


  • Dayananda Sagar Institutions [DSI] provides sports facilities to the students.
  • The sports facilities at DSCE are the Synthetic tennis court, Squash courts, Basketball court, Volleyball court, Kho-kho court, Kabaddi court, Cricket, Football ground, Table tennis, Chess, Carroms, Multi-gymnasium hall with fully equipped gym equipment, Aerobic hall etc.

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