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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Anantha Lakshmi Institute of Technology and Sciences, [ALITS] Anantapur

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2020

There are 2 hostels one for boys and the other for girls. the hostel fee is INR 50,000 per year. There is pg in our college. the food is not so good.

Ra Ui
Ra Ui
Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2021

There is boys and girls hostel inside the campus.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Civil Engineering), batch of 2015

Canteen facility is available in that college. Hostel facility also available for students with reasonable price.

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Anantha Lakshmi Institute of Technology and Sciences, [ALITS] Anantapur Infrastructure Details


The Central library is located in Main Building of the College. Specialized collections of Books, Journals & Non-book materials are available in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, & Management Studies. The Central Library subscribes many National and International Print Journals and e-Journals. It also contains collections of e-books. The Library has an e-learning facility. The Central Library had a modern infrastructure to accommodate high number of users. All the operations of the library are automated.

Highly qualified, efficient librarians ensure the best possible information services. Standard textbooks and books by well-known authors are stocked, and every effort is made to obtain all titles recommended by the faculty.

Multiple copies of popular books are bought to make them available to as many students as possible. A copier facility is also provided for the benefit of those who access the library.

Fully automated for day-to-day operations. Multimedia resources on a variety of topics, including engineering, computers and management, are available.

A closed circuit television (CCTV) facility is available for the entire library. All library facilities, supported by expert assistance, are available for students and staff from 9.0 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. every day.


The College Computer Centre is a central facility and provides computing support to the user community consisting of students, faculty, research staff and office staff for academic and office automation purposes.

The working environment is open and it facilitates smooth functioning of the centre and effective utilization of the resources.

The Centre provides system administration and technical support which include Software installation, Network monitoring (both wired & wireless), Internet connection and digital library etc.

The Centre has a dedicated Broad Band Internet link. The Centre supports an institute wide fiber optic network and wireless that connects all the academic departments, hostels, library and other central facilities to the Computer Centre.

It has a number of state-of-the-art Servers and Application softwares.

The CC has a technical staff team to serve the various application needs of the college.

It has a power back up through a 210 KVA UPS and 1105 KVA generator set. Air conditioning is provided by the air conditioning system.


English language plays a vital role in the life of an Engineering student. Apart from the subject knowledge, one needs to acquire good language skills and communication skills. To assist students to get better language skills we have well-equipped language laboratory. The college has 60 computer systems with an effective Multimedia Language Lab software installed. In addition to this it conducts various activities regarding communication skills. The college conducts regular sessions in:

• Phonetics

• Stress and Intonation

• Pronunciation Practice

• Role Plays

• Telephone Conversations

• Oral Presentations

• Description

• Group Discussions

• Just A Minute

• Resume’ Writing

• Debates

• Job Interviews

By giving thorough practice in the above mentioned lab activities we enable our students to be proficient in English language and Communication Skills so as to enable them to get placed in the corporate sector.


The modern e-class room is located in the Computer Centre for a practical approach in education and training to meet the demands of the rapidly changing global environments.

The e-class room is housed with LCD and multimedia facilities.

It provides support in conducting on line classes, seminars and many other activities.

It has a power back up through a 210 KVA UPS and 1105 KVA generator set. Air conditioning is provided by the air conditioning system.


The modern seminar hall is located in the College Campus for a practical approach in education and training to meet the demands of the rapidly changing global environments.

The seminar hall is equipped with LCD and multimedia facilities. In total it supports 150 seating capacity they are well maintained by CC.

It provides support in conducting seminars, meeting, discussions etc.

It has 180 KVA redundant Uninterrupted Power Supply with 360 KVA standby Power Generators set and Air Conditioning.


The college has comprehensive hostel facilities for the students. Exclusively, one blocks are provided for men, accommodating more than 250 students

The Boys' Hostel-I of 1000 sq.m has 46 rooms spread over two floors and accommodates about 250students. The boys hostel has reading room, shuttle courts and a shop to facilitate the students. The hostel blocks also have STD facility.


The college has separate hostel for women. Exclusively two floors for women, in all accommodating more than 250students are provided.

The Girls' Hostel has 30 rooms and accommodates 150 students. The Girls Hostel-II floor has about 12 rooms and accommodates 60 students. A separate dining hall covering 200 sq.m, to accommodate 150 students at a time. The girls hostel has Shuttle courts, Table tennis and a shop to facilitate the students. The hostel blocks also have STD facility.


College has spacious canteen facility in the college premises and is run by college management. A variety of south Indian food and snack items are provided to the students and staff of the college at highly subsidized rates with highest quality. Our college canteen is blessed with family atmosphere, with a variety of delicacies, touched by a home made flavor, cooked to perfection and served with a great courtesy. Refreshments are available at the college canteen at affordable rates. Adequate seating facilities are provided to accommodate students and staff even during peak time.

Canteen has a big kitchen with steam cooking facility and kitchen staff take extra care to We provide our students with an excellent canteen, modern & hygienic. The dishes prepared here are delicious and nutritious as well. Food items are prepared with RO treated water. As well as offering healthy food on a daily basis, the canteen runs a number of ‘special days’ and promotions during the year.

Canteen can conveniently accommodate a 200 students at a time, functioning in the campus. The canteen is provided with modern furniture and electrical automatic cooking and storing facilities, which provides hot lunch, snacks and beverages both to the students and staff at reasonable rates. It is well maintained with efficient service and a take away counter.


A fleet of buses and vans are available to all the students commuting between colleges and the campus. Transport facility is provided to transport students to camps organized outside the campus.

ALTS has well engaged with buses for the benefit of staff and students. Separate college bus is operating for the benefit of students and staff coming from various surrounding areas.


The college has a clinic with the full time doctor and a dispensary with two beds.

• Ambulance facility available.

• First Aid Medicines are kept ready in the campus.


To achieve a healthier lifestyle while coping with the pressures of studying, one needs to be healthy both emotionally and physically. As a part of this process, ALTS emphasizes the importance of sports and considers them as an integral part of the curriculum.

ALTS has a number of centers for physical education and sports activities including numerous outdoor playgrounds and indoor courts that help the students maintain fitness and develop a competitive spirit.


A room, well equipped with all the latest imported fitness equipment for gymnasia available in the campus.

For proper guidance, two qualified gym instructors are available round-the-clock to train the students, with separate timings for men and women students.

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