BHM Jobs:

After completion of the BHM course, there is a huge demand in the hospitality or customer-related industry. Some of the highlighted jobs are mentioned below: 

Designations Details
Hospitality Management Faculty The faculty has to work on the management perspective for improving the Hospitality for any hotels/resorts.
Customer Service The individual has to work on the domain of customer service sector for the customers.
Relationship Manager The manager has to believe and have to work on relationship and customer engagement issues.
Hospitality & Catering Manager The people working with such credentials have to devote immense dedication to hospitality and catering management.
Corporate Sales Manager The Manager has to deal with the sales and management sector to increase the revenue generation process.
Hospitality Trainer The trainer has to lead the team to improvise the former conditions for Hospitality and Management.
Client Relationship Officer The officer has to work on the Client based subscription to neutral the relationship between the service provider and service receiver.

BHM Jobs for Freshers:

There is a huge job scope for BHM graduates since this course is very demanding throughout the world. List of jobs available for freshers are listed below:

  • Hospitality Trainer
  • Catering Manager 
  • Restaurant Manager 
  • Customer Service
  • Accommodation Manager 

Average Salary based on Job Position for Bachelor of Humanity Management[BHM]:

Salary and Placement for Bachelor of Hospitality Management [BHM]:

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for Bachelor of Hospitality Management [BHM]:

Key Stats for Bachelor of Hospitality Management [BHM]:

Source: Payscale

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