Harshit Rakheja

B.A.Honours Humanities and social science | Batch of 2018

Harshit Rakheja's Review on Cluster innovation center, [CIC] Delhi University, Delhi

Overall Rating : 7 / 10

Written on 07 Jun 2016

Academics & Faculty
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7 /10

  • The daily routine for a humanities student at CIC is rigorous and extensive. Classes in the first semester start at 9 a.m. and continue till 2 p.m. as there are 5 papers which are taught in the first semester namely Art of communication, cultural diversity, impact of technology, environmental science and research methodology.
  • The students at CIC are encouraged to take part in various workshops and seminars conducted in and around the university. For example, in my first semester, I took part in various workshops and seminars such as a workshop on creativity in communication conducted by Prof. Brij Bakshi, former creative head at Doordarshan and visiting professor at CIC, theatre workshop conducted by renowned theatre personality Hadi Sarmadi, a 2 months course on writing a manuscript etc.
  • Due to the new CBCS ranking system adopted by the university, students at CIC for the purpose of securing marks in their internal assessment are required to give presentations on various topics for which they are evaluated by the mentors.
  • The daily routine at CIC keeps changing every semester. B.A. Honours Humanities and Social Sciences is taught with the meta college concept. What this means is that after the end of first semester, all the students are required to go to other colleges of Delhi University from semester II - V and study the subjects of their choice in accordance with the 4 streams offered at CIC namely - Journalism, Counselling, Art and Design and Historical Tourism. Students are required to choose papers in accordance with the stream of their choice and are guided through this process by the mentors at CIC. For example, I have completed my second semester from Ramjas college studying 3 papers of political science honours and may be going to Hindu college next semester for studying other papers of my choice. A student of B.A. Honours Humanities and Social Sciences is required to study 4 papers from semesters II to V which include 3 theory papers to be taught at other colleges of Delhi University and one project paper to be taught at CIC under the guidance of the mentor.
  • The students are expected to engage in extensive research, literature survey and field work for the purpose of these semester long projects and are required to give 2 presentations for the same, one being the mid-semester presentation and the other being the final presentation at the end of the semester.
  • The overall experience at CIC is good, it is located in North Campus, Delhi University very near to the Vishwavidyalaya metro station and has good infrastructure, better than most colleges of DU. The canteen remains the most popular hangout spot for CIC students.

  • There are 2 bachelor courses at CIC
    1) B.A. Honours Humanities and Social Sciences
    2) B.Tech IT and Mathematical innovations

    Admission to these courses is through an entrance test in the month of June. 40 students are admitted per course. For more details regarding the admission process, please visit cic.du.ac.in

Fees & Scholarship
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7 /10

  • The fees for each semester at CIC ranges from INR 5000- INR 6000/- as per university rules.
  • The semester examination fees ranges from INR 900 - INR 1000/-

Infrastructure & Transportation
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8 /10

  • Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi University is located in North Campus, DU and has state of the art infrastructure.
  • It has a centrally air-conditioned building. Considering that no more than 40 students are admitted in the 2 bachelors courses and 20 in the one master course running , it is not congested and the infrastructure is suitable for the students needs.
  • Classrooms at CIC are well equipped with adequate seating arrangement, charging points and digital projectors. The CIC library doesn't allow students to issue books, however students at CIC are allowed to seek membership of the Central Library and some other libraries of the university.

  • There are around 10-15 Wi-fi points available at CIC. In addition to these, the students are allowed to apply for membership for DU student Wi-fi password which is detectable all over North Campus. The Computer lab is spacious lab for students accessibilty and remains open Monday to Friday. There are also other labs like the Robotics lab, the Businness incubator labs encouraging budding entrepreneurs etc.

  • The canteen at CIC remains the most popular hangout spot for the students and has a varied menu with items priced at reasonable rates. The canteen at CIC is spacious and offers clean and healthy food for the students. Popular items like Rajma Chawal, Maggi, Chowmein etc are reasonably priced


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  • Hey I am kapil, a student of CIC DU. There are around 40 students in every batch. Usually our schedule get\'s very hectic since our classes commences from 9AM to 5PM. The main focus of the faculty is to push the student to learn by themselves as what a student learn by himself will remain with him forever, students also give a good response as they dont just cram up things, they present whatever they have learnt in the form of practicals and projects which is quite different from other colleges. In each semister we do around 5 to 6 projects per student. Projects are generally IT related. Apart from usual IT and Mathmatics we are given a choice in 2nd semester to study and specialise in one of the subjects Biology,Economics or Electronics.I have choosen Biology as a specialisation subject.


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  • Great environment, focus on both Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • A lot of practical knowledge is gained at Cluster Innovation Centre.
  • Projects to be submitted every semester for every subject thus providing a lot of experience.
  • Cluster innovation centre has the lowest fees you can imagine.
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  • No placement cell is present right now at Cluster Innovation centre, but internships are must every year i.e. a student will apply 4 times for internship and it gives them the much-needed exposure.
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  • Quality of teaching is good , young and doctrate teachers following a pattern of guidance and mentorship instead of spoon feeding which makes you more responsible.
  • Unlike other colleges this college has more of a department and research atmosphere which makes my experience is bit different and great.  
  • The most affordable college in our country giving you an engineering degree with only Rs 10,000/- per year.
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