RRB NTPC 2020 Cut off

Exam Date : April 8, 2020 To April 15, 2020

Cutoff for RRB NTPC exam can be checked on official website of the Railway Recruitment Board. Candidate can get information about RRB NTPC Previous Years' Cut Off here to get an idea of this year's cut-off. Official website is best source for the past cutoffs for RRB NTPC 2020. This page will help you to analyze trend for RRB NTPC Cut-off marks in last few years. RRB NTPC exam is a recruitment exam which is conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) for the posts of Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC). RRB NTPC recruitment takes place every year.

Railway Recruitment Board is the body which is responsible for recruitment of candidates for posts in Indian Railways throughout India. It was known as Railway Selection Commission. But later on, it was renamed to current name. First RRB was set up in Chandigarh in 1985.

India is divided into different zones as per the railways. These different zones are administered by different headquarters. These headquarters are responsible for the recruitment for various posts under their respective zones. Different zones are given below:

Official website for RRB- Zone Wise
Railway Zones Official Website
Jammu – Srinagar www.rrbjammu.nic.in.
Kolkata www.rrbkolkata.gov.in.
Allahabad www.rrbald.nic.in.
Bangalore www.rrbbnc.gov.in.
Thiruvananthapuram www.rrbthiruvananthapuram.gov.in.
Guwahati www.rrbguwahati.gov.in.
Bilaspur www.rrbbilaspur.gov.in.
Chandigarh www.rrbcdg.gov.in.
Muzaffarpur www.rrbmuzaffarpur.gov.in.
Chennai www.rrbchennai.gov.in.
Bhopal www.rrbbhopal.gov.in.
Siliguri www.rrbsiliguri.org.
Ajmer www.rrbajmer.org.
Secunderabad rrbsecunderabad.nic.in.
Mumbai www.rrbmumbai.gov.in.
Bhubaneswar www.rrbbbs.gov.in.
Patna www.rrbpatna.gov.in.
Ranchi www.rrbranchi.org.
Gorakhpur www.rrbgkp.gov.in.
Ahmedabad www.rrbahmedabad.gov.in.
Malda www.rrbmalda.gov.in.

RRB NTPC Exam Cut-Off 2020 Factors

RRB NTPC Exam Cut Off is decided each year on basis of following factors:

  • Number of candidates appearing for the RRB NTPC Exam.
  • Number of vacancies for that year
  • Overall difficulty level of exam
  • Category-wise reservation criteria as per the RRB
  • Performance of the candidates in the exam

RRB NTPC 2020 Score Calculation

Before RRB NTPC Exam Cut-Off is decided, aspirants should know the basic scoring terminology of RRB NTPC 2020 Exam. These terms are regarding the basic scores obtained by candidate.

Raw Score: Raw Score is the primary stage of the marks obtained by the candidate. RRB NTPC Exam consists of questions that carry 1 (one) mark each and for each wrong answer given by the candidate, 0.25 marks are deducted.

Suppose, total questions attempted by the candidate is 60. A number of wrongly answered questions is 10. Then, Raw Score will be calculated as:

Raw Score = 70 – 10 – (0.25 * 10) = 57.5

Hence, the raw score of the candidate is 57.5.

Average Score: RRB NTPC 2020 Exam will be consisting of multiple papers. Say, there are three papers in RRB NTPC Exam namely Paper-I, Paper-II and Paper-III. RRB NTPC result obtained by candidate in each of the papers is 84, 70 and 65. Then average score of the candidate will be calculated as per formulae:

                Average Score = (84 + 70 +65)/3 = 73

                Hence, the Average Score of the candidate is 73.

RRB NTPC Normalized Score

Since RRB NTPC Exam will be conducted in different settings and batches, difficulty level of exam will vary accordingly. Hence, to nullify this effect,  normalization of score is done. Formulae for normalization of the RRB NTPC scores are as follows.

To explain above evaluation, consider following:

  • Average marks obtained by the candidate appeared in all shifts are 35.
  • Average marks of the top 0.1% of candidates are 70.
  • You have appeared in a batch which is easier and the marks obtained by the top 0.1% of candidates are 80.
  • Average marks obtained by the candidates of your batch are 65.
  • You have obtained 75 marks.

Now, the normalized marks obtained by you will be calculated as:

[{(70-35)/ (80-65)}*(75-65)] + 35 = 58.33

The marks obtained by the candidate in an easier shift after normalization are usually lesser than actually obtained marks. Similarly, the marks obtained by the candidates in a difficult shift after normalization will be more than the actual marks obtained.

RRB NTPC Expected Cut off 2020

Generally cut off is an important criterion which candidates need to look at before commencing for the counseling process. Expected Cut off for RRB NTPC for the year 2020 is tabulated below which also includes the category -wise classification:

RRB NTPC Expected Cut off 2020
Category  Cut off
General 81-83
Other Backward classes 77-79
Scheduled Caste 71-73
Scheduled Tribe 65-67

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