PTE Preparation 2024: Tips, Best Books, Strategy

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Feb 22, 2024

PTE Preparation Tips 2024 are an essential component of taking the PTE test. Although taking the PTE exam can make you anxious, you shouldn't be concerned. The only thing the candidates need is mental clarity and focus. 

Candidates are suggested to go through the section-wise PTE preparation tips for a stress-free preparation. The preparation tips shall help candidates ace the examination with flying colors.

PTE Syllabus 2024 PTE Exam Pattern 2024

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How to Prepare for PTE Preparation 2024

  • Listen Actively: Spend time listening to English music, podcasts, etc., and make sure to listen actively. Pay attention to the way the words are spoken and note down new words.
  • Engage in English-language entertainment: Watch more English-language entertainment, such as videos, movies, etc. They will help you increase your knowledge and get more familiar with the language.
  • Pay attention to Punctuation: Make sure you practice writing and focus on punctuation. Focus on where your commas, full stops, hyphens, etc. go.
  • Read more: Read more newspapers, essays, books, etc to increase your vocabulary. This might also help increase your reading speed.
  • Brush up your vocabulary: Make sure you keep building up your vocabulary and brush it up every now and then. There are always new words to learn.
  • Solve Practice Tests: Solve as many PTE practice tests as possible. Give a certain time to each section and solve accordingly.

PTE Section-wise Preparation Tips

There will be four sections in the PTE 2024 Exam, namely, writing, listening, speaking, and reading. The different sections shall test the candidates’ skills in different aspects of the language. Following are PTE section-wise preparation tips for candidates appearing in the PTE 2024 examination.


  • Pay attention to punctuation.
  • Capitalize all letters necessary.
  • Make a habit of writing at least two pages a day.
  • Maintain good handwriting.


  • Listen to more English songs and focus on the lyrics.
  • Listen to podcasts and familiarize yourself with new words.
  • Make a habit of focusing on audio wholeheartedly.


  • Make sure you know the pronunciations.
  • Practice various tongue twisters.
  • Build confidence in your speaking skills.


  • Read newspapers every day.
  • Learn to paraphrase.
  • Practice when to stress in a sentence.

PTE Preparation 2024 Strategy

PTE Preparation 2024 strategies are mentioned below to help candidates ace the examination.

  • Make sure you practice and read different paragraphs, essays, etc. every day.
  • Give more time to your weak areas while strengthening the section you are good at.
  • Don’t worry about stuttering and finish your sentences even if you are confused.
  • Make sure to brush up on all your skills before the examination.
  • Go through previous years’ question papers and understand the questions thoroughly

PTE Preparation 2024 Best Books

Candidates shall make sure to go through some PTE books to keep up with the exam syllabus. Some of the best books that candidates can use for PTE Preparation 2024 are given in the table below.

PTE Preparation 2024 Best Books
Books Author/Publication
Aspire C1 Practice Tests with keys Pearson PTE Academic
The official guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academic Pearson PTE Academic
PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2022 Pearson PTE Academic
PTE Practice Test Plus with Key, Vol 1 and 2 Pearson PTE Academic
Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2 Pearson PTE Academic



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