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AIPGDEE 2020 Admit Card

Exam Date : December 3, 2020
Result Date : January 15, 2021

Admit Card for AIPGDEE 2020

  • The admit card for the AIPGDEE 2020 entrance examination will be made available at the official website of AIPGDEE from November 30, 2020.

  • The candidates have to get them online as it will not be sent by post or mail. The students won’t be allowed entry into the examination hall without an admit card.

  • In case any candidate loses his/her admit card before the exam, he/she can contact the exam conducting authorities for a duplicate card.

  • Candidates must carry a valid AIPGDEE 2020 Admit card in the AIPGDEE 2020 examination center. In case he/she fails to carry the admit card to the AIPGDEE 2020 exam hall, his/her AIPGDEE 2020 test will be cancelled. 

  • The office in charge of the AIPGDEE 2020 must be contacted in case of any discrepancy with the AIPGDEE 2020 Admit Card, as it is a required document for giving the AIPGDEE 2020 examination.

  • Only after the verification of the eligibility of the candidate will he/she be considered for AIPGDEE 2020 admission/selection.

  • Colored passport size of the candidate is required to be stuck on the AIPGDEE 2020 Admit Card and given to the invigilator in charge at the AIPGDEE 2020 examination center.

  • Admit card will be checked by the invigilator at the venue for AIPGDEE 2020 examination.

Admit Card Details for AIPGDEE 2020:

AIPGDEE 2020 Admit Card contains details such as:

  • Name of the candidate

  • AIPGDEE 2020 roll number of the candidate

  • AIPGDEE 2020 Exam Date

  • AIPGDEE 2020 Exam Time

  • AIPGDEE Exam venue

Instructions for AIPGDEE 2020 Examination:

  • The printout of the Admit Card for AIPGDEE 2020 examination must be clear.

  • Tampering with the Admit card for AIPGDEE 2020 in any form will not be tolerated. This will lead to cancellation of the Admit Card and candidate will be disqualified.

  • The photo stuck on the Admit card for AIPGDEE 2020 must a clear, recent passport-sized colour photo of the candidate.

  • Plagiarizing of the Admit Card for AIPGDEE 2020 is not tolerated.

  • Eligibility criteria for AIPGDEE 2020 examination must be fulfilled for the candidate to be eligible for issue of Admit Card for AIPGDEE 2020 examination.

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