Government Jobs For Architects in India

Government jobs for Architects are one of the highest paying jobs in the field of engineering. The candidates who have pursued degrees like B.Arch, B.Plan, B.Tech in Civil Engineering, or have completed a Masters Degree for the same, are eligible to apply for architect jobs in various sectors. Government jobs for architects in India offer a lot of opportunities. Aspirants in the field of Architecture can get placed in multiple undertakings of the Central Government.

The article aims to discuss government jobs for architecture in India.


List of Opportunities for Architects

Central Public Work Department

Through the UPSC exam, candidates can apply for the post of an assistant architect or deputy architect. The Major Functions of CPWD are Construction and Maintenance. Construction works are of various kinds, i.e., building residential, Office, Schools, Laboratories, Hospitals, Storages, etc.

Also, Including intra-campus services, i.e., water and electric Supply, and non-Building Infrastructure works like highways, flyovers, tunnels, bridges, jetties, sports facilities, etc.

Architects will be rendering comprehensive services in planning, designing, construction, and maintenance management for all Building & Infrastructure projects with Quality Assurance. 

Department of Railways

Indian Railways is 3rd largest employer in the world, thus providing a variety of employment opportunities. The scope of architects in railways can range anywhere from planning, designing metro stations, inspecting and maintaining upcoming and old railway stations, railway workshops, staff quarters, office buildings, maintenance shed, etc.

Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited (BHEL)

As a manager architect in BHEL, job responsibility mainly deals with conceptualization and capturing customer requirements for detailed engineering for the design framework.

The range of projects involved significant infrastructure projects with state of the art facilities for multi-storied buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings like PEB structures, Clean rooms, etc. following procedures laid and costing formulation.

Ministry of Defence

Deputy Architects working at the ministry of defense, have the following responsibilities:

  • To coordinate all planning activities and work in close liaison with other disciplines involved in project planning.
  • To supervise, guide, and allocate work to the Assistant Architects, Architectural Assistant.
  • To check the drawings & specifications in respect of dimensions, norms ensure drawings are correct and complete in all respects. 
  • Deputy architects are expected to prepare preliminary and detailed drawings, layout plans, presentations, calculate areas, perspective, and 3D models.
  • Maintenance of drawing records & reference bookS
  • Participating in work conferences & other various miscellaneous administrative tasks.
  • Assists the Architects/Senior Architects in administrative and technical functions.

Government job Roles for Architects

The candidates who have completed a B.Arch Degree in Architecture from a recognized university with at least 60% marks and registered with the Council of Architecture are eligible to apply for a job at the government sectors.

Here's a list of multiple Government career options offered on completing Bachelor of architecture

  • Architectural Engineer
  • Building Researcher
  • Interior Designer
  • Section engineer
  • Branch engineer
  • Art Director
  • Landscape Architect
  • Set Designer
  • Cartographer
  • Building contractor
  • Building inspector
  • Corporate architect
  • Architectural historian
  • Urban planner
  • Technical illustrator
  • Surveyor

Interior Designer

An Interior designer is one of the career options that an architect can opt for in the Govt. sector. The interior designer's main job is to plan, research, and coordinate the interiors of a room or office, etc. They always plan to use a particular space most effectively. They also learn to use various colors in effective ways to design the interiors. They can also help to decide what type of furniture should be placed at a particular place. In short, they can help to build a colorful and well- furnished room. The pay scale for an interior designer in India is about 3,57,433.

Building Inspector

One can also opt for the building inspector position in the Govt. sector. A building inspector visits various construction sites and inspects if the norms and regulations are being followed properly during the buildings' construction. Few examples of their checklist include proper roofing, plumbing, garage construction, etc. In India, the average pay scale for a building inspector is 7,25,000.


Cartographers are persons who make maps of various regions. It is another job that the architects can opt for under the Govt. sector. They use multiple systems to measure the areas accurately. Then with their research and information, they draft out the maps of the particular places. Their average salary is about 63,000. It is not a high-demand job, but the sector has made up to 19% growth in the last few years.

Architectural Historian

Another job prospectus under the govt. The sector is the job of the architectural historian. The main job of an architectural historian is to help in restoring and preserving historic buildings. They visit various historical sites and find ways to preserve the buildings. They also sometimes travel and write books about multiple architectures in the monuments. The average pay scale for architectural historians is about 51k-31k USD.

Urban Planner

One of the highly defined jobs is of an urban planner. The urban planner plans the decorum of a city on a political and technical basis. The urban planner can also be called a city planner. The urban planner decides where various official buildings should be constructed depending on multiple conditions. The average pay scale of an urban planner is 5,20,913. The salary can increase with years of experience.

Top Government Sectors That Recruit Architectures

Here's a list of government sectors that offer substantial employment opportunities for freshers and experienced architectures.

  • Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited
  • Delhi Development Authority
  • Archaeological Departments of the Government
  • Public Works Department of Government
  • National Building Construction Corporation Limited
  • Housing & Urban Development Corporations
  • City Development authorities
  • Town and country planning organizations
  • Department of Railways
  • Department of Post and Telegraph
  • Civil Services
  • Defense
  • Public Sector Banks
  • Municipalities
  • National Building Organization 
  • Teaching Profession in Government Sector 


Architects are also offered jobs to design municipal buildings. The municipality holds an immense scope of employment for architecture. They can help provide the plan for the interiors such that each employee can work efficiently, being in contact with each other. They plan the rooms in an environmentally friendly manner and also in a health-conscious way.

Town and Country planning organizations

This sector offers high post jobs. The main work is to plan the placing of various official buildings in the city. One of the highly defined jobs is of an urban planner. The urban planner plans the decorum of a town on a political and technical basis. The urban planner can also be called a city planner. The urban planner decides where various official buildings should be constructed depending on multiple conditions. 

Government Job Entrance Exams For Architects

To apply for the Govt. sectors, one must first sir for the Government Job Entrance Examinations. At present 

  • MES (Military Engineering Services)
  • CPWD(Central Public Work Department) 
  • advertise vacancies through UPSC
  • UPSC, i.e., Union Public Service Commission, conducts the recruitment examination for two architecture cadre posts. 
  • These are Architect (Gr B) and Deputy Architect (Gr A). These recruitments are not regular and happen based on the vacancy.

Benefits of working in the Public Sector

Students consider government jobs the most sought options after completing their graduation because of the following reasons:

  • A broad overview of the sector
  • Flexibility to plan
  • Limited working hours
  • Flexibility to stay in a particular geographical location
  • Job stability
  • Low Stress
  • Better Career Growth Opportunities
  • Other Monetary benefits like medical insurance, retirement benefits, etc

Scope of Architecture In India

Architecture deals with the planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other physical structures. Architects make buildings that are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art. 

Architects are needed in the Army, Ports, Shipyard, Banks, and various other institutions that need good and planned construction. A good architect, while designing buildings, keeps in mind the stability and beauty of the structure. The scope of architect responsibilities includes processes like urban development, interior designing, construction, etc.

Architecture careers are considered to offer lucrative salaries and lots of potential in terms of development. The development of smart cities, affordable homes, improved infrastructure facilities, urban development and transformation, slum rehabilitation, and projects like housing for all are some of the agendas that are on the fore and project a vast scope for future architects.

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