Tamil University Admission 2023: Eligibility, Application Process & Dates

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Updated on - Aug 29, 2022

Tamil University Admission 2020 Quick Updates

  • Online admission notification is available for Tamil University for the academic year 2020-2021. Click here to view.

Tamil University, [TU] Thanjavur prides itself in the rich legacy and heritage of the Tamil language and culture which they fondly represent. One of the most intimate ethos of the university is to carry forward this rich heritage. Situated on a 850-acre campus stands an impressive architecture and design. Its gopuram-inspired structure towers over the Thanjavur-Tiruchirappalli NH. Tha campus includes boys’ and womens’ hostels, a magnificent library, conference hall and construction of a Museum is currently underway.

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TU, Thanjavur Admission 2023

With a focus on promoting excellence in all bodies of knowledge for the betterment of human society, the university has a vast scope of subjects and courses offered. Tamil University, [TU] Thanjavur offers courses mostly at the postgraduate, M.Phil and doctoral level. The university has 5 departments, namely- Department of Arts, Language, Science, Manuscriptology and one dedicated entirely to the Development of the Tamil language. An exhaustive list of specializations and courses are offered under each of these faculties.

TU, Thanjavur Certificate Courses and Diploma Admission 2023

The university offers Certificate courses in Tamil, Telugu and Music. In addition to this, there are Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma [PGD] courses that can be opted for by the candidates. Further details regarding specializations available are in the table below-

Course Specialization
Diploma Manuscriptology, Music, Tamil, Telugu
Certificate Music, Tamil, Telugu
PG Diploma Translation, Geographic Information System in Coastal EcoSystem, Siddha drug Standardization Regular

TU, Thanjavur UG Admission 2023

At the undergraduate level the University provides only two courses, namely- 

  • Bachelor of Performing Arts [BPA] - Dance (Koothukkalari)
  • B.Ed - Education

The eligibility criterion for both is 10+2 or equivalent examination in any stream.

TU, Thanjavur PG Admission 2023

With an expansive and extensive array of postgraduate courses, TU offers students an opportunity to study the more nuanced and off-beat courses in much depth. The programmes offered are M.Sc, MA, MSW, M.Ed, MCA, MFA and M.L.I.Sc. However, the specializations are truly peculiar. Some subjects offered for study are Lexicography, Linguistics, Manuscriptology, Palmleaf manuscripts and Rare Paper Manuscripts, Maritime History, Applied Geology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Siddha Medicine to quote a few. Detailed list is as given below-

Course Specialization
MA English English, Translation, Linguistics
MA Tamil History, Manuscriptology, Translation, Linguistics, Lexicography, Comparative Literature
MA Linguistics Linguistics, Lexicography
MFA/MA Music, Bharathanatiyam
MA Fine Arts (Sculpture and Paintings) Art History, History-Fine Arts, Fine Arts
MA History History, Fine Arts, Art History, Sculpture, Tamil, Tamil History, Manuscriptology, Epigraphy
MA History & Archaeology Epigraphy, History
MA Archaeology History, Archaeology, marine Archaeology
MA Social Work Social Work, Sociology
MA Sociology Social Work, Sociology
M.Ed Education
MA in Philosophy, Yoga, Indian Culture and Religious Studies Yoga, Temple Management, Philosophy, Culture
MA Folklore  
M.L.I.Sc. Library and Information Science
M.D. Siddha, Pharmaceutical Sciences, related subjects Siddha Medicine, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry, Medicinal Botany, Pharmaceutical Sciences
PG in Geology, Earth Sciences, related subjects Geology, Applied Geology, Earth Science, Remote Sensing, geography, Geoinformatics
PG in Botany and related subjects Botany, Biotechnology, Sericulture, Forestry
PG Mathematics Mathematics
MCA/M.Sc Computer Science/M.Sc IT Computer Science
PG in Environmental Science Environmental Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Management,
M.Sc Environmental Science, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, Biomedical Science,
MA Tamil Studies,
MA Manuscriptology Maritime History and Marine Archaeology, History, Epigraphy, Archaeology, Rare Paper Manuscripts, Palmleaf Manuscripts
MA Arts Drama, Music, Bharatanatyam, Sculpture (History, Art and Culture)

TU, Thanjavur M.Phil Admission 2023

Most courses of the postgraduate level are continued into the 1-year M.Phil course. A total of 19 specialization subjects ranging from Arts and Science to Archaeology, Linguistics and Education are being offered by the University. The aim is to provide a sound knowledge base of nuanced subjects which will create better scholars, and thus lead to continued research and addition to the existing body of knowledge of these rare, specialized subjects. 

Course Specialization
M.Phil Library and Information Science
Herbal Science
Computer Science
Ancient Science
Maritime History and Marine Archaeology
Tamil Studies
History, Epigraphy, Archaeology
Rare Paper Manuscripts, Palmleaf Manuscripts
Music and Dance
Sculpture (History, Art and Culture)

TU, Thanjavur Ph.D Admission 2023 

The specialization subjects offered under the Ph.D programme are duly categorized into various subject groups such as History, Music and Bharatanatyam, Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Education, Science, Anthropology, English, Tamil, Translation, Folklore, Social Work and Library Sciences. A total of 32 subjects are open for study and research at the doctoral level. The scope of Specializations provided under each group are given in the table below-

Course Specialization
Ph.D [History Group] History, History-Fine Arts, Fine Arts, Art History, Sculpture, Manuscriptology, Epigraphy, Archaeology, Marine Archaeology
Ph.D [Music & Bharatanatyam Group] Music, Bharathanatiyam
Ph.D [Tamil Group] Tamil, Lexicography, Manuscriptology
Ph.D [English] English
Ph.D [Translation] Translation
Ph.D [Social Work] Social Work, Sociology
Ph.D [Philosophy] Philosophy
Ph.D [Education] Education
Ph.D Temple Management, Yoga, Culture
Ph.D Anthropology Anthropology
Ph.D Comparative Literature Comparative Literature
Ph.D Folklore Folklore
Ph.D L.I.Sc Library and Information Science
Ph.D in Science Environmental and Herbal Science, Ancient Science, Industries and Earth Science, Computer Science,
Ph.D Education

TU, Thanjavur Ph.D Admission- Eligibility

Admission to the Ph.D courses in any of the fields of study is on the basis of the candidate’s score in the Tamil University Research Common Entrance Test [TURCET]. Apart from this, candidates must have a postgraduate degree, or a diploma and work experience in the relevant field.

TU, Thanjavur Application Form

To apply offline, candidates may avail the application form at the University campus or alternatively, download it from the Admissions section of the official website. To apply for admission to TU, Thanjavur online, visit the official website of the university.

  • On the TU, Thanjavur Application Form page, select the correct Course and fill in appropriate basic personal information.
  • Upload Photograph.
  • In the next section, fill in your Previous Education details and upload relevant documents.
  • Next, view the payment details for the selected course.
  • Lastly, pay the admission fees online by clicking on the Online Payment button on the homepage of the website.
  • On the Online Payment portal of TU, Thanjavur sign the declaration. Then, fill in your details such as name, course, subjects, sec, community and so on.

For further details, refer to the TU, Thanjavur Fee Details.

TU, Thanjavur Admission Helpline

Tamil University Contact Details

Phone Number

04362 227089

Email ID

[email protected] 


Tamil University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India- 613010


Tamil University Admission FAQs

What are the courses offered by the university?

The university offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M.Phil and Ph.D courses. Apart from this, the university also offers Certificate courses Diploma and PGD. 

What are the Diploma/Certificate courses offered?

Diploma course: Manuscriptology, Music, Tamil, Telugu Certificate courses: Music, Tamil, Telugu Post Graduate Diploma: Translation, Geographic Information System in Coastal Eco-System, Siddha drug Standardization

What are the UG courses offered?

The university offers the following two courses at the undergraduate level- Bachelor of Performing Arts [BPA] - Dance (Koothukkalari) B.Ed - Education

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