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Ari Chattaraj | Others, batch of 2018

Reviewed on Aug 21, 2015

  • 3.3
  • Academics 4.5
  • Fees 1
  • Infrastructure 3.5
  • Campus 4.5
Fees and Scholarship

The list of courses available at the college is non-exhaustive, if you will. These can range from both relevant to your field and absolutely fascinating/refreshing. The pedagogy is unlike any other, in my experience. Most faculty members are approachable, helpful, competent, et al. during college hours and after. 

International Exposure

Now comes the bummer - The college fee is relatively high when compared to other Indian colleges, even within the private realm. What's even worse is the fact that there are probably 1 or 2 scholarships available at SSLA but I'm not aware of the details of securing said scholarships since none of that information is publicly available, to the best of my knowledge. This makes studying here expensive, especially if you're not from Maharashtra or nearby (taking into account living costs, etc.) 

Sanket Shrotri | Others, batch of 2018

Reviewed on Mar 31, 2015

  • 3
  • Academics 4
  • Fees 1
  • Infrastructure 4
Fees and Scholarship

The permanent faculty are amazing. Most of them are young which helps them to connect to with the students and take classes in an enjoyable fashion. Most of the visiting faculties are very well read and know their topic inside out. As far as I know the only faculty which is dissappointing is the English Majors faculty, I hope they do change this particular individual in the future.

International Exposure

The fees for per year is 3 Lakhs and can be paid in 2 installments over the 2 semesters. There are only 2 scholarships which i am not well informed of at the moment. But otherwise I feel that there needs to be better financial help from the college's side for families who are not that well off.

Ketaki Tongaonkar | BA Psychology, batch of 2016

Reviewed on Mar 27, 2015

  • 4
  • Infrastructure 3.5
  • Campus 4.5
Placements & Internships

Big classrooms, well lit and ventilated. Technical issues in classrooms crop up very often, but are dealt with quickly. Transport facilities to and from the city are limited, but present.

Hostels & Food

Extremely diverse range of clubs, fulfils many interests, and opportunities to start new clubs are abundant. Anyone can join, so they encourage interaction between different kinds of people and increase tolerance.

Hana Masood | BA [Bachelor of Arts], batch of 2018

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2015

  • 4.5
  • Academics 4.5
  • Campus 4.5
Fees and Scholarship

Very wide range of elective subjects, from Urdu to Ballroom Dancing and more. Class sizes are small, increasing interaction with faculty. Faculty is very approachable during college hours and after, on email or over the phone. Teaching is student centric and the topics covered are flexible to the interests of the students. Assessments are done throughout the semester with a final evaluation of not more than 40 marks, giving us the opportunity to score through projects and other assignments and reducing the burden at the end of the semester. 

Hostels & Food

Clubs meet quite often and participate in various competitions around Pune and across the country. There are a lot of clubs, such as MUN, Music, Poetry, Theatre, Economics, Public Speaking Society and Dance. 

Palak Sharma | BA Economics, batch of 2016

Reviewed on Mar 24, 2015

  • 3.2
  • Fees 2.5
  • Placements 4
  • Infrastructure 5
  • Campus 1.5
International Exposure

there are availabilties of bank loans available to study at symbiosis school for liberal arts , however scholarships could be limited

College Infrastructure

i have taken up 2 jobs and 4 internships during the period of ssla, which has only been 6 semesters - by which you can realize how ssla prepares one to be a part of internships and take  up practical experiences.

ssla enourages such experiences and has an internship cell that assists students with the same

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