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Swetha Institute of Technology and Science, [SITS] Hyderabad Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure :-

The excellent infrastructure of the campus ensures that the students don’t feel inhibited in any way. The infrastructure is such that there is always potential for more facilities to be added and for departments to expand.

While on the other hand, the Canteens, Medical Centre, Hostels, a state-of-the-art Mineral Water Plant and outstanding Transport Facilities make for the rest of the facilities that have been built for the students’ benefit.

The Labs

SITS is equipped with state-of-the-art Simulation Labs for Electronic Devices & Circuit Labs, besides a host of labs for the students to study and conduct experiments, such as: Electronic Circuits Lab, Analogue Communications Lab, Pulse & Digital Circuits Lab, DSP Lab, Basic Simulation Lab, ECAD Lab, Digital communication Lab, Micro Processor &Interfacing Lab, Micro Wave Lab.
Apart from the science labs, SITS also has a modern ELCS Lab (English Language & Communication Skills Lab). The lab deals with the development of soft skills and other programs such as the SITS Leadership Program. The lab helps students prepare for the outside world in terms of social representation and communication skills.


SITS houses a gigantic library in its campus, and it usually is a haven for academics and during exams. With a arsenal of over a few thousand books and journals of all kinds, the library stocks a rich collection of text books, reference books, non-print / multimedia CDs, national journals, international journals and magazines to cater to all the branches of the campus.
Library automation and Digital library are the special features. It also has access to e-journals like Elsevier, IEEE, Wiley Blackwell, McGraw Hill, J-Gate & ASTM online version. Books are well arranged for easy access and retrieval, along with a digital database.


Students at SITS indulge in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The workshops are aimed at students who wish to further their special interests and hobbies. From Theatre to model making, SITS has an array of workshops to choose from.
SITS lays great emphasis on these workshops as we believe that these qualities are very vital to a student’s personality. So we strive to give shape to their ideas and interests in a bid to sharpen their creative edge, while keeping academics in the loop.

Fine Arts Club

The Fine Arts Club at SITS is a one-of-a-kind interest group where students pursue their artistic endeavours. Unlike most engineering institutions, we are great patrons of art. Students interested in Fine Arts can take up classes or indulge in competitions and exhibitions, which are conducted from time to time.
We also send students to other colleges in India to take part in competitions dealing with art and theatre, so as not to restrict their creative abilities.


As a college located in one of the most scenic locales and mountainous terrain, excelling at sports comes naturally to students at SITS. Sports at SITS is more of a mandatory activity rather than just an extra-curricular activity. With vast expanses of land at the college’s disposal, we have designed various sporting facilities by utilising our excellent infrastructure.
A healthy body makes way for a healthy mind, and rightly so, we at SITS believe in physical fitness. Sports not only keeps the body fit, but also helps in training the mind. Students that excel in sports are often very decisive, as decisions need to be made quickly during real-time play. Sports also help in encouraging team-work, managing resources, crisis management and most importantly, leadership. So, by denying your child a sporting childhood, you are actually making him weak on many levels.
Physical fitness is an inalienable part of our way of life, as we understand that it is during adolescence that actual physical growth takes place. With students spending their prime growth period at SITS, we take it as our responsibility to make sure that we do our best in spurring growth, both physically and mentally.


The SITS campus houses a massive hostel for boys and girls. The hostel was built due to the increasing number of boarding students. Owing to the outstanding facilities in the hostel, more students have been opting for hostel accommodation in addition to their academic courses. The hostel is located within ample distance from the main campus and a stone’s throw away from the medical centre in case of emergencies.
The hostel is also guarded by security for the students’ protection. A Mess is attached to the hostels where students can dine. Extremely high hygiene standards are maintained by the maintenance staff and the cooking staff for the benefit of the students.

Career Counselling Cell

The Career Counselling Cell is an off-shoot of SITS’ Leadership Program and Entrepreneur Programs. With an experienced faculty, they have key contacts in the industry to help the students secure internships, placements and field trips from time to time.
The cell is always abuzz with activity owing to industry figures constantly visiting the facility for seminars, guest lectures and for awareness programs.

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