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Campus :-

Five years after it was established, the St' John's Medical College moved into a huge 160-acre campus in June 1968. The present site of the campus is situated on the outskirts of Bangalore, better known as the Silicon Valley and Garden City of India. The campus houses a teaching centre with lecture theatres, pre-clinical departments, para-clinical departments, students' hostels, workshop and staff quarters.

Along with student hostels, staff quarters and lecture theatres, the huge St. John's campus at Bangalore houses 800-bed hospital along with staff quarters for resident nurses and medical professionals. The hospital has expanded since 1973 to include another wing, a department for outpatients, a number of specialty departments and medicinal facilities

Facilities :-

St. John Medical College (STJMC) is situated in the Silicon Valley of Bangalore Karnataka. The campus of the college is encircled by the greenery environment which creates a scenic atmosphere for the learners. The edifice of the college is well constructed, which comprises spacious lecture halls, well equipped labs, and Hostel facilities for the learners. The aim of the infrastructure amenities is to provide a best possible learning atmosphere for the learners.


The laboratory of the college assists learners and researcher in their programmes. The labs of the college is well equipped with apparatus like Petri dish, A glass flask, Disposable gloves, Microscope, Burette, Dispensable pipettes and Gas chromatograph.


College library has a bountiful collection of latest books pertaining to medical field, journals, and periodicals. College has a separate reading room for learners and faculty where they can work on their programmes. The library of the college is air conditioned and fully fit out with all necessary amenities.


College has trendy and air conditioned lecture halls, which are well equipped with modern facilities, such as audio systems, Overhead Projects. The seating are designed to provide students with complete comfort for the intense hours of classrooms teaching and interaction.

Other Facilities :- 

  • Sports
  • Chapels
  • Clinical Facility
  • Banks / Post Office
  • Public Call Centres
  • Internet Browsing Centres
  • Rural Training Centre

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