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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Pillai's Institute of Information Technology, Engineering, Media Studies and Research, [PIIT], Mumbai

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics Engineering), batch of 2019

There are 2 hostels one for boys and one for girls. PG'S are available since it is a residential area outside the college. The food is good. you get every dish right from Indian to Chinese. The quality of classrooms is good. They are wide and spacious. Hence ventilation is also good. There many labs depending upon the stream you choose. There's also a shooting range, Gymkhana, multi-purpose sports complex, libraries, etc. There is wifi available for students but it has access to certain websites only.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2017
  • The hefty fee is spent on uncertain things like decorating the college at frequent intervals. Classrooms are spacious at PIIT Mumbai unless counting on the number of students joining back after a year break.
  • Canteen had been in a very bad shape, but now is a state of art canteen. Still, lacks basic amenities like a buffet and though with large cafeteria, always seems crowded during peak hours.
  • Be sure to shell out a moderate to a heavy amount if you want to enjoy a good meal. Yes, the canteen has 98% rice as its serving.
  • Be prepared to be satisfied with South Indian snack or a local popular, if rice isn't your favorite.
  • Hostel fee is sometimes pocket burning, still, you may look around for a PG, lot of options are available as in Adai gaon or best as Sukapur. Else some residential flats are available but bachelors probably aren't allowed.
  • The college has a parking problem, hence don't dare to park your vehicles at uncertain places besides the college, a towing van always roams by. Restrooms have got no privacy unless recently constructed bathrooms, but still of no use if you want to use it for long. This talk is about boy's restrooms.
  • Librarian is a deep sea monster if you get her irritated. Talk less smile more, act childish and you will maximum be sneered at or ignored. That's a relief.
  • Library's got the whole set of books, but mostly of advanced written language. Teacher's notes of the classroom help, be regular. About 2 hostels for girls and boys each are available, kindly check with the office.
  • From or for Rs. 50, a dal-khichdi or for more amount, a fried rice plate.
  • Non-veg items are in demand. Fruit juices available both in and outside of college. Food is served good and can also be asked for in a parcel form. Hostels are in good shape, infrastructure is good. But gets hot water only once a day for each student.
  • One of the advantages of staying in a separate house is the convenience of getting a clean bathroom and a good undisturbed bath.
  • College provides for hostel inmate's food at a nominal rate, but mostly during day hours at night, I suppose one has to depend on outside sources.
  • The cost for a room is about Rs. 2500 approx. on rent. Much better than the hostel, where ironing one's clothes had been banned once.
  • No electric gadgets were allowed. The college has wifi, but can only check a few meaningful sites. 

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2017
infrastucture is ok ok u wll like it n                                                                                    .         nly problem is travelling which will be a problem

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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Reviews

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Computer Science), batch of 2015
 very good and neat classrooms, canteens are well-maintained, library is provided for the students ie: 100 students can sit in a library. very clean and well maintained classes

 students are getting very good food from canteens and these canteens are well maintained very good quality of food is provided for all the students and teachers...

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Pillai's Institute of Information Technology, Engineering, Media Studies and Research, [PIIT], Mumbai Infrastructure Details

State of the Art Auditorium - Conclave - The Discussions Auditorium. This facility has a digital smart board enabling the faculty to write and simultaneously project the same on two drop down screens. This hand written slides can be digitally copied in a cache memory for subsequent printouts as per requirement. The audio system enables two way communications between participants and faculty members This facility trains our students to participate in seminars and conferences effectively with confidence and has become a preferred venue for several seminars. Several corporate have shown interest to use this facility to conduct their Management Development Programmes.

Library - Our Library is computerized and is having adequate collection of text books, reference books, journals, magazines and other learning resources. The open access system to over 15000 books, about 400 periodicals, magazines, journals, e-journals – Indian as well as International and interactive CDs. Institute also subscribes for Digital library like IEEE, ACM and ASME. Membership of Central library of IIT Bombay, British Council Library and Delnet Library. Installation of KOHA (latest version in 2012) is being done in all installations of MES at New Panvel campus. The advantage of KOHA is that it provides server with its necessary components in the Amazon cloud (the most recurred cloud service providers) with internet connectivity one can connect to host server just through a simple client machine and carry out the library activities.

Gymnasium - "Healthy mind in a healthy body" has been the mantra of success for many years. PIIT understands the importance of this and has provided a state of the art gymnasium with treadmills, power cycles, bench-press and other equipments for its students and staff. Along with the equipments we also provide the services of trained Fitness Trainer. There are separate time slots for girls and boys. The indoor sports room is also provided with Table Tennis, Carrom Boards, Chess, Badminton and other games to give the students a much needed break from rigours of academics.

Cafeteria - The college canteen, by all standards has cuisine which is lip smacking and offers a full-fledged restaurant menu, available on demand. It provides food for thought literally. The canteen also caters to several corporate teams visiting our campus for recruitment and has got excellent feedbacks from the corporate delegates for its services. Hostelites are also provided their meals from this canteen.

Hostel Facility - PIIT provides Hostel facility to about 600 students on the Panvel Campus. It has different categories like luxury, single occupancy (AC), double occupancy and triple occupancy rooms which are well maintained and fully furnished. Some rooms are with AC and TV connections.

Laboratories - PIIT has developed the laboratories of all its department with latest equipments, software and with elegant furniture to see that we provide facilities over and above the academic requirements given by the curriculum. The students are given free access to all the laboratories to fulfill their quest of knowledge through experimentation.

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