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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Zoology), batch of 2020

The classes start early in the morning at 7:00 for TY and FY. For SY, they start late in the morning at 9:50. Every student has to complete a 75% attendance compulsorily. The project is also compulsory for all students because it gives you extra marks. The quality of teaching is good. The professors share their experiences and some tricks and important points that help during viva and exams. The overall experience is very great. You'll have amazing teachers with the lush green very big campuses. Somaiya has the largest campus in the whole Mumbai!


The students studying in various departments come together each year to celebrate the annual day of college with great enthusiasm and determination. On-campus association includes cultural forum groups. The zoology department has zorilla team. The festivals are the main attraction for all the students. Zoology department organizes the Zorilla fest every year. This is an inter-college fest. The cultural forum organizes the Surabhi fest which is an intra college fest. The life in Somaiya is just outstanding. The teachers motivate you to do so many things apart from studies. The crowd is very good at Somaiya. I've made the best friends for life in Somaiya. The college campus and canteen are surreal.

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) (Information Technology), batch of 2020

The faculties of all the four departments are exceptionally talented, experienced and supportive. The students are not just guided by their faculties for their studies and projects but also for are encouraged by their faculties for co-curricular programs like internships and certification courses especially NPTEL certification for credits as well as for extracurricular activities.

there are classes and practice regularly for students and teachers encourage students for internships and projects.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2019

The daily routine is every time on time. Projects of the important part of the daily routine. Assignments and projects are given by the respective subject teacher. The quality of the teaching is quite well. The overall experience of the college is average.


There are several committees societies and associations on the campus which helps the students to participate in different activities. There are two main festivals in the college the first is a search that is the cultural festival and the second is Renaissance that is the technical festival the call is life, in general, is very boring there are no happening events going on.

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Geology), batch of 2021

The college starts at about 7:00 am in the morning, The practicals are the first thing it gets over until 9:30 am, and after that, the lecture starts and goes till about 2:00 Pm. As I said The teaching staff is really helpful and they pay attention to every student and can also contact them personally, Eklavya named batch is also there where students can register themselves for further coaching free of cost. Overall experience is marvellous.


There are many fests conducted throughout the year, the Main fest is maker mela where scientists, inventors, creators from around the world come here and showcase their inventions, talents etc. Cultural events are common here ,Skream named sports fest is also conducted here which is very good for the people who likes sports.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2018
  • The Class timings are from 9:00 am to 4:45 pm.
  • 2 unit test are conducted each semester and loads of assignments are to be completed each semester.
  • The quality and method of teaching are good and the overall experience is also good at KJ Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, [KJSIEIT] Mumbai.

  • Students council are responsible for the cultural fest held in the campus in the even sem and there are also technical committees like ISTE, ITEEE, CSE, IET which conduct technical fest in the odd sem.
  • A magazine committee AURA publishes the college magazine and conducts a class group photo each year at KJ Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, [KJSIEIT] Mumbai.

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2020

The faculty at KJ Somaiya College, Sion is good in Computers and EXTC. The faculty in Electronics is said to be strict whereas they are said to be lenient in IT. Overall, an experienced and qualified faculty.


  • Technical festival – “Renaissance”, in odd semesters  (usually September).
  • Cultural festival  - “Surge”, takes place in March.
  • Sports event – “Score”, held in March.

 KJ Somaiya College of Engineering is relatively new so it is not the automatic choice but it definitely comes in the second rung colleges. You will find a healthy blend of studies and enjoyment in this college.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2009
The sports infrastructure is really good, loads of facilities such as Football ground, Badminton court etc. Professional clubs are there and they help with the various campus events.

There are some strong rules regarding ragging. The atmosphere is intense primarily related to placements. Good campus overall Not many parties on campus as such No alcohol use at campus Restaurants are there, no bars as such

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Computer Science), batch of 2016
  • The college timings are from 10.30 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.
  •  The college is located in the central area of Mumbai.
  • The quality of teaching is decent and the professors are easily accessible after lecture hours. 

  • There are many Professional Clubs, Cultural and Arts Clubs, Political and Social associations
  • Also there are various floodlit outdoor sporting activities.
  • Best in infrastructure in the city

  • The student diversity is vast as students across the nation to study here.
  • NRI students are also accepted. 

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2017
professors can be contacted any time u want they r very helpful. teaching method is also very good. also proper classes are conducted .

we have different committee so that student can also freshen up their mind n jst not only study like the student council,CSI,IETE,IEEE.also fests are conducted

students are very helpful and friendly. although u'll get a guju crowd but den its pretty cool to hangout  wid colg frnds  afterall after colg only memories are left.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Agricultural Engineering), batch of 2016
  • Even though the college has a very good reputation in the city and has been always preferred by top scorers, the teaching department has never been promising.
  • Lectures are certainly conducted in English and most of the professors are M.Tech/PhD holders but striking a chord with the students has always been a problem here.

  • Being a gujju (Gujarati minority) college, 50% of the seats are reserved for Gujaratis though you always see more than 75% of Gujjus in this college.
  • As per engineering standards, the crowd is good enough at KJ Somaiya College of Engineering (KJSCE). You’ll find all kinds of people here, from nerds to the so-called “cool people” and also the smart lot.
  • Even the gunda variety is said to be found here.
  • Fortunately, over the last couple of years, the crowd has been good and you really meet a lot of urban people. 

About KJ Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, [KJSIEIT] Mumbai

The K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology (KJSIEIT), was established by the Somaiya Trust in the year 2001, at Ayurvihar campus, Sion. The institute was set up primarily in response to the need for imparting quality education in the modern field of Information Technology and allied branches of engineering and technology, a big leap to develop ourselves into a prosperous nation of the 21 century.

The institute aims to provide the necessary dynamism in the light of expanding knowledge and changing socio-economic requirements of the modern society. From its inception, the institute has been striving to develop itself into an institution of quality and excellence in the field of technical education, in consonance with the contemporary and future needs of our society in concurrence with a fine blend of traditional values and modern education.


K. J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology will be the premier institute of global quality and excellence with an intense focus on teaching, training and research in the field of technical education and will be the first choice of the potential students who aspire to be the best in context of cultural values, academic programs and professional activities. 


  • To function on the ideas and ideals of the Somaiya Trust and to prepare students for both ethical and professional challenges in life.
  • To educate students to venture beyond existing boundaries of knowledge and also educate them to the highest level in their academic achievements.
  • To endeavor innovative teaching strategies, technologies and methodologies are applied in a co-operative and co-ordinate learning environment.
  • To ensure the availability of and access to the latest technologies and resources for the students in support of the professional programs.
  • To prepare technocrats to communicate and apply the technical knowledge in ways useful to society.
  • To recognize the responsibilities and to fully co-operate in such a way that the breadth of technical education meets the needs of the state, nation and world.

Departments at K.J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering Information Technology :- 

  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Department of Electronics Engineering
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Department of Science and Humanities

Courses Offered :-

  • B.E. - Computer Engineering
  • B.E. - Electronics Engineering
  • B.E. - Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
  • B.E. - Information Technology


Campus :-

KJSIEIT is located on the eastern express highway at Ayurvihar, Sion surrounded by industries and business establishments in the heart of metropolitan city, Mumbai. The institute extends over a sprawling 85 acres of which 5 acres have been ear-marked for this institute with an easy access to railway stations.

Facilities :- 

  • Library
  • Classrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Computer Lab
  • Internet
  • Auditorium
  • Workshop
  • Sports
  • Gymkhana

Training and Placement Cell at K.J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering Information Technology -

Training of the student prior to their placement is an part of any institute that run professional courses. To provide appropriate career opportunities to the students, the Training and Placement (T & P) cell interacts continuously with different industries and training organizations. Workshops and seminars are organized for academic and overall development of the students. Industry - institute interaction is pried to be maintained a


Computer labs

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