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Islamiah Institute of Technology, [IIT] Bangalore Infrastructure Details


Every student looks forward to life at the college campus - a second home where you can find your identity.IIT provides ample resources, facilities and most importantly, opportunities for its students to discover themselves.

The Institute has a vast campus (32.5 Acres) located in a picturesque locale in Bangalore.

The campus is well-equipped with facilities that any student may require - from the cafeteria and hostel, to state-of-the-art laboratories and seminar halls. with spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, Library and Information Center , and much more is accommodated at the campus.

The Institute works towards continuously improvising its facilities and infrastructure so its students can learn, explore, discover and apply their knowledge. Apart from obtaining quality education from our highly-qualified staff, students are provided with a platform for self-expression. 


The Library began its existence in 1979. With its modern collection, knowledge resources and innovative information services fills an essential role for Students, faculty and the surrounding community in their intellectual pursuits. It is a Centralized Air Conditioned hybrid library with the state of the art technological applications. It holds knowledge resources predominantly related to Engineering, Technology, and allied subjects. The Library collection comprises of 10376 Volumes of Books.

The Library and Information Center IIT is an absolute mine of information, offering the best in progressive as well as traditional learning resources. The LIC has been set-up with the aim to encourage independent study by providing different sources of learning that any academician might require. It is the crux of learning at IIT catering to the intellectual needs of students, faculty and researchers. The library annex is more modern and ensures new features adding more space and gives an added ambience.


Form an important part of the learning / teaching process with all of IIT offering professional courses. The labs are state of the art and match the needs of all disciplines and sub specialties.
An interesting feature of the labs is that one can see the evolution of each department with the labs having a full range of equipment that reflect the inception to the current trends under each specialty

The laboratories of the department with state of art equipments that help to implement the practical knowledge, thus acting as an interface between the students and the industry. The Department has Qualified and well experienced faculty supported by able technical staff.

The College has made its best efforts to ensure that laboratories not only adhere to the VTU standards . Several laboratories are assigned to each Department at IIT to meet the needs of its branch of learning.  


The institution provides both residential hostel and lodging home accommodations to the students separately for boys and girls.The residential hostel is managed by a teacher-warden appointed by the Principal.
Rooms with basic furnitures like cot, table and chair are provided. Bed-rolls, linen etc. have to be brought by the students themselves.This consists of neat rooms and dormitories, good toilet facilities and all the comfort that students seek to live in a hygienic atmosphere. The facilities also include well - ventilated reading rooms and television.A central mess -separate for males and females- serves the needs of students staying in the hostels.

Strict discipline is maintained in the hostels. Late night entry, leaving hostel without permission are not allowed. Smoking and drinking in hostel premises is totally prohibited.Entry of unauthorized persons is totally prohibited.


The College has a Canteen inside the campus in which both South Indian and North Indian dishes are available at reasonable rates. The canteen remains open on all working 


IIT promotes and nurtures the talents of its students. At IIT, we believe that team spirit is an essential aspect of personal and professional life. The institute takes a different approach to inculcate the value of team work coupled with individual effort in its students. Sports and physical activities provide an excellent medium to train students to work together.

The Department of Sports at IIT plays an active role in assuring that students' talents are recognized, and that each student is provided with ample opportunities to participate in sports and physical activities. The Department also plays a major role in training students to participate in sports competitions at inter-college, university, state and national levels.

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