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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of G Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science, [GNITS] Hyderabad

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2017
  • The college will provide you accommodation with two hostels both AC and NON-AC rooms which can accommodate around 1000 students with good facilities and the best security.
  • AC rooms cost Rs 92000 per year at GNITS.
  • Non-veg is not allowed into the campus.
  • The fee for the hostel is Rs 54,000 as of now and can be increased for further years.
  • Juniors and seniors are separated to avoid ragging. Anti raging committee will be appointed to take care of the freshers.
  • In AC rooms, 5 students will be accommodated, one from each department.
  • AC rooms will accommodate 3 per room.
  • The college will provide you facilities to excel in sports, dances as well.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Agricultural Engineering), batch of 2017
  • The overall count of students as hostellers is around 800.
  • There are two buildings built solely for the purpose of hostels.
  • The safest part is that the hostels are built inside the college so parents need not worry about their children and the hostel fee is Rs 54000 per year andaAC room fee will be around Rs 75000 per year at GNITS.
  • There are many private hostels outside the college with  a monthly pay of around 2000-3000 per month.
  • Meal cost is included in the hostel food mess.
  • There are a total of three canteens and the rates are nominal.
  • It is a Wi-fi enabled campus with lots and lots of greenery and with a sophisticated library

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Agricultural Engineering), batch of 2016
The entrance to the G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science (GNITS) campus leads to an endless road that takes you round the massive the premises. Infrastructure is impressive with equal preference to academics, sports and greenery. The library has abundant books and Wi-Fi is accessible from most parts of the campus.Hostels are not worth appreciation but things are manageable. Rooms are spacious; but sharing them with 3 other roommates cramps them up. Strict rules and no non-vegetarian food become an issue for some of the girls here. Charges for the hostel rooms are Rs. 70,000 for air-conditioned rooms and Rs. 40,000 for regular rooms.

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Master of Technology [M.Tech] Reviews

Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Information Technology), batch of 2018
  • One hotel is der inside the college it will be very nice with all facilities hostel fee for Non-AC is Rs. 70,000 above.
  • The food in the college will be very tasty and the cost is also affordable by the students. There will not be any non-veg food done in the college hotels and canteens.

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G Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science, [GNITS] Hyderabad Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure at G Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science, [GNITS] Hyderabad:

Within a short span of time, G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology & Science, for women grew an infrastructure with 7 permanent buildings including two Hostel Blocks. The buildings have been aesthetically designed with good ventilation and up to date departmental labs. Infrastructure facilities for Games and Sports, a separate center for English Language Learning (CELL), HOBBY Clubs by the technical branches, Departmental Libraries by the respective departments, hostel within the campus premises and college buses are the facilities available in the campus. The GNITS campus has 16 computer centers optimally networked to cater to the academic requirements of the students of all branches. A leased line of 15MBPS and Wi-fi facility is provided for the complete campus. The college library has increased its volumes to over 34000 (approx) books including handbooks, reference books etc., with the reprographic facility. 900 computers are provided to students and staff in the college.


  • G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science provides accommodation to students wishing to reside in the hostel. The hostel also has a Hostel Council which is an advisory body comprising the Warden of the Hostel (as its Chairman), the Asst. Warden and the elected student secretaries as its members.
  • Every student who has been admitted to the institute is required to pay the prescribed hostel seat rent and establishment charges. These charges are subject to revision from time to time.
  • The rooms vacated by the outgoing students are made available by the warden for other students.
  • After completion of this process, the number of vacant rooms available in a hostel for allotment to freshers is intimated. Each room is provided with a cot, a table, a chair, a bookshelf, and a cupboard.
  • Residents cannot move the furniture or fittings from one room to another.
  • Private cooking in the rooms is prohibited.
  • A number of recreational, sports and social activities take place in the hostel during the academic year.
  • A few rooms in the hostel are used for common facilities such as the Computer room(20 computers are available), indoor sports, etc.
  • A laundromat is available in the hostel for use by the residents.
  • Students can relax in the evenings or on holidays by spending their leisure time in the common room which is equipped with a T.V, newspapers, and magazines.
  • One half of the common room houses a table-tennis (TT) board as well.
  • Avid sports enthusiasts can take the sports equipment from the sports room which is maintained by the Hostel.
  • An external security agency is contracted for providing security at the hostel.
  • The services of the security personnel are monitored by the warden and the assistant warden. 


  • Library currently has 33545 volumes and 8023 titles. It subscribes to 33 international journals, 73 national journals, and 30 magazines.
  • Spacious & serene environment spread over 15044 sq.mts of the area with duplex construction.
  • Separate PG section and discussion rooms.
  • 19 lakhs spent for improvement & upgradation of library
  • facilities in the previous academic year.
  • Access to e-Library to all students & staff through campus
  • Access to IEEE online journals & papers through INDEST 
  • Reprographic facility
  • Additional cards to meritorious students
  • Power back up UPS of capacity 25 KVA
  • Periodical book exhibitions by reputed publishers


  • The college provides college transportation for the students and staff on payment basis.

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