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BVDU is well known for its best infrastructure and facilities. Our constituent units had total built up area of 12,53,624.71 Sq. Ft. and in last academic year 1,20,000 Sq. Ft. area was added.


Knowledge Assets
BVDU has consistently been advancing its knowledge strength. Libraries are supposed to be one of the most important knowledge centres at any educational institute. We feel happy to have 3,00,000 books, 501 International Journals and 1144 National Journals available in the libraries of constituent units of BVDU. In 2008-09 we have added 38,370 books by investing Rs.1,13,07,782. The figures itself indicates our commitment for the welfare of students who desires and deserve the best in their academic life.

Hospital Facilities

The health related services are becoming increasingly too expensive to be within the paying capacity of a common man. The costs of hospitalization, operations and treatment in the private hospitals are abnormally prohibitive, so are the prices of drugs. Realizing these difficulties, which the common man faces, Dr. Kadam has established Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical Foundation and Research Centre with the help of which the following three hospitals in Pune are run and various health care related activities are undertaken.

Hostel Facilities

Quite a few of the constituent units of Bharati Vidyapeeth, run Boys' and Ladies' Hostels for their students. In Pune alone hostel facility is provided to more than 1,800 girl students and 600 boys. The hostel facilities of some of the schools are excellent. The Hostels in the residential public school at Panchgani are equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities. Bharati Vidyapeeth also runs a hostel for 300 rural girls at Kadegaon (Dist. Sangli) The hostel facility is provided to 150 girl students in our Delhi Campus. Mess and Canteen facilities are provided in various institutions

Bank Facilities

During the early period of Bharati Vidyapeeth, its Founder needed some finances for its developmental purpose. He approached a local leading bank, which showed little enthusiasm in loaning out any amount to this baby institution. This was a very challenging situation for him, with which he dealt successfully by establishing his own bank "Bharati Sahakari Bank" in 1971. In this task he got co-operation from his colleagues who had tremendous faith in his abilities.

Gymnasium Facilities

The college has a well-equipped Gymkhana . The students in the college are provided with all the sports equipment. Our students have emerged with flying colours in various sports activities at College, University, State and National levels.

Extra Curricular Activities

In addition to keeping excellence in academics, BVDU is also keen in promoting extra curricular activities. It is equally important for students to get fair opportunities and platform to perform and explore themselves and their qualities. BVDU also hosts various sports events that attract a large numbers of sports lovers from rural as well as urban level.


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