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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Bharat Ratna Dr BR Ambedkar University, New Delhi

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} Reviews

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Psychology), batch of 2020

• There's only one hostel and that is also in the Kashmere gate campus. There are no hostels in any other campus of the university. The hostel fee is approximately INR 55,000 per year.
• There are good options of PGs available outside the college and their minimum cost per month is INR 8000.
• The food quality is good and the costs range from INR 10-80.
• All the classrooms, as well as the IT lab and library, are fully equipped with AC. WiFi speed is also good.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Economics), batch of 2016
  • Bharat Ratna Dr. BR Ambedkar University, New Delhi is huge.
  • The college is fully air conditioned, which is every student's dream.
  • The furniture, walls etc are of great quality. We can enjoy a good view from our building.

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Bachelor of Arts [BA] Reviews

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (English), batch of 2019
  • There are two hostels in a campus and it is pretty cheap.
  • PGs are plenty ranging from 5000 to 10000 fees. The food is home-like, pure and at reasonable price.
  • 35-40 rupees of food can feed one person. Classrooms have projectors, ACs and comfortable chairs. Libraries and labs are well furnished with wide book collection. The University provides free WiFi. Clean washrooms and clean RO water.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (English), batch of 2019
  • Hostels are there in the Kashmere Gate campus.
  • There are options for pgs or other rental accommodation outside college. The food is pretty good at the college canteen and the prices are reasonable too.
  • Quality of classrooms is nice. The benches and chairs are in good condition and of good quality. Library is well equipped with a separate reading room too. All the classrooms are equipped with A.c. Although the campus isn't wifi enabled, the computers in the computer lab do have internet connection. The campus also have big playgrounds and beautiful gardens.

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Psychology), batch of 2017
  • Hostels for girls will be introduced this year at Bharat Ratna Dr. BR Ambedkar University.
  • There are many pg's around the college.
  • The food is good and affordable.
  • The classroom is well air conditioned, in good quality, the sanitation and the campus area of Karampura campus is better than any other campus. Wifi is available for students of the college.

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Bharat Ratna Dr BR Ambedkar University, New Delhi Infrastructure Details

Infrastructure Facilities at Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD):


  • AUD has a library on both campuses which is rich and rapidly growing.
  • It has a fast-growing subscription base of e-journals and resources.
  • The library can be accessed online both on and off campus.

Library Resource:

Type of Resource

 Number of Resources   



Gifted Books




E-journal databases


Online Research Journals


Print Research Journals


English and Hindi Newspapers


 Membership of DELNET to access

2,28,45,202 books and 37847 periodicals  

Ehsaas -Psychotherapy & Counselling Clinic:

  • Ehsaas-Psychotherapy and Counselling Clinic works with individuals, couples and families, of all age groups.
  • Any student who is facing psychological distress such as inability to concentrate, episodes of low mood or depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks or someone who is noticing an inability to commit to work or relationships, feeling alienated in one’s relationships or family, or facing more chronic symptoms such as seeing things or hearing voices (visual/auditory hallucinations) should contact the clinic.
  • Ehsaas consists of an Adult, Child and Family Clinic and it provides psycho-diagnostic psychological testing, along with a referral service.

IT Services:

  • The Ambedkar University IT Services division has been providing all IT related activities in Kashmere Gate campus.
  • IT Services has provided internet access, off-campus VPN access for both faculty and students.
  • All faculties have personal computers with licensed software.
  • An integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is in place for capturing the life cycle of the entire student.
  • The college has begun operations with one computer lab with forty desktop machines.

ECA and Sports:

  • AUD has a series of cultural societies to excite the intellectual and extracurricular life of students.
  • There is a growing Theatre Society, Sports Committee, Debating Society and Literary Society.
  • The Economics Society and the Society for Visual Culture has also been initiated.
  • There are regular talks, lectures, screenings, and performances going on in the campus and students are encouraged to participate in and organize events.

Disability Services:

  • Ambedkar University Delhi is working hard on making the campus accessible to Persons with Disabilities.
  • All facilities to join the educational, social and cultural life of the university will be given.
  • The college welcomes and encourages disabled student's applications.

Academic Service Office:

  • The division operates under the supervision of a Dean.
  • It is for responsible for control the service related matters of the Faculty members and other academic staff.
  • It provides services like recruitment, documentation of service records, training, promotions and other functions that may be prescribed by the Act, the Statutes and the Ordinances of AUD.

Language Cell:

  • The University treats language as a main component from undergraduate to the research level with English being the focus.
  • While the medium of instruction at AUD is English, The university has been encouraging students from different linguistic backgrounds to apply for admission to the undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes at AUD.
  • The Language Cell is supported by a large number of part-time assistants.

Mentorship and Counselling:

  • The University supports every student in his/her struggle to find a place in the university’s academic and social space.
  • A system of Mentorship and Counselling has been set up at the University.

Alumni and Carrer Cell:

  • AUD offers many types of full-time Social Sciences courses.
  • The University mission is to offer praxis based courses and its success depends on linkages with organizations from government and non-government agencies.
  • The University provides a continuous interface with the professional world outside. 
  • Student Services constitutes a placement committee consisting of students under the guidance of faculty members from each programme to facilitate the process of industry interface and campus placements.


  • AUD has hostel facilities for Women at Kashmere Gate Campus.
  • Students can apply for hostel accommodation once they have got admission.
  • The application form and brochure for hostel accommodation will be available at the University Offices and on the AUD website at the time of admission.

Other Amenities:

  • Research Grants
  • Medical Reimbursement
  • Fees, Fee Waiver, and Student Welfare Fund

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