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AIMS Institute is situated at Pune; Maharashtra, when you start your journey with AIMS, you will find that we do things differently. We work alongside industry, balancing theory and practise to help you hit the workplace running.

At AIMS, our academic staffs are well aware of the needs of the business and society, which informs what and how we teach. Teaching, learning and assessments are given the utmost importance to ensure the best outcomes for our students.

AIMS provide courses in a highly supportive environment that gears you towards future employability, in the work place and within academia and puts you first. We pride ourselves on providing students with relevant and practical employment skills and supplying employers with a skilled workforce.


To create an eminent workforce ready to serve the domestic and overseas market with a new found zeal and profound agility to acclimatize oneself to the corporate dynamics.


AIMS mission goes way beyond creating a competent workforce. We lead them to a pathway of self - actualization and for whom success and achievements don't lead to complacency, but paves the path to greater horizons. We are aware that the youth of today has a desire to attain high positions and continually grow in stature.


Our aim is to prepare well-groomed and skilled professionals who would leave an inerasable and a positive mark whenever they get an opportunity to show their potential.



"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Internet plays a key role in keeping communication going. Millions in the world are benefited by this innovation. Communications has been very fast, effective over the last decade. It opens a whole new virtual world for the user to explore. One can find any information at a click of the mouse. Internet access facilitates the education to a great extent. The entire campus is wi-fi enabled, allowing easy and instant access to the int


True is the saying that well begun is half done !!

 Our focus towards internships is, if not more, equally meticulous as the final placements, for it is the hands on experience which gives our students a slice of the market outside.

Our assistance for the students is a continual process, starting from the pre-intern period where we guide our students to equip themselves effectively to work in their chosen area, to the ongoing intern period where we assist them in any difficulty they face during their

AIM MBA Scholarships

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence. To achieve our vision of being the global source of ASEAN insights, talent, and leadership, we aim to have representation from the region’s vibrant pool of aspiring graduates.

We contribute to the development of exceptionally qualified students who can enrich discussions in our case rooms, encourage wider worldviews, and contribute to their own business communities and societies.

For our MBA 2015 intake, AIM offer



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