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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Alliance University, [AU] Bangalore

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] Reviews

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2020

There are several hostels in and outside the University campus, separate for boys and girls. The basic fee requirement is 

Apart from hostels, a couple of other options like real-estate properties and societies are available to vacate for students near the college, but at a small distance.

The college food is covered under the Hostel-fee, so no extra payment is required. Taste-wise, it's just average and more of a make-shift option.

The quality of classrooms, labs, libraries, dining halls and other infrastructure are up to the mark. The wi-fi connection has average speed but restricts certain features not related to academics.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Marketing), batch of 2019

There are two boys' and three girls' hostels within the university campus. The hostel fee would be costing you around Rs90,000/- per semester.

There is nothing such as pg's but there are hostels and gated communities for students nearby the university which is way cheaper compared to the accommodation within the campus.

The classes look amazing and have the latest technology with comfortable furniture. The food is particularly not that great but yeah it is edible.   

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2012
  • I am not a hostler, but the entire campus has a commendable infrastructure which is a must have. It has all the facilities and a good administration in place taking care of the premises.
  • Hostlers have to buy their own food everyday if they want non veg, there is a mess facility available which is purely veg. There are a number of food joints and canteens available and 1 can have a meal at any of the food place. There are both good and not so good places to eat with varied costs from low to high. 
  • The quality of classrooms is good, well lit and fully airconditioned with comfortable sitting and easy faculty visibility. We have a central library which is a bit far from our building of MBA department, so it becomes a little difficult to go there everytime we get a free time during the day. Wi-fi connectivity is good and is accessible in 80% premises. Rest overall infrastructure is good, but far too stretched, have to take long walks for every little thing.



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Master of Business Administration [MBA] Reviews

Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM], batch of 2020

There are 4 hostels, two for girls and two for boys. Hostel fee is 96000 per semester for a single room and 86000 for double sharing.

PGs are not available for girls near to the college but boys pg are available near the college. Girls pgs are available 8km away from campus but direct transportations are available so there is nothing to be worried about.

Food is quite good especially for South Indians, it costs rs.65 per meal but for the hostelers, it is included in their hostel fees.

Everything is high quality, in the classrooms classes are done through projectors, it is accommodated with speakers, the library is also accommodated with all the books, proper reading place, silent environment, wifi is available 24*7, the infrastructure you may like it very much, it is full of green, beautiful campus.  

Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Marketing), batch of 2018

There are 6 hostels which are operational, hostels are separate for girls and boys. Hostel fee for the semester is Rs 75000(INR)P.A. this includes food and laundry. Food provided by the cafeteria is vegetarian and non-veg food is served below the cafeteria. All classrooms provide a great study environment. The whole campus is provided with wifi, there is also a gym, One of the biggest libraries in Banglore, Also state of the art labs.

Post Graduate Programme in Management [PGPM], batch of 2016
  • The college infrastructure is on par with best in India and is certainly without no doubt best in Bangalore, all the classrooms are connected thru WiFi and have audio visual facilities to interact with guest lecturers, the hostels are newly built with good comforts and facilities, the college provides gym, sports, medical and security facilities with additional security at the girls hostel.
  • Excellent library with more than 50000 thousand books on every subject.

  • The food is good with average taste but no compromise is entertained with quality and hygiene, all the cooks wear gloves and head caps to make sure the food stays without any contamination.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Mechanical Engineering), batch of 2019

There is 6 hostel Rent is like INR 132000 per year. Food service is very good Quality of classroom is too.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2018
  • The College infrastructure is awesome, there are various places to hang out and chill, there is a dedicated restaurant, music room, dance room, food court, daily store, etc in the campus itself, apart from that all the labs are equipped with high-end computers and other electronics.
  • The Average food per meal costs around Rs.60
  • The library has a lot of books and is arranged properly.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2019
  • There are total 10 hostels or  "Hall of Residence" as they say for both boys and girls inside and outside of the campus. The hostels here are awesome and are fully equipped with all the facilities for the students with good Wi-Fi facilities.
  • The food in the University is also good and they provide a variety of meals.
  • The infrastructure of the university is awesome. they have a very well fully equipped Central Library, Admin block, Engineering block, Learning Center, food court, activity Center etc.the labs in engineering college are fully equipped with latest technology tools.overall infrastructure is very good. 

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Bachelor of Laws [LLB] Reviews

Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.], batch of 2019
  • The students usually live in PGs which are very affordable and near to our college. In about Rs 15000 per month, a good PG can be found near the college.
  • We have three canteens in our college and a plate of rajma chawal of chole bhature can be bought at Rs.25.
  • Our college too has WiFi throughout the campus. Our college library is also well stocked with all the books that are prescribed to us and they are mostly available apart from the exam season. Every classroom has a projector and a computer and every department also have a separate library.

Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.], batch of 2018
  • The Accommodation at Alliance University is very good, the university campus gives a nice vibe of friendly atmosphere with a lush green campus which covers around 45 acres

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Master of Technology [M.Tech] Reviews

Master of Technology [M.Tech], batch of 2014
  • The Food in Alliance University is average to good in terms of quality. Reasonably priced. Meals are affordable and canteen rates are in the 40-50/- range on most items. 
  • Classrooms are decent in terms of quality and seating. But it gets cramped due to the huge number of students per class and total batch sizes. Wifi is available is the greatest in terms of speed. Gym, dining hall, sports fields, etc is available. PG options nearby are good.  
  • Overall, for the fee that is paid, the infrastructure is way above the expected of a college.

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Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBA LLB] Reviews

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] + Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.], batch of 2019

4 hostels, 5 pgs may be. Food is okay. We have good infrastructure, the library is okay, wifi signal strength is fine.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Business Administration [MBA] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Business Administration [MBA], batch of 2016
  • It is well known about the marvelous infrastructure of alliance University which makes a student feel lucky

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Alliance University, [AU] Bangalore Infrastructure Details

Alliance University campus is an ideal environment for young minds to explore new ideas, utilize creativity, and independent thinking. The AU lush green campus is spread in an area of 55+ acres of land. Alliance University facilitates faculty to engage in research, staff to cultivate empathy towards students, and everyone to develop the quality of life-long learning. Some of the facilities of the college are listed below.

Alliance University Campus Facilities

Below are the given facilities provided by the university.


Hostel: The hostel facility at AU provides a feeling of a home-away-from-home to students. Hostels have halls of residence for students with a secure & comfortable environment. A residential warden, chief warden, assistants, and the hostel administration to promptly address the day-to-day issues of the hostel residents. The Halls of Residence accommodates students in single, double, or triple sharing rooms with round-the-clock internet connectivity. The rooms are available on a ‘first-come-first-served basis.

Library: Alliance University library is spread in an area of 55k sq and has a seating capacity of 1000+. The library has 52K+ books and also it houses a digital library.

Food Court: The food court built to the highest standards of hygiene serves healthy, sumptuous multi-cuisine meals to students and gives students an opportunity to engage over a meal. There are four dining areas with spacious seating.

Other Facilities:

  • Transportation for day scholars and staff.
  • Health Centre for students and staff with the facility of a resident doctor and around-the-clock ambulance service for medical emergencies.
  • Counseling cell to counsel students and help & motivate them to attend to their overall developmental needs.
  • State-of-the-art gymnasium.
  • Facilities for sports, indoor games, and areas for recreation and creative pursuits make Alliance University a great place in shaping strong personalities.
  • ATM
  • Departmental store
  • Well equipped labs
  • 80+ multimedia classrooms
  • Guest and staff quarters
  • IT facilities
  • Seminar hall
  • 8500+ flowering plants

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Alliance University Hostel

Asked By: Anonymous 21 Feb 2017


The hostel fee in Alliance University is Rs. 85000/- per semester.

Answer By: Getmyuni

21 Feb 2017

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