BSMS Syllabus & Subjects:

The BSMS Course syllabus is laid out by highly expert professionals and approved by the Central Council of Medicine and it is given below.

BSMS First Year Syllabus: This introductory year runs over a period of 12 months and marks the beginning of the medical career.

BSMS First Year Syllabus
S.No  Subjects
1 Biochemistry
2 MicroBiology
3 History and Fundamental Principles of Siddha Medicine
4 Medicinal Botany and Pharmacognosy
5 Communicative English

BSMS Second Year Syllabus: The second year of this course goes further in towards the medical aspect and it runs over a period of 12 months. 

BSMS Second Year Syllabus
S.No Subjects
1 Anatomy Paper I
2 Physiology Paper I
3 Pharmacology Paper I
4 Pharmaceuticals Paper I
5 Anatomy Paper II
6 Physiology Paper II
7 Pharmacology Paper II
8 Pharmaceuticals Paper II

BSMS Third year Syllabus: This year of study concentrates on Siddha Medicine and its practices and principles. 

BSMS Third Year Syllabus
S.No Subjects
1 Principles of Modern Pathology
2 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
3 Siddha Pathology
4 Hygiene and Community Medicine 
5 National Health Policies and Statistics
6 Research Ideas and Methodology
7 Medical Statistics Reports

BSMS Final year Syllabus:  This is the most crucial year for every medical student and it runs over a period of 18 months and then a year of internship in any Siddha hospital. 

BSMS Final Year Syllabus
S.No Subjects
1 Medicine
2 Dentistry including Surgery
3 Dermatology
4 Obstetrics and Gynaecology
5 Varmam Therapy
6 External Therapy and Special medicine
7 Paediatrics

The final year internship is mandatory for all the grads for at least a year in any Siddha hospital. Most of the institutions take in their students for an internship at their own medical care unit. This internship is aimed at producing highly skilled doctors and so grads need a real time experience in the hospital before graduating. 

Other Related Subjects and Syllabus: 

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