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NSO Sample Paper 2023

Science Olympiad sample papers are highly important for preparation. Any student who is preparing for the National Science Olympiad exam should go through the NSO sample papers. It is also of no use in going through the sample question papers without gaining sufficient textbook knowledge. So, students must be thorough with their school-textbook materials before practising sample papers.

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NSO Sample Papers

NSO sample paper shows the difficulty level of questions and the types asked in the exam. These solved sample papers also clarify what kind of questions the students can expect in the NSO examination.

Last but not least, sample question papers reference is of large importance. It acts as a final level of preparation that can do wonders. Even though students have higher theoretical knowledge, they will find it difficult to answer the tricky questions without sample paper preparation. By referring to sample papers, students can get to know about many important points, such as the difficulty of questions in the examination and the student's level of preparation.

Here are the highlights of the SOF NSO model test papers.

NSO Sample Papers 2023
Particulars About
Name of organization Science Olympiad Foundation
Popularly known as SOF NSO
Category NSO Sample Paper
Mode of reference Online
Format PDF
Mode of examination Written
Exam duration 1 Hour

Steps to Download NSO Solved Sample Papers

By solving NSO sample papers, students tend to build confidence, which helps them score better in the examination.

Go through brief detailing to download the SOF NSO sample papers for all the classes.

  • Visit the official website of SOF.
  • On the home page, click on SOF NSO.
  • Under the dropbox of SOF NSO, candidates can view reference books, syllabus, and sample paper.
  • Sample model test papers will be segregated class-wise
  • Click on the respective class; the page will direct you to the individual sample paper page.
  • On the individual sample paper page, select "Download."
  • The SOF NSO sample paper's file will be available in PDF format, readable with any operating system.

NSO Sample Paper PDF Files

SOF science olympiad sample papers are designed by experts to make students familiar with the NSO syllabus and the pattern followed in the level 1 and level 2 exams. It will help them to make a smart plan and strategy for preparation.

Given below are the sample papers for the current academic year 2023.

The pdf files of sample papers and solutions are given below provides students with hands-on analysis of the subject-specific papers. SOF National Science Olympiad sample papers of NSO 2018 and NSO 2019 exams are available in PDF format, applicable for both NSO level 1 and 2 exams.

Below are the NSO previous year sample papers.

NSO Sample Papers PDF for Classes 1 to 12
NSO 2018 Sample Papers NSO 2019 Sample Papers
NSO Sample Papers for Class 1 NSO Sample Paper for Class 1
NSO Sample Papers for Class 2 NSO Sample Paper for Class 2
NSO Sample Papers for Class 3 NSO Sample Paper for Class 3
NSO Sample Papers for Class 4 NSO Sample Paper for Class 4
NSO Sample Papers for Class 5 NSO Sample Paper for Class 5
NSO Sample Papers for Class 6 NSO Sample Paper for Class 6
NSO Sample Papers for Class 7 NSO Sample Paper for Class 7
NSO Sample Papers for Class 8 NSO Sample Paper for Class 8
NSO Sample Papers for Class 9 NSO Sample Paper for Class 9
NSO Sample Papers for Class 10 NSO Sample Paper for Class 10
NSO Sample Papers for Class 11 NSO Sample Paper for Class 11
NSO Sample Papers for Class 12 NSO Sample Paper for Class 12

NSO Preparation Tips and Tricks

The student must solve the SOF NSO model test paper or prepare using NSO reference books or worksheets to get exams like temperament and good Olympiad scores.

Here are a few tips to speed up the preparation and spend more time practising sample papers.

  • Start with analyzing the exam pattern of the corresponding class and go through the syllabus.
  • Under the three sections, logical, science, and achiever's, students need more preparation time for the Science section and more practice time for the logical and achiever section.
  • Divide your day into two half and spend equal time for both preparation and practice.
  • At the beginning of preparation, take the unit-wise mock test followed by the section-wise mock test.
  • The questions test the logical and observational skills of the students instead of conceptual knowledge. There will be no direct questions, so practice more tricky questions.
  • SOF provides practice books to all registered students that contain a syllabus and model test papers; solve questions from the booklet and identify the areas that demand extra attention.
  • Many students with consistent effort and practice managed to have a good rank in SOF-NSO every year.

The candidate can get the SOF NSO sample paper from the official website or refer to other reference books as it is readily available.

  • The student can check the SOF website for important updates regarding the exam.
  • The student must download the NSO admit card once it is released.

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