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IAIS Digital Technologies Syllabus 2022

Exams conducted by Macmillan Education are contrasting to what most other Olympiads conduct. The exams are a systemic study rather than competitive and help students to assess their skills in digital areas.
IAIS Digital Technology Syllabus

IAIS Digital Technology 2022 Syllabus

These skills areas vary from subject to subject. Skill areas for IAIS Digital Techechologies are given below.

  • Databases
  • Graphics and multimedia
  • Internet use and email programs
  • Networks and other communication systems
  • Operating systems and computer hardware
  • Programming
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word processing

IAIS Digital Tech 2022 Skill Areas

Subject areas where students are tested are given below. The difficulty and the depth of questioning for each area vary for different classes.

  • Digital systems: it includes operating systems, data representation, and cloud computing.

  • Basic and advanced operations and formatting in word processing, use of tables, style sheets, animations, and referencing.

  • Presentations, integrated multimedia, and data visualization.

  • Use of search engines, emails, web design, social media, online collaborative projects, the application of social and ethical protocols, and practices in the use of digital technologies.

  • Use of operations to maintain and manage data & databases.

  • Multiple programming principles, including pseudocode, algorithms, flowcharts, and block-based coding.

  • The level of questions will vary for each class.

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