Doctor of Medicine [DM](Cardiology) Subjects:

The job scopes for this course are abundant and demanding owing to the greater demand skilled. The Doctor of Medicine [MD] (Cardiology) Jobs are abundant owing to major increase in the number of technologies. The subjects that are followed in the curriculum of this course which is commonly adopted by all the universities are listed below:

Year 1


Coronary artery disease

Systematic disease involving heart

Rheumatic heart disease

Heart muscle disease

Congenital heart disease

Traumatic heart disease

Pericardial disease


Heart failure

Geriatric heart disease

Peripheral vascular disorders

General anesthesia

Pulmonary hypertension

Pregnancy and heart disease


Year ll

Year lll


Experience in cardiac Catheterization


Right left heart path coronary angiography

Stress Testing

Temporary pacemaker insertion

Holter monitoring

Various interventions including valvuloplasty




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