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Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2023

The college provides a good 'college life experience' to its students. Classes usually start from 8 am or 9 am, hustling, with many interactions and working on assignments and projects. The faculty is, again is supportive and friendly.


The academic cell has numerous clubs. All of the 21 clubs are divided into 'Academic cell' & 'Non-Academic clubs'

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2023

SCMS, Noida promotes value-based and ethical learning. Its academic curriculum is excellent and up to date and it is worth doing BBA from SCMS, Noida. It teaches you the real meaning and significance of professionalism and also helps you become one. It gives equal importance to the non-academic area and is designed in such a way that all the theoretical knowledge is applied in such activities.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2023
  • Students at the SCMS Noida receive industrial exposure through a blended method of assessment that includes both written and practical/research examinations.
  • The teaching quality and methods are excellent.

  • The college has 21 clubs divided into two verticals.
    • Academic cell: These clubs are specialization-centric; they include the marketing club, HR club, international business club, business analytics club, and finance club.
    • Non-Academic clubs: This cell includes all the extracurricular societies like dance, music, sports and theatre society.
    • Other clubs include enactus, Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR), E-cell, MUN, and debate club.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2023
  • We have classes from 9:30 to 3:30. Each class is for 1 hour with half an hour lunch break.
  • We are given a lot of assignments and vivas every day, which keeps us quite busy.
  • The teachers are dignified and experienced. They provide quality education to their students and teach us in a practical approach.
  • Overall experience is pretty good, though because of Covid, we currently have online classes.

  • There are a lot of student societies.
  • There are SAC clubs and non-SAC clubs.
  • There are educational clubs like marketing, hr, finance, international business, etc., and extracurricular clubs like kirdaar, symbeats, elan that offer students holistic growth and development.
  • The main festival is symaroh which is celebrated hugely.
  • Some other popular fests include bizcoin, annual sports meet and many more.
  • In general, college life is pretty awesome, full of surprises, excitement and fun.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2023
  • The class timings are between 9:30-4:40. The projects and assignments are a regular part of our curriculum, and the exams are held at the end of each semester.
  • The teachers are mostly PhD holders and are experienced in their area of teaching.
  • The overall experience depends upon your expectations and input from the college.

  • There are plenty of student clubs and cells on the campus. Each club or cell plays a key role, but sometimes it gets difficult to make your place in a cell or club due to several factors.
  • The main festivals and events are- business fest, MUN, debate and cultural fest.
  • College life is decent and is generic. If you find good friends, then you will love it. Otherwise, it can get boring for you, but the curriculum and projects will keep you busy and help you develop.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2023

Most classes go from 9:30 to 3:30. We are given many experiential projects to better understand the subjects and get exposure to corporate life. Even assignments are mostly on interesting topics. Exams happen term-wise. But teachers take many internal tests for evaluation. The quality and method of teaching is very simple and nice. Best for any student to grasp everything.


The clubs are divided into two categories academic and non-academic clubs. The further academic club has a marketing club, analytics club, finance club. The non-academic club has a dance, drama, music, arts and organizing committee. There are three more cells, placement cell, internationalization cell and PR cell, directly under the director's supervision.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2023

Classes start at about 9 pm. Each lecture is for about 60 mins. The number of classes per day depends on your specializations. Assignments and group projects are also given during the semester.
The teachers are very supportive and cater to all the needs of the students.


There are many academic and non-academic clubs like photography, mun, debate etc.
College Life is great! Festivals and events are conducted too.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Marketing), batch of 2021

The curriculum is just lovable; academically, it's awesome. I learned a lot here. There are many extracurricular events that help get a good bigger perspective of the business world/ corporate/ start-ups.


There are many clubs if you ever wish to join one. No lack of opportunities at all in this case. From creativity to IT skills and from Entrepreneurship to Library Club, everything is great.

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2023

SCMS Noida has a very well-structured and planned curriculum to prepare students for real-life-like scenarios in the corporate world. 

  • Regular and interesting assignments.
  • Softwares for evaluation and tracking students' performance
  • The faculty is very experienced and is available for you every time you need them.



The college has many clubs, ranging from Academic to Non-Academic Clubs and From Enactus To PR Cell.

  • Clubs have proper procedures for the intake of the students.
  • Clubs are very active and have proper functioning procedures.
  • Students get a lot of exposure through clubs.


Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA], batch of 2023

The classes have a proper schedule. Teachers are very helpful and ensure that all our doubts are clear. The quality of teaching is wonderful. The teacher uses various presentations and videos to explain the concept. Also, the project work given gives students a good insight and exposure to the corporate world.


College life is amazing. There are various academic and non-academic clubs and societies in college in which students can participate. These clubs and societies help students gain new skills and provide them good exposure and helps in their holistic development.

About Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies [SCMS] Noida

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida, an off campus institute of Symbiosis International University, Pune began its operations in December 2010. Based in the National Capital Region, it facilitates in imparting of quality management education at the undergraduate level for the convenience of students of North India.Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies will be a globally respected institute that lays a strong foundation in management education thereby developing managers who are committed to excellence in their chosen path without compromising on moral values.


Promoting international understanding through quality education.


  • To inculcate spirit of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' (the world is one family)
  • To contribute towards knowledge generation and dissemination
  • To promote ethical and value-based learning
  • To foster the spirit of national development
  • To inculcate cross cultural sensitisation
  • To develop global competencies amongst students
  • To nurture creativity and encourage entrepreneurship
  • To enhance employability and contribute to human resource development
  • To promote health and wellness amongst students, staff & community
  • To instill sensitivity amongst the youth towards the community and environment
  • To produce thought provoking leaders for the society

Infrastructure :-

Symbiosis Noida is spread over 10 acres of land in a prime location of Noida and known for its endeavour in providing quality management education. The state-of-art infrastructure, with its LCD equipped spacious lecture halls and enriched library ensures proper learning environment.

Wi-fi enabled Campus

The campus is Wi-fi enabled which caters to the growing technological needs of the students.


The institute has spacious classrooms each fitted with LCD projectors, overhead projectors, the facility

The campus has a well-established training and placement cell for proving the job opportunity to the eligible students. Campus invites many reputed recruiters every year for the campus recruitment.

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