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The college is spread over 25 acres of fully developed institutional land of Rajasthan Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) at the foothills of Aravali. The institute is strategically located in an area where large number of national and multinational industries are already in existence. The campus has been planned to provide all the facilities required for the overall development of the student. The campus has been aesthetically divided into academic area, playgrounds and residential area. The neatly laid out roads lawns/ parks and the state of the art well equipped laboratories & library provide a conducive environment for teaching-learning. The campus has residential facilities for both the students and the staff. The college has more than 3.0 lakh sq. ft. covered area. The other infrastructural facilities include Bank with ATM facility, Dispensary, canteen, stationery & general store with PCO & STD facility.


SMEC has well furnished lodging facilities for a total of 600 boys (4 Hostels) and 150 girls (3Hostels) on the campus. The hostels are supported by common room on each floor having facility of T.V., music system, magazines and newspapers. STD – PCO, canteen and provision store facilities are also available.
First year students stay in separate hostel to have a feeling of homely & comfortable environment. It is a Home away from Home which is essential for academic pursuits.
To keep fast track & interaction with the students, a three tier arrangements is provided viz. a Mentor for every 30-40 students, by a Hostel warden/ supervisor and finally a security officer.There are three excellent messes: 2 Boys and 1 girl. They provide pure vegetarian, nourishing and variety of meals under hygienic condition on the campus. They are managed & supervised by a person who is having an experience of more than 20 years in Five Star Hotel.

Innovation Centre

This is the place where students convert their ideas and imagination into reality. Here the students develop different projects under the guidance of the expert faculty. These projects are presented at college as well as in other technical institutions. The institute has been awarded for this work at many levels. Few projects developed at the innovation centre are as.
Parallel Port based Robot:-Robotics is the latest technology of this era. According to the scientists the robots will be able to approximate human like intelligence in the first half of the 21st century. The institute's centre has moved a step in field of robotics and developed a robot. This robot is able to move in a direction specified by them. The future enhancement of the project is , some humans are already cyborg with some body parts and even parts of the nervous system replaced by artificial analogues, such as pacemakers and artificial retinas (Now in clinical traits).
FM-A mode of fast communication with mobile features:-This project was also developed by the innovation center and it was short listed by a panel of judges consisting of eminent academics and industry leaders for Motorola Scholar Award for the year 2006-07 sponsored by Motorola foundation. This project highlighted the need that if FM used for Mobile communication the institute can get better services, less disturbance and save great power.


Library is the nerve centre of the college located at the centre of the academic blocks. Constructed in two floors interconnected and fully air-conditioned having an area of 7325 sq. ft. it has a seating capacity of over 200 students at present. The institute has 2833 titles and 23144 no. of volumes in their library. In addition to this it subscribes to 100 (63 — National and 37—International) printed Journals and 19 Magazines and 07 Newspapers. Every year more than 4000 volumes are being added in the library.
Library is not just a provider of text books to students for their routine studies. Library is a reservoir of various sources of information and knowledge and students should utilize library as a source of additional information. Students are motivated to cultivate the habit of studying in the library during library hours instead of leaving the college soon after their class hours.
The College Library provides access to high quality information resources in all forms to the faculty, students and staff in support of their teaching and learning process. The Library is a member of DELNET and provides web access to 95,49,156 records of Books, Periodicals, Theses, Dissertations with locational data and document delivery facility at the national level to the students and faculty. In it's future plan the institute plans to obtain membership of INDEST c-journal consortium started by Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.
The library provides Internet service to users so that they can go global & seek latest over the desktop. Photocopying facility in the library exists The library is divided into textbook section, the reference section, the journal & periodical section, and the Newspaper & magazine section. It also encapsulates the book bank. Books can be loaned from both the general section (Text book section) as well as from the Book Bank


‘State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur Branch is on the campus with A.T.M facility for the convenience of students.

Health Care

On campus a well-equipped dispensary attended by qualified doctors from KHUSHI Hospital with whom the college has signed an MOU whereby the doctors of KHUSHI visit the college regularly and 50% concession is provided on all pathological tests and other medical aids.. Ambulance is also available to take the students to nearby hospitals in case of emergency.


The college has a fleet of buses to transport the students from nearby places like Rewari, Bhiwadi, Shahjahanpur, Narnaul.
Transport facility will be extended to Delhi and Gurgaon.


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