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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Engineering [BE], batch of 2018

There is total of 25 hostels in the campus including the girls and boys hostels together. Hostels are pretty good, all type of facilities are provided. The hostel fees are INR 50000 for every year. PGs for students which are outside the college is not so good as this place is not really a city where we can get a lot of PG's. Foods in the mess are below average, only on Sundays we get good food. The food cost is INR 40 per meal in the mess. Our Classrooms are average, libraries are good until u give their books on time.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2018
  • The hostel fee at Sinhgad Institute of Technology is Rs. 48,000 pa.
  • The quality of hostels is good.
  • PG are available and it cost Rs. 10,000/-per month.
  • The quality of food is good and it cost Rs. 25,000/- .
  • The quality classroom are good and college infrastructure is also good.

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Computer Science), batch of 2016
  • Hostel are plenty they are great and location is beautiful but is quite disconnected from city of pune.
  • WiFi of Sinhgad Institute of Technology is poor so is the internet connectivity of leading telecom companies.
  • Hostel cost 48,000 a year including food.
  • You can get room outside but it needs vehicle and more money.

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Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavala Infrastructure Details


Hostel Facility: 

  • Fully furnished hostel facility for 500 boys and 200 girls is provided on the campus. The campus is Wi-Fi connected including hostel rooms, corridor, Canteen and cafeteria. The room has incoming telephone call facility.
  • Medical facilities and Laundry facilities are also provided in Hostels.

Canteen And Boarding

  • Hygienically prepared food provided at economical rates. Separate canteens have been provided for boys and girls.
  • There are also Cafeteria, fast food centre and fruit juice outlets serving snacks and refreshments

Water Treatment Plant:

  • As drinking water plays an important role in maintaining the health life of the students and staff, hygienic and purified water is supplied by the Society’s own water treatment plant to the entire campus.
  • The quality and the contents of this purified water is officially tested on regular basis.

Campus Clinic:

  • In addition to campus clinic at the hostel, SKN General Hospital with quality medical staff who gives regular medical services is also available in Narhe campus. STES has an agreement with a reputed hospital in the city for the emergency requirement.
  • Medical tests, Medicines, Surgical Procedures and all type of consultation are available at SKN General Hospital free of cost to the patient. Patients are also provided with two wholesome meals every day of stay in the hospital without any cost.

Generator Backup:

  • The entire campus of the Institute is provided with 125 KVA generators backup which includes SITS college buildings, Boys and Girls Hostels and Staff Quarters. This facilitates continuous uninterrupted power supply avoiding any inconvenience to the students during the performance of practicals or during the examination period.
  • The computers on the campus are backed by 6 KVA online UPS individually in each lab.

Campus-Wide Wifi:

  • The campus is connected to world wide web network through Wi-Fi connectivity not only in the hostel building but also in all open spaces including cafeteria, corridors and mess. Individual student’s login has been given to give them free storage at server wherein they can take the backup of their day to day data/ program files. This gives a lot of flexibility to the students and their physical location becomes immaterial to carry out the completion of their assignments.

Sports Centre: 

  • The campus has already developed an international standard sports complex for indoor and outdoor games like badminton, Swimming, chess, carom, table tennis, cricket, basketball, football, hockey etc. the swimming pool facility with separate timings for ladies and gents.


  • The campus is easily accessible by road from Narhe district located on Sinhgad road. PMT bus services are also available from major locations in the city. Auto rickshaws are also available to reach the campus.


  • There is nationalized bank like Bank of Maharashtra for the financial transaction. The campus also has ATM facility.

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