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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Saikiran chowdary
Saikiran chowdary
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2016
  • Infrastructure of the library, classrooms are good at RISE Gandhi Group of Institutions

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2015
  • Two hostels are there at RISEGGI for boys and girls,
  • The hostel fee is INR 20000 and the cost per meal is INR 40
  • Infrastructure is good

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RISE Gandhi Group of Institutions, [RISEGGI] Prakasam Infrastructure Details


  • Cultural Activities

  • Sports Activities

  • Seminars

  • Industrial Visits


The RISE libraries are repositories of the world class scholarship and they do help the students in enriching their abilities and worth. They constitute a new world with a difference. The text-books, reference-books, magazines and journals here, are sure to become the best companions of the students providing them with much needed impetus of academic gain. The digital library under designing is going to be a novel world with the most advanced facilities of technological learning.

Digital Library

A digital library is also maintained in RISE apart from the traditional library. It is an online archive of useful software, books and tutorials. Students can download any permitted software from this resource. There are many textbooks and reference books available in the digital format as well. Many lectures have also been recorded and are available online for students' use.

  • The library has the collection of more than 10,000 books including all the branches

  • It also subscribes to national and international journals

Computer Lab - Computer Assisted Learning (CAI)

Research results show that student performance is increased and student learning time is reduced when computers are used in teaching and learning. Computer programs designed to teach are usually divided into three categories: drill and practice, tutorial, and programs that simulate an event or process. The user gets continuous and immediate feedback from the computer. Learning occurs at a rate that is individualized and controlled by the student.

Internet Access:

Wi - Fi Internet facility with the speed of 12 Mbps is available to the RISE students 24x7.


The labs have 540 PC's, with Windows 98 and Windows XP, and one Linux server. PC scanners, Laser printers and LCD Projectors form the basis for an effective professional atmosphere of learning.

Computer Programs / Software

The RISE Groups are proud to be the members of the MSDNAA where our students can download all the software of Microsoft freely. A wide variety of computer programs are available including word processing, spreadsheets, graphics and numerous others that support course work. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox is used to access the Internet.


The RISE campuses have hostel facility for the students with in the campuses. Elderly and experienced personalities are given the task of caring for the inmates and making them feel at home. In care, the RISE campuses are next only to the parents. The food is prepared and served with greater care and devotion.

The facilities in the campus hostels are conducive to all the inmates to reach the apex point of health, success and satisfaction. Spacious, attractive, well-planned and aerated hostel rooms are helpful for the comfortable stay in the hostel and satisfactory learning process.

Supervising study hours are conducted to give necessary impetus for the progressive learning.

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