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B.F.A (Applied Arts), batch of 2017
       The college has a very small campus. It consists of a single floored building with a small outdoor canteen. The rooms alloted for each course are as per their requirement. There are two libraries;one is common for all and the other is for only fine and applied art courses. There is internet facility provided in the library but no wifi is there. There is a small auditorium as well with the required facilities. Each floor has different courses where some courses have a single room. As per the fees the college facilities need improvement. The interior of the college is simple yet creative.The college entrance has a wooden cave like structure with plants around it. A new large screen LCD screen is installed on the ground floor just near the entrance which is used as per the need.         The surrounding consisits of many trees and plants. The college opens directly to the road with a jewellery store on the opposite lane. A big ground is situated on the back side which is used by college for outdoor activities. Adjoining the ground just behind is situated the famous Siddhivinayak Temple. The college has buildings lines on either sides which becomes difficult to search for the college. Parking is also provided for the personal vehicles.          Transportation is easy. As Dadar is a junction so it becomes easy for western as well as central line students. Materials that are needed are easily available with various necessary stores and shops nearby.         

       Opportunities for various internship and jobs depends upon you work. For this to happen your work should different and creative. The college holds annual exhibition to showcase the student's best work to expose them to various companies like Ogilvy & Mather etc. For courses related to dance & music their performances are taken into consideration. The salary structure differs from company to company and the quality of your work.

        Rachana Sansad is a private college. Different courses have different fee structure. The cost of the materials needed during the academics for most of the courses is not included in the fee. The applied art course which I have taken costs 1.75 lakhs per year. Reserve cota students recieve 1/4 of their fee back and only these student are eligible for scolarship. An account in State Bank Of India, Dadar branch is than important criteria for applying for the scolarship. The academics and exam results are taken in to consideration for applying for the scolarship. Educational loan can be taken for the payment of the fee.

        Rachana Sansad was founded in 1960 by three young architects ;Prof.S.H.Wandrekar,Prof.C.K.Gumaste and Shri V.G.Mhatre. This college has promoted education in the fields of Arts ,Architecture ,Building Technology and other allied disciplines which now has become a progressive educational entity by blending many other institutions as well.         The college logo consists of 'a banyan tree'. It stands for vigor strength and magnanimity. its colossal presence is alive,strongly deep rooted and generously branched.         This college is different from any other normal college. It makes you feel at home. Student-teacher relation is very much friendly. Students are offered secure and intellectual environment. More freedom is given to you as well to your thoughts which is a differnt experience all together.         The college consisiting of only a single seven floored building and a small area around has many courses to give away. Which are... UNDER GRADUATE COURSES B.Arch. Course-Mumbai University Degree-Aided Academy of Architecture;5 years full time course. B.Arch. Course-Mumbai University Degree Academy of Architecture;5 years full time course. B.F.A.Applied Art and Craft-Mumbai University Degree School of Applied Art and Craft;4 years full time course. B.Sc.In Interior Design-Y.C.M.O.U.(Nashik) Degree School of Interior Design;3 years course. B.Sc.In Fashion & Interior Design-Y.C.M.O.U.(Nashik) Degree School of Fashion & Textile Design;3 years part time course. Degree in Fine Arts-Y.C.M.O.U.(Nashik) Academy of Fine Art;4 years full time course. POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA M.Arch.In Environment Arch. YCMOU(Nashik) Institute of Environment Arch.;2 years course. M.Arch.In Construction Management YCMOU(Nashik) Project Management Institute;2 years course. M.Arch.In Architecture- YCMOU(Nashik) Institute of Urban & Regionsl Planning;2 years part time course. M.Arch. / M.Sc.In Urban & Regional Planning-YCMOU(Nashik) Institute of Urban & Regional Planning;2 years course. SHORT TERM COURSES Diploma Course in Photography-Rachana Sansad. Foundation Course in Music & Acting-Rachana Sansad. Diploma in Interior Design-Rachana Sansad. Government Diploma in Fashion & Textile Design-M.S.B.T.E. Certificate Course in Music & Acting. Certificate Course Applied Art & Craft. Government Diploma in Interior Design-M.S.B.T.E. Diploma Course in Music & Acting-Rachana Sansad. Certificate Course in Fine Arts & Craft-Rachana Sansad. Karaoke Certificate Course in Music & Acting-Rachana Sansad. Diploma Course in Acting-Rachana Sansad. P G Diploma Course in Reify Institute of Event Management-Rachana Sansad. Certificate Course in Graphology-Rachana Sansad & POwer of Handwriting. Certificate Course in Reify Institute of Event Management-Rachana Sansad. Diploma in Digital Film MAking-Rachana Sansad. Certificate Course in Sound Engineering & Music Production-Rachana Sansad & Rikskonsertene Concerts Norway. Diploma/Certificate Course in Performing Arts Indian Classical Dance-Rachana Sansad & Brahmnaad Arts & Performing Academy.         Rachana Sansad has being winning several prices and awards in national and international competition year after year. The academy of architecture has won"Le Corbusier" trophy at NASA, on being selescted as the 'Best College Of Architecture' in India. It has also won many 'Gold Medals' in other educational disciplines.

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