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Mani Pudhiyavan
Mani Pudhiyavan
Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering), batch of 2017
  • There are two hostels  available at PSV at Rs.30,000 per month for hostel fees.
  • For PG's, it costs around Rs.40,000 per annum.
  • It costs Rs.35 for a meal in our college canteen.
  • The quality of classes are amazing super but there is no free wifi.


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PSV College of Engineering and Technology, [PSVCET] Krishnagiri Infrastructure Details



Residential students are housed in single-gender hostels where they benefit from the availability of extra-curricular enrichment activities such as yoga, sports and study facilities.  Their stay in the hostel enables them to in fuse a holistic lifestyle.  The spotlessly maintained and spacious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dining halls in the hostels serve wholesome nutritious food.  PSV attaches great importance to the nature of lifestyle is the campus.  Tobacco, in any form and other into incants are strictly prohibited.  There are two gyms in the campus equipped with up ride- bicycle and 6 in multi-gym.

Each hostel has a separate sports room.  A general store caters to the stationary and other requirements like domes tie goods, toiletry, provisions, note books etc.  The amenities stall houses photocopying facility and STD booth. Separate Hostel facilities are available for Boys and Girls. The Hostel provides accommodation for all the needy students. The rooms are furnished with Table, Chair, Cot and Fan. A Committee consisting of the following personnel manages the Hostel.

  • Warden.
  • Dy. Warden.
  • Asst. Warden.
  • Residential Tutors.

The College has built separate Hostel for Boys and Girls. More than 500 Students are accommodated. The rooms are furnished for single bed, double bed, three bed or dormitory type occupancy from economy to delux suite to make it affordable to every section of the society. Each hostel room has common facilities for indoor games, reading rooms, audio, video and medical facilities.

Following types of accommodation are available

A – type with 4 beds

B – type with 3 beds

C – type with 2 beds

D – type, Dormitory type accommodation for 15 students belonging to economically weaker section.

Ladies Hostel

The Ladies Hostel has 70 rooms and can accommodate 200 students on two bed and three bed sharing basis. The mess charges will be on sharing basis. Every effort is made to keep the bill at affordable level, with the cooperation of student in avoiding wastage use of water economically, etc. The stress is on providing hygienically prepared food. The Centralized Kitchen uses steam and gas for cooking. The Kitchen is equipped with modern cooking equipment and gadgets for preparation of dough’s, chutneys, cutting of vegetables, etc.


The library is situated in a spacious building laid out functionally and comfortably.  It houses over 14000  hard and soft volumes.  CD-ROMS etc.  The library subscribes to 120  National and international journals in hard form.  The library has computerized the whole spectrum of information and housekeeping operations.  The bar code system is used for books circulation with biometrics bar-coded ID cards and scanners.  A part from the central library each Department has a separate library with good collection of books.


  • A modern Digital Library with a high-speed internet access.

  • Separate sections for Book Bank, Periodicals, Back volumes, Reference Materials and Project Materials are provided.

  • Reprographic facilities such as Photocopier, Printer and CD Writers.

  • DDC coding, Magnetic Scanner, Bar Coding facilities enable the user for faster accessing the Library.

  • A tie-up with IIT, Madras is established for enhancement.

  • PAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility makes book searches easier with various options such as Title, Title/Author, Keyword(s) and     Subject(s).

  • Audio Visual Section is also available.

  • A student database is created with the total number of students on the rolls. When new admissions are made their names are included and when a student completes the course or leaves the college for any other reason, the name is removed from the database and the membership deleted, after checking for any dues.

  • A staff database is also created for all the staff. Each student and member of the staff is issued a Library card with unique number, which is the students roll number and staff code number. The colour scheme for both students and staff membership is kept different for easy identification.

Book Bank:

For the benefit of students from economically weaker sections, especially SC/ST category, a special section – Book Bank – consisting of books donated by our Alumni is provided. The students are allowed to get the relevant books issued from the Book Bank and retain them for the entire semester.

Library Automation and Computerization:

A Book database is created in the computer and is entered in the accession register as also for the journals / magazines which are updated for any additions or deletions. A student database is created in the computer with the roll numbers, student name, and number of tokens. A staff database is created in the system with name, membership number, token number and department. After the physical segregation of books under various disciplines, the same is carried out in the computer system program with interlinking accession numbers and call numbers. When books are issued, it is also entered in the computer. The member’s number is entered and the accession number of the book or magazine borrowed by the member along with the date of issue and the due date. Book renewal can also be done in the same way. Books can be retrieved either if the author is known or if the title is known. Books can also be retrieved according to any particular subject since all the available books on that particular subject are also displayed. Both the Libraries have separate sections for old periodicals and magazines. A separate section is maintained for department project work thesis.

Maintenance of Stock:

After every academic year a detailed stock verification is carried out to ascertain the list of books lost and /or damaged. The books that are damaged are reclaimed by binding. Books lost are listed out and brought under “Missing” category.

Project Corner:

Project work undertaken by the students as a part of their curriculum and also undertaken by faculties and completed successfully are kept in separate shelf with proper identification.

Audio Visual Facility: 

Computers are made available to the students in the Llibraries for reading the CD’s.

Reprographic Facility: 

Library is provided with 2 Xerox machines. A nominal charge shall be collected for using the same.

Local Area Network Facility: 

The Library has LAN facility. Through this, the, Library software can be accessed by the students from the server.

Wide Area Network Facility: 

Our college has WAN facility. By using this, books availability in the library can be known from each department.

Internet Facility: 

Library is provided with internet facility at the speed of 2 Mbps.

Audio / Visual Facility: 

Library has a separate section for audio visual facility.

Internet Facility

The College Computing Center offers computing facility to all the students and faculty members. The computing resources include servers and workstations. A state-of-the-art campus network with a 20 Mbps Leased line Internet connection offer unlimited access of Internet for the students and staff round the clock, for their educational and research needs.

The Computing Center provides e-mail services to the entire Faculty Members. The Computing Center with a total floor area of 20000 sq.ft houses 6 Computer laboratories with adequate uninterrupted power supply. The PSV campus LAN interconnecting about 500 computers serve the desktop needs of the students, faculty, and the administrative staff of the College. Desktops in the campus include, Windows XP, LINUX, Pentium (Dual Core and Core 2 duo, i3, i7) etc.

In addition to the above computing facility at the educational campus, about 15 computers cater to the needs of the students at the hostels, facilitating them to work on the computers late into the night.

Fact File – Computing Center

  • Computer Technology Center
  • Number of Servers – 7
  • Number of Workstations – 650
  • Number of Workstations (Hostel) – 20
  • Internet Connectivity – WI-FI 8 Mbps
  • WiFi Access Points – 10 Nos.
  • UPS & Genset
  • LAN Connection – Throughout The Campus


A full fledged Transport department functions in the college with buses to provide transport facility to students and staff from various places. This service is offered ensuring a hassle-free and safe transportation. The College runs 10 buses for providing transport facility to students from various places in the city. The number of buses will be increased corresponding to the increase in the intake of students.


The auditorium with state-of-the-art multimedia system. It is frequently used for presentations, seminars, fests, events of the college. The College Auditorium has a fixed stage and can accommodate thousands of audience comfortably. Auditorium is a multi-use concert hall with wonderful acoustics and a warm and welcoming ambience. It is a perfect venue for musical, dance, theatre and film performances, as well as lectures, conferences and graduations.


We, In P.S.V College of Engineering & Technology have separate canteen within the premises for the students and faculty members to serve hygienically prepared food to the staff and students. A subsidized pay canteen is also operative in the campus. This can provide food for more than 500 people at a time. A separate queue and seating arrangement for boys and girls are arranged in the canteen.

The College has a spacious and airy Canteen. It provides a variety of wholesome, tasty snacks and food at a reasonable price. The Canteen also provides packaged snacks items, bakery products, soft drinks to the taste and requirements of not only the students but also the staff members.  A Co-operative Store is available next to the Canteen. It satisfies all the cosmetic, stationery, and other academic needs of the students.

  • Rest room facility is extended to dayscholars.

  • Separate lunch rooms are available for dayscholar boys and girls.

  • The canteen serves the students, the day scholars and visitors.

  • The canteen is run on self-help principle.

  • Canteen provides A-La-Carte cuisine for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

  • Separate dining rooms are available for boys and girls.

  • The canteen works from 7.30 AM to 7.30 PM.

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