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National Research Centre on Equines is a premier institute established under the aegis of Indian Council of Agricultural Research for conducting research on equine health and production. 

The importance of equines in India is well known. India possesses 1.17 million equines. Major population of equidae comprising donkeys, mules and ponies that provide livelihood to the rural societies living in arid, semi-arid and hilly regions, specially in the foot hills of Himalayas, through transport and draught where as remaining small population of equines is used in army, police, border security force, racing industry and sports. 

Derisory equine health support available in the past in the country caused considerable catastrophic effect on the equine production programmes that necessitated the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) for the establishment of a premier species oriented institute exclusively for development of equines in India. National Research Centre on Equines (NRCE) was established during 7th five-year plan under the aegis of ICAR for research on equine health and production considering the importance of equine in India. 

After the initial joining of the Project Director at ICAR headquarter on 26th November 1985, the Centre became operational at Hisar on 7th Jan. 1986 for conducting researches and for providing effective health coverage for equines. A sub-campus at Bikaner, Rajasthan was created during 1989 for conducting researches for improving the technologies for optimization of reproduction and work performance of the equines. The Centre has the responsibility on generation of technologies for augmenting equine performance in order to uplift the socio-economic status of poor equine owners. 

Why To Joinnational Research Centre On Equines [NRCE] ?

  • Research Programmes-Currently, the Centre is undertaking 24 research projects in leading areas of equine health and production including 9 externally funded  projects for research on surveillance and monitoring of important equine diseases and aims at development of effective, affordable and preferably field based diagnostics against major equine diseases threatening equine health and production in India.
  • International Exposure-The Centre is in process of attaining OIE International Reference Laboratory status in the field of equine piroplasmosis, equine influenza and glanders by the process of twinning with international laboratories in Japan, UK and Germany.

Facts & Figures :-

Year of Establishment 1986
University Type Autonomous
Director of the Institute Dr.. B.N. Tripathi
Approval ICAR
Institutes Under National Research Centre on Equines [NRCE] 1
Total Faculty Members 28
Total Books 850
How to Reach 2 kms away from Sirsa Railway Station

For more details about admission please contact :-

E-mail -
Ph. - +91-1662-275787, 276748, 276151, 275114
Fax - +91-1662-276217 

Facilities :-


Laboratory-cum-Administrative Building and residential accommodation for the staff have been created in 1992. Well equipped laboratories are available for research and development on equine health and production at the Centre, which include facilities for: .

1. Equine Viral Disease Research
2. Equine Bacterial Disease Research
3. Equine Immunology Research
4. Equine Pathology Research
5. Equine Parasitic Disease Research
6. Equine Medicine Research
7. Equine Biochemistry & Biotechnology Research
8. Equ



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