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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Rourkela

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Metallurgical Engineering), batch of 2017

There are 11 hostels in our campus. 2 for girls and 8 for boys and 2 for married couples. The hostel fee varies from each hostel and it may costs of 5 to 6k per semester. Food is average in hostel( not so yummy especially if you are from south) and mess fee varies from 12 to 15k per semester. 1st year theory classes will be held in huge lecture avenue (LA)halls.(some labs will be held in LA while rest will be held in department). From second year all the classes and labs will be held in their respective department(mostly). NIT Rourkela has best library with large number of collections and volumes provided with central AC facility.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech], batch of 2018

There are 10 hostels of which 2 are girls, 1 for Ph.D. married students and 7 boys hostels of which 2hostels are for freshers to keep them away from seniors ragging .hostel fee is around 12k per semester i.e. for 4 months. Every student must stay in campus hostels only. Food is a bit negative in our college it costs 40rs per meal .which is already paid in the fee itself. Dining Halls are very big that accommodate around 300 ppl once. We have different blocks for different departments.labs are fully equipped.Best hands-on experience in labs.LAN ports are available in every room I'm the hostel. The Internet is provided only from evening 5:15 pm to morning 8 am with a speed 2mbps. Wifi is provided in departments.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2012
  • There are 10 hostels so far in National Institute of Technology ( one for married students, two for girls and rest for boys) with good facilities with a common room with television, indoor games room, a study room.
  • Few hostels also have Gym rooms and music rooms.
  • Each hostel has a mess attached to it along with a day and night canteen. 

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Master of Technology [M.Tech] Reviews

krushnendu sundar
Krushnendu sundar
Master of Technology [M.Tech] (VLSI Design & Embedded System), batch of 2019

*We are having 10 boys hostels and 2 girls hostels. Hostel fees are included in the semester fees. Mainly students from local area can stay outside but college doesn't allow staying outside. Here hostels are like homes. Quality of class is very nice. Food also good, specially ECE department lab are excellent and we do have some industrial tools like cadence, synopsis, mentor graphics. * This is the second largest campus after IIT-KGP.

Master of Technology [M.Tech], batch of 2016
  • It has one of the largest campus in this Country, Which also includes Asia's 2nd largest hostel. Fee broadband landline connection is provided in each room of hostel.

Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Computer Science and Engineering), batch of 2016
  • Infrastructure is very awesome you can see the infrastructure snaps on google and on its official website. It has india 2nd largest campus with very good infrastructure. Almost every playing facility is available for you. 

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Bachelor of Architecture [B.Arch] Reviews

Bachelor of Architecture [B.Arch.], batch of 2019

There are separate hostels are available for the boys and girls which cost INR 5,000 per months and the food available in the mess is good and costs 11,000 per month and quality of classrooms, libraries and labs are good and equipped with WIFI.

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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Technology [M.Tech] Reviews

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] + Master of Technology [M.Tech] (Electrical Engineering), batch of 2017
  • All classes and lab are having the good infrastructure at National Institute of Technology, all computer labs are well maintained.
  • In-library also there are many books related to your branch are available for the students.

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Master of Science [M.Sc] Reviews

Master of Science [M.Sc], batch of 2016
  • There are 12 boys and two girls hostels. There are available at Rs 2000 per semester
  • Nice quality of food available at INR 45 per meal
  • Good quality of classroom 

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National Institute of Technology, [NIT] Rourkela Infrastructure Details

National Institute of Technology - NIT Rourkela has a wide radius of campus spread over 647.4 acres. NIT has the vision to spread and advance the knowledge of students in the arena of science and technology which will lead the country to a pinnacle and welfare of societies. NIT takes every measure to provide means of education and accommodation of students as well as they look after the requirements as well.

NIT Campus Highlights

NIT is acknowledged for its huge campus, library, cultural events, residential facilities, etc in India. Some of the highlighting features of the NIT campus are listed below.

  • NIT has a wide range of opportunities for students to explore different areas of science where the institute organises workshops, seminars, conferences, publication and patents, sponsored research and many more programmes.
  • NIT looks after and organises the inter and intra institute competitions to boost up the confidence in students.
  • This institute also has many clubs for students who have a keen interest in dancing, singing, enactment, debate etc.
  •  Many sports are available as well as sports competitions held by this institute in a year and allow students to participate at the district, state or national level.
  • Freshers, Convocation, Farewell are organised by the institute to greet students.

NIT Campus Facilities

The NIT has a wide radius of alternatives to meet the needs of the students. Some of these are mentioned below.

Classrooms: NIT has well furnished and digitized classrooms for students.

Library: NIT has vital resources with over 1400 journals, 60,000 volumes, 700 CDs, periodicals and video cassettes. This library also has a digital library for students to access over 1200 video courses available online. Students can make optimum use of the library on a daily basis.

Hostels: NIT provides 9 halls of residences in which 7 are for boys and 2 for girls. Every hostel has its own dining area. Every hall has its own basketball and volleyball grounds for boarders. Hostels have been divided into two categories for students :

  • Boys Hostel: Shared and single rooms are available.
  • Girls Hostel: Shared and Single rooms are available.

Labs: NIT provides labs for students for better understanding and practicals are a must ensure a student is capable enough to manage and practice their work. Following are labs available in NIT:

  • Civil Engineering Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Electrical Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Mechanical Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Biotechnology Lab
  • Microbiology Lab
  • Cell and Molecular Biology Lab
  • Bioseparation Lab

Sports Complex: There is a number of sports available on campus :

  • Badminton Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Cricket Ground
  • Football Ground
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Kabaddi Ground
  • Volleyball Court
  • Table Tennis
  • Hockey stadium

Other facilities 

  • Cafeteria
  • Gym
  • Hospital
  •  Medical Facilities
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Auditorium
  • Convenience Store

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