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Indo Asian Academy Degree College, [IAADC] Bangalore Infrastructure Details


The Indo Asian Academy Group of Instituitions is equipped with ultra modern infrastructure to cater, to the needs of its pupils,aharmonious multi-cultural learning environment, facilities to pursue cultural and artistic interest. Pupils learn to work together, embracing and appreciating each others differences, whether they are hindus, christians, muslims or atheists - "diversity builds strength."The class rooms are very spacious, well ventilated with all amenities viz. OHPs, multimedia Projectors, Multimedia OHPs to make the class room teaching a viable one, enabling the students to discern knowledge, to transform the student's mind, to be content, and happy throughout.


provide numerous computing facilities for its students and faculty. Included in these facilities are two types of computer labs.

Open labs contain networked personal computers, printers, and other computer equipments that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Classroom labs are configured with six to eight feet wide display screens, computer projection systems, and a networked personal computer on every student desk. Scheduled classes have priority in classroom labs. A classroom lab may be utilized as an open lab when no class is in progress.


  • labs are provided with numerous computing facilities with internet connectivity to our students and faculty.

  • labs are fully air-conditioned with state-of-the-art infrastructure and techniques with latest technology coalescing with modern amenities. LCD Projectors, OHPs along with surround sound system to generate and kindle the right spirit among students.


Always drink from fountain of knowledge. It is devoid of any impurity and full of bliss.Three spacious libraries are furnished with a large number of textbooks, reference books by both national and international authors of repute, along with journals and periodicals is available in libraries, i.e., at Innovators, Intellectuals andIncredible blocks. A wide range of software applications is available on all our PCs and they are connected via the internet network. State-of-the-art digital library is set to provide the whole gamut of information in all disciplines. Each student can borrow two books at a time for a week. Reference books can be borrowed and used in the library during working hours only.


The college has a fleet of buses to felicitate and facilitate the students from the neighbouring areas, to reach the college on time. Again to students to visit industries, and to hospitals for clinical purposes to the nursing students, etc. The campus is very well connected by the Bangalore Metro Transport Corporation at a minimal cost.


Learn to enjoy and cherish the purpose for which you have come and go back home with a smile of contentment and fructuous reminiscences,have exquisite hostels separately for boys and girls in a salubrious environment where securities are placed to safeguard the inmates.The warden takes care with all acumen.In case of serious ailments, on the advice of the doctor, we provide assistance for admittance in the hospital, timely attention and care.The hospital expenditure in such cases should be borne by the students or their parents.A hygienically cooked food is served and the multi-cuisine specialities are provided depending on the choice of the hostel you choose

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