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IIT Kanpur stands as a beacon of academic excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and research. With a distinguished faculty and a culture that encourages interdisciplinary exploration, it not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures visionary leaders.

GetMyUni's Verdict on IIT Kanpur

Being one of the most elite institutes in the country, the admission process is rather challenging as only the best of the best students get into IIT Kanpur. Therefore, the crowd at the institute is remarkable, with a mixture of academically brilliant and culturally diverse students. The past graduates of the institute have high regard for its overall campus culture and the educational provisions, among others. 

Although the academic and other infrastructure was not as impressive in the past, considered a dry wasteland, the institute has modified its infrastructure to include various premium-level sports facilities and several spaces for the students to indulge in extracurricular activities. The institute is also said to have a family-like atmosphere, which helps the students to settle in and be their authentic selves without any inhibitions.

Needless to say, anybody who graduates from IITK is given great career opportunities. The education provided at the institute is top-notch, with a well-curated curriculum, experienced and highly qualified faculty and the necessary infrastructure to ensure all students have access to the best learning environment. 

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A Diverse Range of Courses and Opportunities

IIT Kanpur offers a wide range of courses in different disciplines, which includes Engineering, Science and Management. Several undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs are available at the institute with different specializations. The institute is regarded as one of the best places for students aspiring to pursue research studies. It provides numerous domains and the necessary facilities for students to reach their full potential. 

IIT Kanpur Classroom

Among the myriad programs offered by IITK, the primary courses are Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Master of Technology (M.Tech) and PhD programs available in various Engineering fields. As per the reports from the students, there is no specific branch that is better than the other. In other words, all the branches are good, and it all depends on the student’s interests.

Nevertheless, the Engineering branches that have had high success rates in the past years are listed below:

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering.

Besides the Engineering programs, the institute also offers various Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) courses in disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, etc. Students who intend to pursue research studies in specialized fields are recommended to join the undergraduate and postgraduate Science programs available at IITK, as these courses form a steady foundation in these fields.

Alongside Science and Engineering disciplines, IITK also provides Management programs, such as Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Executive MBA programs, designed to cultivate leadership qualities in students interested in entering the business world.

IIT Kanpur Lecture

As mentioned above, aspirants have a plethora of opportunities and resources available at the institute to pursue research in various fields. IITK also promotes interdisciplinary learning through its dual degree programs, which help students have the opportunity to combine and explore knowledge from different areas that allow them to be more innovative in their research and projects.

The institute also offers continuing education and short-term courses for working professionals to help them enhance their skills and knowledge without committing full-time. The institute also provides support through funding and resources for students who wish to work on innovative projects, like start-ups.

However, the institute is not the right option for those who have plans to appear for UPSC exams, for IAS, IPS, etc., as the curriculums at the institute are incredibly demanding with rigorous syllabus, assignments, projects and other academic activities. Ultimately, the courses are allotted to students based on their marks in the entrance examination and qualifying exam. 

Affordable Course Fees

The tuition fees for the programs offered by the institute are nominal and can be afforded by the students based on their economic status. The average fees for programs like B.Tech, B.Sc, M.Tech and M.Sc are INR 8,00,000, INR 6,00,000, INR 4,00,000, and INR 12,000, respectively.

IIT Kanpur Laboratory

For the doctoral programs, the average fees come up to INR 1,50,000. The course fees at IITK are justifiable as the quality of education here is significantly higher than the other institutes and universities in the country.

Exceptionally Qualified Professors

The faculty members at IIT Kanpur are extremely qualified with top-class degrees from prestigious institutions of the world. Yet, some professors are better teachers than others, who are dedicated to ensuring the students are equipped with the required knowledge in the field by including topics relevant to their domain and other concepts outside the syllabus. Whereas there are a few professors who lack the necessary information about the subjects and stick to the syllabus. However, the overall quality of teaching is remarkable.

Numerous department professors have immense knowledge and experience in their respective fields. These professors are also easily approachable and work hard to provide the necessary resources to the students.

IIT Kanpur Campus

Students have mentioned that the classes of certain professors are unforgettable and have severely impacted them. These professors have created an atmosphere where the students have the motivation to learn more about those subjects that are the most boring and uninteresting. 

Additionally, the professors also help research students with their projects by giving them valuable input and helping them connect with respected personnel in the field to gain more knowledge. They ensure deserving students have all the resources to be innovative and create cutting-edge projects and careers.

In contrast to the good professors, particular members of the faculty are not as interested in imparting education to students. These professors are either too tired or lack the required knowledge in the subjects that can help students further their careers. Also, some problematic professors tend to demotivate students by humiliating them in front of the class or teachers, and by giving them low marks in the exams. 

Although the institute has several educated and experienced professors, the students are advised to be more focused on their studies as, at the end of the day, it's only their hard work that gets paid off. 

New and Improved Infrastructure

As mentioned earlier, the institute has brought in several facilities, not only in the academic infrastructure but also in other areas. What was once a barren land is now a whole of beautiful and valuable infrastructure that is spread across over 1000 acres of land.

The most outstanding features of the campus include its professional-level sports facilities, spacious canteens, well-furnished hostels, and so on. According to the students who graduated from the institute over two decades ago, the infrastructure has developed significantly. 

IITK has state-of-the-art facilities in its classrooms, which are well-equipped with audio-visual facilities for interactive class sessions. Each department has separate buildings that house classrooms, multipurpose rooms, laboratories, workshops and libraries, among other facilities. 

IIT Kanpur campuses

The institute has multiple laboratories that consist of all sorts of instruments and devices that are essential for a wholesome, practical learning experience. Along with that, there are numerous computer labs and workshops that have the latest technology and software to provide the required resources in each field.

Most laboratories are well-maintained and frequently upgraded to keep up with modern technologies. One of the most attractive features of the institute is its flight labs and a private airstrip for Aerospace Engineering students.

IITK has a modern library, which is one of the biggest in the country, with an extensive collection of printed and electronic resources, which includes rare and helpful books, journals, thesis, databases, and subscriptions to numerous academic magazines and newspapers.

The library also has ample seating areas for the students to read and study for the exams. It also has different facilities, such as printers, computers, and scanners, which can be used by students for matters related to their courses and research.

The sports facilities available on campus are of premium quality. There are specific courts and fields for each sport, such as football courts, table tennis spaces, badminton/tennis courts, squash courts, basketball courts, and others. There are adequate, world-class facilities for indoor as well as outdoor sports.

IIT Kanpur Sports

The campus also has several canteen and food stalls that serve different types of food and beverages at cheaper prices. Various outlets of food chains, like Cafe Coffee Day and Domino's, have subsidized rates. The overall quality of food items available is good. The students have different areas around the campus where they can hang out and have food.

Other facilities that make the IITK infrastructure unique include the massive amphitheatre that can seat almost the entire population on campus, 2 supercomputers (IITK is the only one to have them), an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and other world-class facilities.

Multiple Hostels on Campus

IIT Kanpur has around 13 separate hostels within the campus compound with sufficient housing facilities for both male and female students. The allotment of each hostel is based on the course year. Students can opt for single and shared rooms and pay the rent according to their rooms. New hostels were added to the campus recently, with more modern facilities. While the old hostels also have well-furnished rooms, with clean and well-kept bathroom facilities.

The rooms allotted to the first-year students are primarily in the old hostel, which has less space than the new ones, and they do not have the choice to opt for single rooms. Hence, they shared the rooms with other students cramped the space. 

IIT Kanpur Hostel

The newly built hostels are considered to be paradise in comparison to the old ones as the former consist of various facilities and, most importantly, enough space for the students to move around. In any case, the views from these hostels are mesmerizing, and the students have an incredible experience living and sharing with their new-found friends. 

There are no strict rules imposed on the students, and they are free to enter the opposite-gender hostels without any curfews. They are allowed to enter and leave the hostels at their convenience. However, the safety of the students is ensured by the 24/7 security officers placed at different gates and the surveillance cameras at different corners of the campus.

As there are enough housing facilities on campus and it is more convenient to reach the classes, most students stay in the hostels. Other accommodations around the campus, such as PGs and private houses, are available for nominal rents.

Wholesome and Irreplaceable Campus Experience

According to the institute's students, the campus life at IITK is beyond anything they can ask for. With minimal restrictions and rules, the students have the liberty to grow and evolve to their fullest potential through the different opportunities available on campus. The institute also has a very lenient attendance policy. Even though the rules say 75% attendance is mandatory, it depends on the professors' and the students' relationship.

The beautiful features of the campus infrastructure house several late-night talks and celebrations, especially the open-air theatre and the food outlets. The campus is always lively, with some students going to bed early in the morning while others go for jogs.

In terms of the tech and cultural fests, more than half of the country participates in the events conducted by the institute because of its organizational structure. There are several clubs and societies for the students to pursue extracurricular activities, such as dance, music, photography, sports, and others.

IIT Kanpur Fest

The institute gives many platforms and chances for students to polish their skills and showcase their talents. In short, it can be said that the students have the space to take a break and relax from the demanding academic curriculum by indulging in different activities.

Highly Diverse Campus

Several students from different states of the country are part of the crowd at the institute, which contributes to the culturally diverse and rich environment. The institute strongly believes in inclusivity and diversity, encouraging students from different backgrounds to participate in the various activities conducted on campus. The institute also has many international students from different countries, such as the USA, China, and others. 

IIT Kanpur Festival

The institute has a relatively equal number of male and female students, making it a balanced gender ratio across the courses. The student-to-professor balance is also proportional, with sufficient support from the faculties for the academic and personal growth of the female students. Diversity is one of the most significant aspects of the campus culture at IIT Kanpur, which creates a dynamic learning environment.

No Dress Code

The institute has zero rules regarding the dress code. Except for lab coats, there is no particular uniform that the students are expected to wear. The dress code is highly liberal to the point where the students attend classes in t-shirts and shorts.

Strong Placement Records

Due to its reputation created in the past few decades, IIT Kanpur placement drives are top-rated among prestigious companies and organizations, which is beneficial for students from almost all branches. The placement records of the institute have been consistently increasing, with most students securing jobs in leading national and international companies. 

According to the past year’s records, the students who participated and successfully acquired placements were from the Electrical Engineering department, followed by Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and Civil Engineering departments. The average salary package for the Computer Science Engineering branch was INR 42.89 LPA, and for the other courses, including the Science programs, it was between INR 10.80 LPA and INR 33.57 LPA. 

To put it another way, the average CTC for B.Tech students was INR 29.69 LPA, with the median at INR 22.07 LPA. For dual degree programs, the average salary package was at INR 24.31 LPA, and the median was at INR 20 LPA. As for the international offers, around 47 students were hired by global companies with an average salary package of INR 66.48 LPA. 

The connection between the professors and the industry professionals at high positions in reputed companies also helps the students get summer internships, which increases the experience level of the students as well. In addition, the institute has several top-tier alums who have their own companies keen to employ the fresh graduates of IITK.

The top recruiters that return for placement drives conducted at the institute include the following. 

  • Microsoft
  • Goldman Sachs
  • ICICI Bank
  • Rubrik
  • Samsung
  • Accenture
  • Flipkart
  • Ola Cabs
  • Uber Technologies
  • Intel.

Nonetheless, the placement drives can be highly competitive due to the number of students who score high marks throughout the course period. Therefore, students are advised to maintain a decent score during the entire duration of their course and gain as much experience in the field as possible, which helps them enhance their resumes. It is also recommended that they prepare well for the interviews and perform to impress the recruiters.

Comprehensive View of IIT Kanpur

To conclude, the institute promises a holistic approach to academics and other co-curricular activities, ensuring a wholesome college experience for its students. The reputation the institute has managed to create over the past decades plays a vital role in helping students be recognized for their intellectual capacities and academic achievements, as IITK is considered to be among the top IITs in the country. Except for a few drawbacks here and there, being part of the institute is one of the most privileged opportunities for students to kick-start their careers.

The institute ensures the overall development of the students by providing top-notch faculties and the necessary facilities. As the admission process is more tedious than the other institutions in the field, the student crowd at IITK is remarkable, which helps in the sharing and gaining of knowledge across various disciplines. The unique combination of courses and specializations is of great value to those who intend to pursue a career in research studies as well.

Finally, the pros and cons of IIT Kanpur, which makes the institute distinct from the other IITs, are summarized in the following table for reference.



One of the oldest and most prominent among the IITs

Strict grading system

Offers a wide variety of programs in different fields

Several inter-university festivals that can have adverse effects on the students’ academics

Only IIT to have a private airstrip, wind tunnel, and supercomputers

Old and run-down hostels

Has one of the most extensive libraries in the country

Excessive promotion of even the most minor achievements by students

Several sports and hostel facilities

Highly competitive and stressful atmosphere

Flexible academic curriculum

Extremely demanding and obsolete curriculums

Has one of the best research facilities

Unsupportive and irresponsible faculty members

Organizes the most significant cultural and technical events in Asia


Lenient rules and regulations for hostels and classes


*Source:  iit.kanpur Instagram and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Facebook

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