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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, [IISER] Pune

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Reviews

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc], batch of 2021
  • We have two hostels. Fees of hostels are covered in college fees.
  • We have PG and pist-docs too.Food is hygienic , tasty and fresh.
  • Infrastructure is nice quite nice at IISER

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Master of Science [M.Sc] Reviews

Master of Science [M.Sc] (Mathematics), batch of 2012
The only thing in which college needs to gear up is infrastructure, classes need to repaired and labs need to be updated too.

The student hostels or rooms are kept neat and are maintained regularly also the hostel atmosphere is just great.

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Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, [IISER] Pune Infrastructure Details

IISER Pune is now located on a 98-acre land, generously made available by CSIR-NCL. The campus has 37,000 sq. mt of academic space and 80,000 sq. mt of residential space. It is modern, with green, energy efficient and environmental friendly buildings, conforming to GRIHA 4 star rating. In addition to a modern lecture hall complex, research laboratories and main academic building, the campus houses a 128-room guest plus mini convention centre, students’ hostels, guest rooms, and a central dining place. A modern outdoor and indoor sports complex, and faculty & staff housing are under construction.

At IISER Pune we recognize that having the right infrastructure is important for creating an environment conducive to research and education. Follow the links below to know more about the various facilities available at IISER Pune.

Research Facilities

We aim to develop state-of-the-art research infrastructure in various areas of science. The available facilities are rapidly expanding as the institute grows. Follow the links below to know more about the experimental research (and teaching) facilities currently available at IISER Pune.

Computing Facilities

The computing facility and IT infrastructure at IISER Pune caters to all the faculty, students and staff. The institute has a good number of server and workstation class computers for various system administration services. This is apart from  the large number of PCs and worstations that serve the personal computing requirements.


IISER also hosts two e-classrooms funded by Govt. of India and it is connected to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) through a 100 Mbps connectivity. The conncectivity of the NKN will soon be upgraded to 1 Gbps. The NKN connects many other institutions like most of the national laboratories, IITs, IIMs and other IISERs. This facility is used to run classes for students taking courses from different parts of the country.


IISER Pune Library is a creative and innovative partner in teaching, learning and research activities which in turn contributes to the achievement of the institute's mission to become a science university of highest caliber with state of the art research and high quality education. Library has undergone a sea of transformation, not only with doubling of books but also providing online access to all premier journals as well as full-text & bibliographic databases available in the field of science and allied subjects. Efforts are being put to apply ICT in all possible operations and services of library to improve its service quality.

Present Collection Statistics

  • Print Books - 17500

  • e-Books - 6000

  • Print Journals / Magazines - 50

  • e-Journals - 3000

  • Full-Text Databases - 10

  • Bibliographic Databases - 5


  • Location - IISER, Pune is located at a prominent place of Pune having mixed taste of perfect living in Rural & urban locality.

  • Building - Two sets of nine storied building, well spread area, perfect view points and constructed & endowed with modern amenities. Buildings are given 24X7 water & electricity supply and provided fire control system.  Separate floors are given to boys & Girls.

  • Living rooms- Properly constructed and well ventilated, supplied with full set of furniture, bed, mattress etc.

  • Toilet & Bathroom- Common type, provided hot & normal water.

  • Common Room/TV Room/Assembly Room – These rooms are located on different floors convenient to the students. Rooms are well equipped. Common rooms are provided with internet/WiFi facility.

  • Others – Sufficient drinking RO/packaged water on each floor. Each floor has washing machine and cloth drying space & stands.

Food & Refreshment - Outsourced caterers provide food & refreshment. Proper rate contracts are done. Functioning of Mess is monitored by a group of staff from Administration, Faculty, and students by forming “Mess monitoring committee”.  Refreshments are available almost round the clock.

Women's Lounge

A special resting area for women is available on the third floor of the Main Academic Block.

This space has been especially demarcated for pregnant or nursing mothers, disabled individuals, and for cases of sudden emergencies or sickness. It is available to all women including faculty, staff members and students who may be unwell or may need to rest for a while. There are two rooms with attached bathrooms. The rooms are furnished with beds, table and chair, and cupboards. A large common sitting space with a sofa set is also present. The area is Wi-Fi enabled and a phone connection that can be used to place emergency calls is available.

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