IIM Kozhikode Infrastructure: Campus, Hostel & Other Facilities

Maimil Maiti Maimil Maiti | Aug 10, 2023
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Maimil Maiti

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IIM Kozhikode infrastructure offers modern amenities for a better learning experience. Sprawling over the picturesque small hills surrounding the campus, IIMK has been named India's most oxygen-enriched IIM campus. The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode infrastructure includes all types of facilities for students' academic development and comfort. IIM Kozhikode campus area is spread over 112.5 acres.

In addition to a vast accommodation, the college has a smart campus, hostels, a library, sports opportunities, and every other basic amenities required for the staff and students. Some highlighting features of the IIM Kozhikode campus are listed below.


  • The IIM Kozhikode hostel facilities are top-notch and become a home away from home for the students.
  • There are twenty hostels present on campus which can accommodate up to 1400 students.
  • Basic amenities like internet facilities, power backup, and running water are available 24x7 at the IIMK hostels.
  • In addition, washing machines and geysers are also provided in the IIM Kozhikode hostel.
  • The IIM Kozhikode campus hostels include standard rooms, which can also be used as music or recreation rooms.
  • Three canteens work round the clock to cater to the hunger needs of the students at all times of the day. A night canteen is also available on campus.
  • The IIM Kozhikode infrastructure includes various sporting facilities like basketball, badminton, table tennis and other games.


  • The central library of IIM Kozhikode has an extensive collection of books, magazines, project reports and theses.
  • The digital section of the library is well-stocked with regularly updated newsletters, e-journals, e-books and access to databases.
  • The library has been built with different sections, like discussion and database access terminals and has a vast plethora of digital and print media.
  • The IIM Kozhikode library has a collection of 37316 books, over 2 lakh e-books, 22000 e-journals and 164 print journals, 65 databases, 274 videos, 15000 digital reports and 40 print reports, 3700 CD ROMs, 6119 bound titles, 387 cases and 220 annual reports.

Business Museum

  • IIM Kozhikode boasts itself in building the country’s first “Business Museum”, inaugurated in 2012.
  • The museum is one of a kind showcasing various business themes from different time periods. The periods include present, pre-independence, colonial and ancient times and display numerous sectors such as business, technology, private, public, banking and startups.
  • Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode urges organisations and industries to donate to the Business Museum historical artefacts, documents, sculptors, photographs, and models.  


  • IIMK has smart classrooms with modern technology for engaging discussions and lectures.
  • IIM Kozhikode infrastructure consists of classrooms which are air-conditioned with Wi-Fi connections.
  • In addition, LCD projectors, motorised screens, OHPS, audio-visual tools and wireless presenters are also present in the classrooms for “Technology Enhanced Learning” and interactive lectures.


  • Two auditoriums are on the IIM Kozhikode campus, equipped with all the required modern technology and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Various conferences and events are organised at the auditorium, like convocations, conferences and seminars.
  • The two auditoriums have a seating capacity of 250 and 400 people.

Sports Facilities

  • The IIM Kozhikode infrastructure includes various sporting fields and courts.
  • The institute encourages students to participate in sports activities for mental and physical well-being and also to participate in inter-college sports competitions with other IIMs.
  • Outdoor gaming grounds and courts include football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, and badminton courts.
  • The IIM Kozhikode facilities for indoor games include board games like chess, carrom, table tennis set and other such games for the students.

IT Infrastructure

  • IIM Kozhikode campus has a solid and extensive computer network capable of meeting every diverse computing need of the organisation.
  • There are robust computers that can access and retrieve even the oldest of data.
  • The IIM Kozhikode infrastructure for IT has been built on various levels starting from personal computers, then database and file servers, and subsequently, the web and other high-end servers on the next level.
  • The computer network connects all the parts of the IIM Kozhikode campus, from hostels to classrooms to guest rooms.

MDC Infrastructure

  • The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode infrastructure also has the 'Management Development Centre' exclusive to the MDP students.
  • The centre accommodates 116 students in top-notch air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms, televisions with cable, refrigerators and 24x7 Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • A separate dining hall and recreation lounge are also present in the Management Development Centre.
  • IIM Kozhikode infrastructure consists of sports facilities for MDP students, including games of carrom, billiards, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and others,   

Laboratories: The IIM Kozhikode campus has various laboratories for the “Business Intelligence” of the students. The various types of labs include,

  • The Communication and Media Lab for research in multimedia and strengthening business communication through various workshops, interactions and tutorials.
  • The Business Simulation Lab for creating and enhancing actual business. This lab helps students practise and understand the trials and tribulations of business deals in a secure environment.
  • The Ideation Lab at IIMK promotes entrepreneurship and innovation. It helps the students to be creative and create business instances in various discussion and brainstorming sessions.
  • IIM Kozhikode infrastructure also has Video and Conferencing Facility which helps students in all ways. The facilities are used for placement purposes and are also used for live communication between experts and students. All classrooms and auditoriums are also equipped with this video conferencing facility.
  • The Behavioral and Financial Computation Lab aims to understand and work on the behavioural complexities of human nature and use them. In short, this lab converts theoretical knowledge into practical classroom application.

Other IIM Kozhikode Facilities: A few of the additional facilities offered at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode are:

  • Medical facilities
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Parking facilities
  • Air-conditioned guest houses
  • Wi-Fi campus
  • Rainwater harvesting setup
  • Hardware infrastructure
  • Software and IT tools
  • Eating joints and mess facilities
  • All-purpose stores
  • Gym.

IIM Kozhikode Facilities FAQs

What facilities are offered at IIM Kozhikode?

IIM Kozhikode facilities include hostels, a library, smart classrooms, IT infrastructure, auditoriums, laboratories, sports and a state-of-the-art Business Museum. Refer to the points above for more details.

How many IIM Kozhikode hostels are there?

There are 20 IIM Indore hostels, accommodating up to 1400 students. More details about the hostels are given above.

What sports facilities does IIM Kozhikode have?

IIM Kozhikode infrastructure includes various sports fields and courts. Outdoor sports facilities are available for football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Indoor games include board games like chess, carrom, and a game of table tennis.

How many auditoriums are there on the IIM Kozhikode campus?

The IIM Kozhikode campus has two auditoriums, one with a seating capacity of 250 and the other with a capacity of 400 people.

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4 Fees
4.5 Infrastructure

College Infrastructure & Hostel Facilities : There are two hostels, and the hostel fee is INR 20,000 per annum, and the college offers all the necessary facilities.

Entrance Exams & Admissions : The eligibility for admission is 50% of marks in graduation.

Fees & Scholarships : Indian In

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Entrance Exams & Admissions : Eligibility criteria for IIM is a bachelor's degree in any discipline, although around 80-85% of the students who actually made it in here are engineers, from primarily IITs, NITs, etc My batch(2016-18) also has CAs, Doctors, c

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Nishit Jain Batch 2017 PGPM [Post Graduate Programme in Management]
Reviewed on Nov 13, 2016
5 Placements
3 Fees
3.5 Academics
3.5 Infrastructure
4 Campus

College Infrastructure & Hostel Facilities : The hostel is well maintained and air conditioned for first years. Second years are given single room non-ac. Fees are INR 25,000 for mess and hostels included. Extra have to paid at the end of semester

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3 Fees
4.5 Academics
3.5 Infrastructure
4.5 Campus

College Infrastructure & Hostel Facilities : There are 10 hostels in the campus.  Infrastructure is up to the mark. Mess food costs INR 5000 for 3months.

Entrance Exams & Admissions : CAT examination is

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