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The independent mass media representing diverse views are vital to the functioning of democracy, to the pursuit of public welfare, and to the protection of the people’s entitlements.

In India the tradition of a pluralistic, relatively independent press dates back more than two hundred years. Enriched by its active involvement in the freedom struggle, the press has developed impressively since Independence.

“Television has become dominant since the 1990s. Online or ‘New Media’ have registered a sharp and varied growth in recent decades. Radio has proliferated with the auctioning of FM spectrum and is expected to  rapidly advance once the government allows news on these private stations.”

Nevertheless, in India as in other developing countries in Asia, there is a vital need to consolidate media strengths, overcome weaknesses, and raise the professional, intellectual, and ethical standards of journalism, so as to bring the performance of the media up to advanced international levels.

The media can be no better than their practitioners. It follows that the growing demand for trained staff from news organisations must be met with a crop of educated young people, not only with the necessary professional skills but also with the broad knowledge, integrity, and social commitment that will make them outstanding journalists.

The students are endowed with all convenient amenities that make their life” go easy”  in campus and more over make learning make more interesting .

THEY provides training and placement programmes. They maintain their own placement cell and job placement to its student efficiency.  Along with the package of 3 lakh and above per annum.

The SAF-Madanjeet Singh scholarship for the one year postgraduate course at the Asian College of Journalism covers eight countries, viz: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Candidates are required to have cleared an undergraduate course in any discipline. Equivalent course in different SAARC countries are also considered on a case by case basis. The scholarship covers: (a) tuition fees, (b) economy air travel from the scholar's place of residence within SAARC to Chennai and back,


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