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IIHMR University, Jaipur

IIHMR University’s beautiful campus is among the best designed and landscaped campuses in the country. Spread over 14.37 acres, the campus is lush green and punctuated by wonderful buildings, tall trees, and pathways. It is home to over 600 people and has world-class facilities for everyone to share.


  • The University’s Library is housed in a centrally located main University building spread across 292.314sqm (approximately). Spacious reading halls and the latest IT infrastructure provide the right ambience for reading and research in the Library.
  • The library is developing a comprehensive collection of print, digital and media resources on Public Health, Health Systems, Health & Hospital, Pharmaceutical Management, and Development Studies, to fulfill the teaching and research needs of the three schools of the university.
  • It is the first automated library in the state. It is divided into three functional units viz., Technical Unit, Documentation Unit and Information Unit. The staff maintains the records through KOHA (version:
  • The library has a Wi-Fi facility, circulation, web OPAC, and a digital repository available through Greenstone software for the users. The IIHMR University Library also provides RemoteXs facility to current students and faculty.

Computer Center

  • The computer centre is well equipped with state-of-the-art computing resources to cater to the need of academic as well as administrative activities of the University.
  • The IT Center has many prominent features including the latest servers, as many as the latest computers, laptops, laser printers, video conference facility, interactive classrooms, LCD Projectors, online UPS, email server, technically competent software, and hardware professionals.
  • The centre runs on the cloud-based campus agreement with Microsoft which allows using different Microsoft packages for academics. Apart from this, the centre also has statistical packages (SPSS, STATA, ATLAS. Ti), ARC GIS, Microsoft  Office, Antivirus software.
  • Apart from this, it has perpetual software licenses and dedicated hardware for managing e-learning courses.
  • The centre has fibre optic-based wired and Wi-Fi-based wireless local area networks connecting nodes throughout the campus. The centre is outfitted with windows servers and other servers for better communication and interconnection at the internal and external levels.
  • Fast-speed internet access is available with the help of a dedicated Lease line. Internet facility is made available to the staff, students, and training participants for external communication and global exposure to research and training.
  • The use of the internet is closely monitored by a powerful Unified Threat Management appliance fulfilling the norms of the Ministry of Communication and IT (DoT, Gol).
  • All the departments of the University like the Academic, Stores, Accounts, Purchase, Hostels, and Personnel are fully computerized. 

Recreation Facilities

  • The IIHMR Club House, a large beautifully designed two-storey building, provides facilities for indoor and outdoor games.
  • These include a swimming pool, a big gymnasium, a tennis court, a badminton court, a volleyball court, table tennis, chess and other games.
  • It also has facilities for outdoor plays and concerts.

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