Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad - Hostels and Facilities

Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad Infrastructure Details

Facilities :-

Central Library 

Started since the foundation of the Vidyapith in 1920, the Central Library has grown over the years to become one of the richest repositories of books, journals and manuscripts in Gujarat . The library remains open 364 days a year, remaining closed only on the first day of the Vikram Samvat. The membership of the library is open to the public at a nominal fee. Its membership stood at 36,864 but in 2005-06 the total active members are 3006. 

Gujarat Vidyapith Library is a central library with glorious history during independence struggle. It is located in main campus of Gujarat Vidyapith. It has collection of more than 6 lakhs books, volume sets, rare books and reference. Two more Libraries at Sadra and Randheja, Gandhinagar have separate buildings. In 12th Plan, construction of two more levels at Randheja is underway.

Health Centre 

The University Health Centre is a Primary Health Centre, which provides basic medical and para-medical services to the staff and students of the University. 

The University Health Centre in its staff has Medical Officers, Honorary Consultants, Para Medical Staff, Clerk and Servants. 

The services covered are consultative, investigative, preventive and curative type. The Medical Check-up was offered to Teaching, non-teaching staff members and Students. Some specialists’ consulting services covered during the year. 

The associated services offered are domiciliary facilities, observation beds, and Physiotherapy services etc.


Community living is an integral part of Nai Talim, the education pedagogy that Gujarat Vidyapith has accepted and has been trying to propagate. Hence, hostel becomes an important component of student life. The accommodation facility at Gujarat Vidyapith has been modest and comfortable. 

Gujarat Vidyapith have 7 Boys Hostels and 3 Girls Hostels.


Ahmedabad and two other campuses have running track of 400 mtr. There are different grounds for outdoor sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Badminton, and Netball. In addition, Vidyapith also has Gymnasium and Swimming pool. All these facilities are being utilised by students, staff and also by citizens. 

Sadra campus has well known, well developed physical education college where B.PEd and M.PEd courses are offered. There are separate grounds for Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball and Football. A big Gymnasium hall of national standard prepares the students to compete at higher level. A big open stadium is also available at Sadra campus. A well facilitated indoor stadium for Tennis, Carom, and Weight lifting is also available. The impressive facilities of the physical education department including a large variety of sports and necessary equipment for students under the able guidance and supervision of highly qualified teachers acts as a positive incentive for the students. 

Gujarat Vidyapith have 4 Multipurpose Play Ground, 1 Tennis, 7 Volley Ball, 2 Basket Ball, 2 Hand Bal, 4 Kabaddi, 2 Kho-Kho, 3 Badminton and 1 Net Ball Courts for Indoor and Outdoor games. 2 400 meters Tracks and Fields, 2 Gymnasium and 2 Outdoor Stadium.


Ahmedabad campus is facilitated with auditorium with 750 seating capacity. This hall has a unique construction technologies with earth cooling system. However, it should be remembered that this is NOT an alternative to air conditioning, it provides comfort level. This building is constructed with traditional lime mortar and bricks as load bearing structure. It is the first auditorium in Gujarat with natural earth cooling system. This hall is use for Seminars and as prayer hall. 

In addition to that we have 7 halls that are used for dual purposes of seminar and community prayer in different educational buildings. These halls are adequately furnished, well equipped and well maintained. 

The two rural campuses also have adequately equipped, well-furnished and well maintained seminar and prayer halls. Gujarat Vidyapith follows Indian Traditional Sitting Arrangement, the low sitting arrangement. This helps the staff and students to develop a strict discipline.


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