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Pratiki Patra Pratiki Patra | Feb 8, 2024

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Pratiki Patra
Pratiki Patra

Updated on - Feb 8, 2024

Even after 40 years since its existence, Bharath University has many crucial aspects, such as placement records and infrastructure, to ramp up. Students are also displeased with the management for not paying heed to their problems.

GetMyUni's Verdict on Bharath University

Bharat University came into existence 40 years ago. By now, it should have been one of the most promising universities catering to a multitude of students for countless benefits. Yet, it has fallen back on many vital attributes to be considered a viable option for many. To begin with, Bharath University is not unique in itself. It is most likely similar to many other private universities in the country. 

Closely following the students’ reactions on various online forums reveals a mixed bag of emotions from them. Many have greatly complimented the university, having received a good education and a fruitful journey on campus. While many of them have been disappointed with it. Many have expressed that management is efficient in providing average education. 

It is important to note that any university will have its own pros and cons. Bharath University is no different. However, it is essential to consider whether the cons outweigh the pros. In such a case, students should be careful. 

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Similar Academic Curriculum

Bharath University does not follow a distinct approach when it comes to structuring the course curriculum. It is similar to many other private universities. Although, indeed, it is in line with the UGC guidelines. The course curriculum is abreast with current topics.

While many departments like Engineering have top-quality education, many of the departments are yet to keep up with the same. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. These degrees are offered in a variety of fields like Engineering, Arts, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Architecture, Allied Health Sciences, and many more. Among its popular courses are B.Tech and Biotechnology.

Students have often been disgruntled about the exams scheduled being announced late. This gives them far less time to prepare for the semester examinations. This has been a constant struggle for the students, which the management hasn't paid heed to. However, the examination does not sit on top of the difficulty scale.

The exams are moderate in nature, and the majority of the students are able to pass the examination. Furthermore, the syllabus is often not completed on time for many subjects. 

Expensive Course Fees

Bharath University course fees are heavy on the student's pockets. Since it is a private university, it charges a hefty amount for every course. For example l, for a B.Tech course, students must spend INR 6,00,000 on the entire course. For MBA and M.Tech, students need to pay INR 2,00,00, and for M.Arch, INR 2,40,000 need to be paid. Given this, not everyone can afford it.

Furthermore, only a handful of scholarships are offered to students. That is so, as the university helps in securing student loans. Despite such help, it is imperative to note that in the end, students themselves have to repay the loan. There is also a looming concern over university placements. Thus, it becomes a tricky affair for many students to avail of academic loans.

Knowledgeable Faculties

Bharath University employs knowledgeable faculty members who hold higher qualifications. They are supportive towards the students and help them with their doubts and queries. They also incorporate case studies and other interactive methods to make the class lectures exciting and hold the students’ attention for a more extended period.

On several online discussion forums, students have noted that a few faculty members lack dedication towards their work; neither are they interested in helping students nor do they make any effort to make the lectures interesting. However, with time, such faculties have become far less numerous. 

Average Infrastructure

Bharath University has insufficient and ineffective infrastructural capabilities in many areas. The laboratories, even though they are present in each department, have many dysfunctional facilities. Many of them are also outdated and need immediate replacement. The classrooms are built spaciously and seat the students comfortably. They are built in traditional styles.

Among the most appreciable facilities of the university is its library. It is of quite considerable capacity and stocks books in a variety of genres. Apart from books, it includes periodicals, research papers, newspapers, publications, magazines, etc.

Among its other good facilities is its medical centre, which is open for emergencies and provides first aid for students, faculty members, and staff. There is good internet connectivity throughout the campus as well.

There are small yet good sports facilities inside the campus. There are provisions for sports such as cricket, volleyball, and basketball, etc. The canteen is present inside the campus perimeters. However, students have vehemently complained about its quality and variety. The campus premises are safely secured with a sound security system.

Comfortable Hostels

Bharath University has multiple hostel facilities available to boys and girls. The hostel rooms are available on a twin or triple-sharing basis. It contains all the basic amenities like a cot, table, chair, etc. Students can choose between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms. There are also laundry, gymnasium, and recreational rooms available at the students' disposal.

The hostels have their own dining halls catering to the students' food needs. However, students have complained about the food quality. The average hostel fees per year come around between INR 32,500 to INR 65,000. In addition, the mess fee is around INR 50,000, which needs to be paid.

Adding all up, the hostel facilities are very expensive for the students. They can also decide to stay outside in the city where various good hostel facilities are available at a variety of price points. 

Mixed Placement Record

The placement scenario at Bharath University varies with departments. While the Engineering department sees the most number of students getting placed, many departments, such as Biotechnology, do not see any recruitment at all. Such cases only add major concerns in the student's life, whose significant aim is to get placed.

The placement cell provides support to the students in grooming them professionally and increasing their chances of getting employed. The highest salary offered is around INR 10 LPA, while the average salary offered is around INR 3.60 LPA. The compensation from the students can undoubtedly be improved by negotiation from the administration's side.

Monotonous Campus Life

Life at Bharath Campus can be monotonous, even though various festivals and events are celebrated throughout the year. Apart from academics, students are not much encouraged to participate in any other events or extracurricular activities. Moreover, the university is strict about rules and regulations. Even though there is no set dress code or uniform, they are expected to dress formally. They also need to maintain a strict 75% attendance record. 

When it comes to diversity, not many can be observed either. Furthermore, there is a vast disparity between the male and female students, the latter being strikingly less. Students often will say that they have not enjoyed college life to its full potential and get disappointed about the same.

Is Bharath University Worth it?

If solely getting a good education is the primary goal, then Bharath University will provide a good return on investment. However, if one is looking beyond academics, then the students must be careful and speak to various alumni and administration before choosing Bharath University. The university is lacking on various fronts, such as infrastructure, placements, college life, etc. They do not also get ample exposure for the same.

Here's a consolidated list of pros and cons for Bharath University:



Knowledgeable Faculties

Expensive Course Fees 

Updated Academics 

Similar to Other Universities Course Curriculum 


Lacking Infrastructure 


Poor Placement Record 


Monotonous Campus Life 


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