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Reviews on Infra/Hostels of Auroras Degree College, [ADC] Hyderabad

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Reviews

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Life Sciences), batch of 2021

PGs are available outside the college, and it costs INR 4,500 per month.

The classrooms, labs, and libraries are good.

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Biotechnology), batch of 2005

3 hostels...fees structure not sure. Very hood PG options around the location of college. The food in college canteen is ok. The quality of calssrooms, labs is good. Library is very good

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc], batch of 2018

There are no college hostels. We can get a lot of hostels nearby college. The fee for the hostel is INR 3500 minimum per month The quality of classrooms, labs, libraries, dining halls all are where good. There is also WiFi about they don't say password for as. We can get password easily.

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Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.} Reviews

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}, batch of 2019

I am staying in hostel per month 5k

Food was ok

Atmosphere was good

Classrooms are big and our college has a library

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}, batch of 2021

Don't know much about hostels

Dont know about PG

Food is not provided in college

Classrooms are good and have good ventilation. The library is also very useful and provides us with the necessary books

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}, batch of 2014

The infrastructure of the college is good.

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Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] Reviews

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2018
  • There are two to three hostels near Auroras Degree College and which are very good and clean maintained...coming to the classrooms they r the best place of our college labs and libraries also

Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com], batch of 2016
  • I think there is a separate hostel for students ,no idea regarding the fees.
  • We don't have canteen
  • Classrooms are good and library is good as well.

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Auroras Degree College, [ADC] Hyderabad Infrastructure Details



  • After the advent of internet, there has been an explosion of knowledge. There is no possibility of students coming up with excuses on lack of information in the ever increasing competition. Aurora's Degree college understood this importance very early and established 'Sharada Mandir', a repository of books, periodicals, journals, magazines and newspapers.
  • To inculcate reading habit among the students, faculty meet students in the library engaging them in conversations, conducting book reviews and encouraging review of literature for projects. Involving students so early in projects and literature review inculcates a research bent of mind. This explains the huge number of Aurora alumni working as post doctoral fellows in institutions across the world.
  • The library subscribes more than 50 national and international journals and has a large collection of reference books on advanced disciplines that are aimed at developing students beyond their curriculum.
  • It not only consists of textbooks, newspapers, reference books, journals and magazine sections but also has a section devoted to an archival of editorial clippings and important articles compiled on various interesting subjects.
  • A dynamic CD library is also available for presenting data and information in bytes. Furthermore, information is compiled for the students from various international websites and is collated topic-wise in the form of printouts. The library has many motivational books for general reading.

Digital Library -

  • The knowledge center provides access to an excellent knowledge repository in the form of a digital library having a vast collection of movies, subject related programmes, video archives of college festivals, short films made by the students themselves. The academic repository has many digitized journals, newsletters, papers.

Commerce Lab

  • Students practice their theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. Mock commerce and business activities are undertaken in laboratory. Students develop self-confidence in running a business profitably and understanding the practical difficulties through simulations and discussions.
  • JAM sessions, simulation of stock exchange and trading, group discussion, small group activities and presentations in large group are few activities conducted by the laboratory on a regular basis. Students involve in critical thinking activities followed by meeting corporate leaders and taking their interviews.
  • At the end of the academic year, students visit industries and learn through demonstration. They document this experience and submit to the concerned faculty.

Computer Lab

  • It functions in tandem with the Commerce lab in conducting IT workshops. The lab has systems equipped with accounting package 'Tally' with the objective of learning computerized accounting methods.

Mathematics Lab:

  • Students get an opportunity to explore mathematical concepts, verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities which enable stimulating interest and develop passion for learning mathematics.
  • Complete theme based ambience helps students explore and experience mathematics. Learning aids comprise Videos, Manipulative, Measuring Instruments, Tables, and Charts. The laboratory encourages students to visualize, assimilate concepts while interacting amongst themselves and with the teacher.

Electronics Lab:

  • The electronics laboratory has all necessary facilities for conducting experiments of basic electronics by the UG students with different training kits and general purpose equipments and measurement setups. Every student has to undergo practical training and also carry out a Project during their course work.

Statistics Lab:

  • This laboratory provides explorative and interactive tools in statistics that include simulations of statistical problems. This enables complex statistical relations easy to understand. Students get to understand data frames, frequency tables, random numbers or matrixes in user-friendly way.


  • Students are made to learn the concerned theoretical aspects before involving in the concerned practical. This includes setting of apparatus, making of circuits, recording data, carrying out calculations using suitable formulae, and drawing graphs. The practical methodology creates the urge of raising questions involving 'whys' in physics which is a crucial aspects of teaching-learning process.

Computer Science Lab:

  • The largest laboratory in the college, the computer science laboratory has computers installed to cater to the needs of students from various combinations in Physical sciences and commerce.
  • Variety of programmes are administered through our central computer lab facility - academic practicals, career oriented programmes, software certification, student faculty interaction, feedback entries, internet browsing, PC Hardware trouble shooting, Network trouble shooting, and Software exhibitions in addition to competitions and power point presentation preparations.

Microbiology Lab:

  • One of the oldest laboratories established in the college, Microbiology laboratory offers requirement infrastructure to promote fundamental research in the subject area. Students get an opportunity to work on Bacteria, Fungi, and Algae from cultivation to observation.
  • Students have done projects in Medicinal microbiology and Microbial biotechnology. Students isolate microbes in pure culture and observe them taking the assistance of faculty in identification.

Biochemistry lab:

  • A well equipped state-of-the art laboratory that provides adequate hands-on training to the students in techniques of biochemistry.
  • Students get to work on blood group testing, Rh factor determination, RBC and WBC count, various estimations and analysis of components.
  • Students will learn how to formulate scientific questions, how to apply their knowledge for scientific enquiry, and to develop their critical thinking skills.
  • Students can also get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art research facilities and experimental techniques.

Computer Science

  • The largest laboratory in the college, the computer science laboratory has computers installed to cater to the needs of students from various combinations in Physical sciences and commerce.
  • Variety of programmes are administered through our central computer lab facility - academic practicals, career oriented programmes, software certification, student faculty interaction, feedback entries, internet browsing, PC Hardware trouble shooting, Network trouble shooting, and Software exhibitions in addition to competitions and power point presentation preparations.


  • The Department of Biotechnology aims at providing fundamental-yet-quality education in Biotechnology preparing students for a career in basic research as well as application orientation for placement in industry. Students have basic facilities to work on plant and animal biotechnology.


  • The Department offers the oldest laboratory with well equipped binocular microscopes. Students get to work on projects on drosophila culture, plant tissue culture experiments, along with basic projects in genetic engineering and biomedical genetics.
  • The laboratory offers exciting projects all round the year with students preparing working models and participating in scientific debates.


  • The Department offers two spacious laboratories having the required infrastructure for undergraduate curriculum and summer projects. The labs have all the reagents and chemicals required for projects. Chemisty being a common subject in Life Sciences helps in bridging the gap for all areas of biology combinations.


  • Despite having enormous wealth and prosperity all around, there are serious health concerns plaguing Indian students. Sports and various physical activities act as stress busters inducing good habits among students.
  • Apart from physical benefits like increased muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance, physical activities help in physiological benefits like memory and positive mind. The objective of school of physical sciences is to increase awareness on vigor, enthusiasm, and efficiency, develop knowledge on healthy living and relaxation and inculcate discipline among students.
  • Aurora student teams participate regularly in inter collegiate tournaments of Osmania University. Coaching camps are regularly conducted in games like Table tennis, Volley ball, Basket ball, Athletics, Korf ball, Boxing, Badminton, Chess, Carroms, Soft ball, Cricket and Swimming.
  • The college team won the Red Bull Inter college cricket tournament at state level and qualified for the All India meet held at Mysore. College team secured first place in inter college ball badminton championship and soft ball tournament.


  • Health plays an important role in every field of life. Physical exercise is of utmost importance in the present context considering the sedentary lifestyle of people. Gym aids the physical fitness maintenance of the students. It is equipped with all modern equipment. It also helps in easing the mental stress accumulated in the students.

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