Basic Training Certificate or BTC is a Diploma certificate educational program. The duration of the course is two years. This program is recognised by the NCTE, Govt of India. BTC course is ideal for the candidates who are aspiring for government assistant teacher position. The course highly focuses on imparting sound knowledge on the psychology of the students and the primary education subjects.

BTC Course Fees:

The Basic Training Certificate course fees ranges from INR 1800 to INR 1.3L for the duration of two years. The course fee may change according to the institution.

BTC Course Details

Degree Certificate
Full Form Basic Training Certificate
Duration Course Duration of Basic Teacher Certificate [BTC] is 2 Years.
Age No age limit
Minimum Percentage Minimum 50 % in any undergraduate program
Average Fees Incurred INR 1800 to INR 1.3L
Average Salary Offered INR 5L TO 10L
Employment Roles Nursery Teacher, Primary Teacher, Higher Secondary Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Special Education Teacher

Basic Training Certification Course

BTC is a certification course with the duration of two years. The course is best for candidates who are willing to pursue their career as a primary teacher. It also opens paths for government career. After the completion of the course, the candidates can work as Assistant Teacher in government and Private schools.

The course guides with the behavioural ethics of the teachers , psychological and cognitive development of the students and various methods of teaching. Teaching profession is one of the most highly renowned and a responsible profession that sculpts the young minds of the future generation.

What is BTC Course?

BTC or Bachelor Basic Training Certificate is a diploma course with duration of two years. The course inculcates the aids for proper development of students with its syllabus modules. The course instils on proper values and principles to take up the challenging teaching profession. BTC program tend to the formative years of the future teacher as they play a very influential ro

le in the society.

Teaching as profession acts as a systematic body and a transmitter of knowledge as it influences the different spheres of human life. The course focus on the common code of ethics and behavioural conducts of the teacher.

why choose Basic Training Certification Course?

Teaching is one of the highly renowned and responsible profession. BTC course inculcates the candidates the true professionalism to abide in a long run. The major profile of the graduates can be nursery teacher, primary teacher, higher secondary teacher, elementary teacher and special education teacher. The graduates of this course has the opportunity to work in Nurseries, special schools, Schools, private tuition centres and other institutions.

BTC Course Eligibility Criteria:

BTC eligibility criteria allows graduates from all majors to pursue this diploma certification course. Minimum 50 percentage in any graduation degree. The minimum score may vary according to the institutions and the candidates may have to clear institution specific entrance.

Basic Training Certification Course Admission:

The candidates can apply both online and offline. The candidates are required to submit all the necessary original documents and graduation marksheet for the admission process. Admission process for the Basic Training certificate course is purely based on the selection criteria of NCTE or National Council for Teacher Education and also the concerning the stare government.

BTC Course Subjects:


S. No



Child Development and Education Law


Environmental Studies


First language as Hindi


2nd Language as English or Urdu or Sanskrit





BTC Course Preparation Tips:

Get to know the Exam Structure: The candidates must have a clarity of the course and exam structure in order score higher grades. The syllabus and the exam pattern are the great tools crack the exams.

Timely preparation: Time and tide waits for none. Hence timely preparation is the hack to crack the exams. Get the right study materials and cover all the required topics and prepare on time and don’t procrastinate your preparation schedules.

Just before the exams be through off all your exam topics, syllabus and allocate proper timing to study all the concepts. While preparing for the exams always aim the best. Crack the exams with excellent marks. Self study or a crash course will increase your efficacy.

Revise: Make detailed notes of all your subjects. This will help you to have a quick revision before the examinations.

Give more focus on Child Development and Pedagogy. This subject doesn’t focus on the Mathematics but involves child behaviour, cognitive psychology and other psychological interpretations. Grasp the humanities section with full understanding.

Mock Tests will give you confidence to face the examinations without fear. You can also prefer to go to a coaching center to grasp all the essential syllabus of the course.

BTC Course Colleges:

  • Ishaan Institute of Management and Technology
  • Lovely Professional University
  • Punjab College
  • National Institute of Information Technology
  • Amity International School

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