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Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics & Communication Engineering) | Batch of 2017

Prodipto Haldar's Review on Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, [JGEC] West Bengal

Overall Rating : 9 / 10

Written on 23 Jan 2017

Academics & Faculty
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10 /10

  • The daily routine at Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is a break from 1:20 pm to 2:35 pm in noon for lunch.
  • The teachers are extremely good and intelligent given their bright academic background. Most of them are from IITs or NITs. Some of them have IEEE affiliations and most of them are Ph.D. holders while others are currently pursuing their PhDs along with their teaching.
  • They are always helpful and also take extra classes for hard topics in the course. They are capable of making every subject joyous and take out the common tiredness of the students by taking great classes.
  • The teachers take internal exams and class tests that prepare the students for their semester as well as technical tests that final years students have to take for placements.
  • My overall experience in college is extremely great.

Fees & Scholarship
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9 /10

  • The course fee per year varies department wise at Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College such as:
  1. Mechanical, Electrical or Civil- Rs. 5,000 per sem i.e. 6 months.
  2. Electronics and communication are Rs. 7,000 per sem.
  3. Computer science engineering and IT is Rs. 12,000 per sem.
  • If you are a needy student you will definitely get any one of the scholarships. Students are helped with many financial aids. Also, many alumni from our college give financial aid to the students, thus protecting a true senior-junior relationship.
  • Also, there are many sources available for loans. Our college has an in campus SBI bank (Danguajhar branch). From here students can easily avail many loan schemes for studying in this college. The bank personnel is very helpful in this procedures.

Placements & Alumni Network
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7 /10

  • There are plenty of scholarships available from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College to financially weak and minority students.
  • There is half-fee full-fee scholarships available from this college and many others like MOMA scholarships for minorities, TFW(tuition fee waiver) students get full free tuition fee.
  • There are also ONGC scholarship, IOCL scholarship, OBC scholarship and plenty of other scholarship schemes for needy students only.
  • Placements taking place in this college is quite good. Up to 70-80% students get placed every year of the total graduates passing out.
  • The popular companies visiting this college are TCS, CTS, SPCL, Bharat Electronics, Ericsson, Fusioncharts, Kreeti Technologies, PCS Global.
  • Average salary figure is Rs. 3.5 Lakhs per annum and the highest Packages is Rs. 11 lakh pa has been secured from our college in the past years.
  • Students getting into IT companies get hired as a program analyst, graduate engineering trainees, and others.
  • The alumni network in our college is extremely active and connected and is as vast and spread across the world as any other good universities.
  • Alumni from our college are now working in NASA, ISRO, many are established a high profile as outstanding entrepreneurs.

Infrastructure & Transportation
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8 /10

  • There are total 5 hostels present in Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College: BH-1 (for 2nd yr), BH-2 (for 1st yr), BH-3(for 4th yr), BH-4 (for 3rd yr) and Ladies hostel.
  • The hostel fees including food are Rs. 12,000 per sem (6 months). Needless to say that those hostel are in excellent conditions. The rooms have chairs, tables, beds. Students may have to share a room with other roommates. 
  • The food in hostels is good having chicken in 3 days of the week, 3 days fish and 1-day veg.
  • Also sometimes the hostels have ID(Ideal Dinner) and GIDs(grand ideal dinner) and then a grand feast takes place in our hostels.
  • Also, those who do not want to stay in hostels, many messes, PG options are also there for the students. Around 1km from our college, there are plenty of mess available both for girls as well as boys with nominal costs. It is very easy to avail a mess or Pg in this area due to our college.
  • The classrooms are excellent fully equipped with green boards, desks, chairs, fans, lights, LAN ports(only for teachers) making a great place to concentrate and study.
  • The LABs of our college are also in good condition except for ECE department.
  • The workshops are also in great condition.
  • There is a new auditorium being built with sound-reflecting walls and more spacious one.
  • Currently the college provides an ultra fast internet to administrative buildings and classrooms only but not to the hostels. 
  • There are also plenty of playgrounds available on campus.

Clubs & Associations
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10 /10

  • There are many clubs held in Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College. These are:
  1. Sports Club
  2. Nature Club
  3. Music Club
  4. Dance Club
  5. Trekking Club
  6. Drama Club
  7. Center for Innovation (CFI)
  • These clubs take part in various competitions both in and outside our college.
  • There is also a fully equipped GYM with all facilities available both for boys and girls. There are basketball, tennis, badminton, volley courts spread across our campus.
  • The main festival of our college is JECLAT. It is the annual cultural fest of our college and is the largest fest of north Bengal. 
  • We have many events like wall painting, tshirt painting, roadies, social night and cultural night and rangotsav in JECLAT. Students have too much fun in this fest.
  • Our techfest is Sristi. Colleges conduct various events like robotics, mock press conference, mock parliament, B.Plan in Sristi.
  • The techfest is the largest techfest in north bengal. There are also attractive prize money for the competitions.
  • Life in our college is the best.

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Process
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  • JGEC is one of the most prestigious institutions of West Bengal. It comes under 2nd rank after Jadavpur University. Now like JU and BESU, JGEC is also an autonomous college.
  • The eligibility criteria is must have a rank under 4000 in WBJEE engineering entrance exam to get core branches like electrical, mechanical and civil.
  • Must have rank under 7000 in WBJEE to get noncore courses like ECE, cse, IT. I am talking about general category students. For other categories, the cutoff ranks are much higher and go up to 30000.
  • You have to take WBJEE entrance exam to get admission in this college.
  • Also, there is decentralized counseling through which vacant seats are filled in on spot counseling inside the college. The decentralised counselling dates will be notified by the colleges.
  • I had 3281 ranks in WBJEE and I got Electrical Engeering course in the 3rd round of counseling, that too in 2013. 
  • The admission process is very smooth.


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As it\'s a govt. college, so the college fees are not so expensive.. The figure is affordable. For ECE, CSE students the fees are INR 7510/- , for CE, ME, EE students the fees are INR 5510/- and for IT students INR 12000/-. Those students who are suffering from financial problems get the facility of Full-Fee-Scholarship & Half-Fee-Scholarship.


The technical fest organized in the campus is SRISTI and the cultural is JECLAT. SRISTI is continued for 4 days where there are many events like Bridge the Gap, Code Chronicles, Robo Soccer, Brain Treasure etc and gaming section like Counter Strike, NFS, FIFA etc. An online event also is held in SRISTI named SHERLOCKED based on solving technical puzzles. Every event carries an attractive prize money also. The cultural fest JECLAT to be held in our campus is the biggest cultural fest in North Bengal. It continues for 1 week. This fest has many interesting events, programmes like Malley, Treasure Hu...

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I have done internships with IIM Bangalore. Many companies hire from our college like ROBERT BOSCH, SHAPOORJI, PALLOJI, L&T, TCS, CTS, IBM, CAPGEMINI, TECH MAHINDRA, PAHARPOOR COOLING TOWERS, WBSEDCL, VEDA IIT, KOTAK, MAHINDRA, AMAZON etc. The average salary is INR 3.5 lakhs per annum. Almost 80% of the students get placed.The highest salary offered was INR 12 lakhs per annum. The alumni network is good.


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