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IOM 2024 Reference Books

The SilverZone foundation's International Olympiad of Mathematics is conducted for classes 1 to 12 across the globe. These examinations are highly beneficial for a child and also for the teacher to understand the strengths and weaknesses in the subject, maths in particular. We recommend students to follow the SilverZone's reference books as this gives you a direction for the required information.

SilverZone IOM Reference Books

International Olympiad of Mathematics (IOM) 2024 Preparation Guide

International Olympiad of Mathematics which is conducted by Silverzone foundation for students from all over the world. IOM is conducted to test the competence and proficiency in Mathematics and is held annually at the National and International levels, based on the syllabus prescribed by CBSE/ ICSE/ CBSE and the other State Boards. Apart from the syllabus of International Olympiad Mathematics, a part of the test paper is based on Applied Mathematics.

Olympiad Excellence Guide

  • The Silverzone foundation conducts Olympiads which are scientifically designed diagnostic tests that can be taken by the students studying in classes 1 to 12, irrespective of the boards in which they study.

  • These examinations are very helpful as they make the child, the parent and the teacher understand the strengths and weaknesses in basic subjects.

  • For gaining success in these competitive examinations SilverZone organization has introduced the Olympiad Excellence Guide.

  • This guide and model test papers together serve as a boon for participants as these are highly beneficial in attaining high marks in the exams. In-depth analysis of each topic, followed by relevant practical and illustrative examples are key features of this guide.

  • Practice exercises provided at the end are of great help to students.

  • All questions will be in MCQ format. Important topics should be practiced upon concept building and problem-solving skills. Self-evaluation tests help in building the confidence of students to a great extent. The sample OMR sheet provided at the end of the book is highly recommended as it gives a rough idea about the pattern of IOM exam.

  • This book is an excellent guide for any Olympiad aspirants of classes 1-10 and it is a learning and preparatory tool for students

 Olympiad Comprehensive Book

  • From the last 15 years, Silverzone Foundation has been victorious in conducting Olympiads on the National / International level.

  • The motive behind conducting such an examination is to enhance for gaining mastery over such an examination, Olympiad Comprehensive Book is highly recommended. These books are highly beneficial to students as these contain questions that enhance the participant’s ability to think and reason abstractly.

  • These IOM 2024 Reference Book cover chapter-wise study material, one sample test paper, an OMR sheet sample with answers and many more features. Students taking part in the IOM examination can purchase these books and attain a remarkable score.

  • As of now, all the competitive exams are now online. It indicates any preparation is incomplete without giving online tests. But this Olympiad Comprehensive Book keeps you safe from that worry too.

  • With this Olympiad Comprehensive book, you will also be getting many key points to gain success as these books contain sufficient material that is apt for cracking any competitive examination.

  • These Books are apt for summarised, quick revision of all topics.

Previous Years Question Papers

  • Silverzone Foundation has made a major contribution to enhancing the student's growth academically by conducting Olympiads on the National / International level.

  • These Olympiads serve as a boon for participants as these help in overall development.

  • The result of the exam does not indicate pass or fail for the participants so the fear of losing or failing in a particular exam does not bother the children and they give the exam without stress.

  • This adds to the encouragement of the children to participate in various competitive examinations as by studying Previous Year papers, their morale is boosted.

  • These papers are of great help as by solving these papers the students are encouraged to give exams fearlessly as they are aware of the pattern of the exam conducted in the previous year.

  • These papers serve as a kind of rehearsal for participants to a certain level. These will also help you to understand the syllabus, pattern and how the pattern and difficulty levels have evolved over the years.

  • By solving these papers the participant can find out your shortcomings and accordingly prepare for the current exam he/she wishes to crack this year.

  • Thus, previous year papers and are the best way to get a clear idea of the exam pattern and difficulty level of questions, all questions will be provided with answers and detailed explanations.

  • Along with Previous papers practice IOM 2024 Sample papers which are prepared by official authority based on previous year papers.

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