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International Olympiad of Mathematics 2023 Registration

International Olympiad of Mathematics is a mathematics competition conducted each year by the SilverZone foundation. The Olympiad conducted for students of classes 1 to 12 aims to identify and support students who are exceptionally good at math and also for students who need a platform to improve their practical skills using their theoretical knowledge. IOM also helps students to compete with other students from across the country or world. It helps them judge their mathematical skills.

The results of the IOM will give students an idea of their academic growth. SilveZone recommends students to write IOM who are studying math as a subject. Given below is the process to apply for the IOM exam.

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IOM 2023 Important Dates

Here are the important dates for the International Olympiad of Mathematics exam conducted by the SilverZone Foundation.

IOM 2023 Important Dates



Last date of application

  • Aug 31, 2023

IMO exam (offline mode)

  • Nov 23, 2023 and Dec 20, 2023

Result announcement of SilverZone IOM level 1 exam

January 2024 (Tentative)

SilverZone IOM 2021 level 2 examination

January or February 2024

SilverZone IOM 2021 level 2 results

The second week of March 2024

Level 3 examination for SilverZone Olympiad for mathematics

May - June 2024

IOM 2023 Application Process

  • The students participate in their respective schools. The venue for this exam will be their school where the candidates will apply through their school.

  • The registration form of IOM can be availed from any of the SilverZone school centers. The duly filled application form will reach the centers by the date given. The schools have to submit the registration forms before the due date.
  • Since IOM does not encourage and permit individual participation, a minimum of 20 students from every school should participate.

  • The registration sheet for the schools and the information booklet will be delivered to schools all over India.
    It is the responsibility of the coordinating teachers of the schools to generate the roll numbers for students as per the given guidelines and instructions.

  • Finally, a copy of the roll numbers with all candidate’s registration and school registration sheets should be given to the foundation office within 30 days before the IOM exam date.

  • For every child, It’s good to appear for talent exams because it improves reading & writing skills as well as the overall knowledge of the subject. So candidates, who all are interested in the talent examination need to apply for the examination.

  • The application form links are given on the official website. Registrants can download the application form from the official website. The application form consists of three forms, one for the student, second for the school, third for the parents.

IOM 2023 Application Fees

  • The application form is available on the official website for schools to register for SilverZone IOM Olympiad 2023. Participating schools will be submitting students’ participation forms with the name of students to SilverZone Foundation.

  • The last date of application falls on August 2023. The fee for participation for IOM 2023 is Rs. 120 per student.

IOM 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Level 1

Level 1 exam is open to all students of classes 1 to 12 irrespective of marks obtained. These eligibility criteria can increase the participation rate for the IOM exam. Class 1 to 12 school students pursuing education within the country or abroad can be a part of the IOM level 1 exam.

Eligibility for Level 2 exam

Only those students who qualify with the maximum performance in the level 1 exam are then shortlisted for level 2. The following are the eligible students for the level 2 exam:

  • From each class, the top 5% of students will be eligible for the level 2 exam.

  • Top 25 zone wise and class wise rank holders will also be eligible

  • Class toppers from each participating school where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam and score 50% qualifying marks.

  • In the case of section-wise registration, the top rank holder will be eligible for level 2.

However, it must be noted that class 1 and 2 students don’t need to appear for the level 2 exam. Their performance will be judged based on the level 1 exam only.

Note: If you have any queries/questions regarding the Olympiad Exams comment below.

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