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IAIS English Syllabus 2023

Exams conducted by IAIS Foundation are contrasting to what most other Olympiads conduct. The exams are investigative rather than competitive and help assess students in specific skill areas. IAIS English syllabus 2023 is similar to the Indian schooling system.

IAIS English 2023 Syllabus

Subject areas where students are tested are given below. The difficulty and the depth of questioning for each area vary for each class.

  • Reading for meaning in factual texts: the factual text is texted, true information, and proved in the physical world. It can be a snippet from a research paper or a clipping from a textbook.

  • Reading for meaning in literary texts: the literary texts are texts taken from literature and are in the form of a novel, a poem, a short story, or anything else. These represent the creative side and uses several textual devices and depend on syntax.

  • Textual devices are structures used by writers to make readers understand his message in simple terms. Examples of textual devices are metaphors, similes, tense, allegory, etc.

  • Syntax: it is the order of arrangement in the English language, may it be in a sentence or a phrase.

  • Vocabulary: students have to read several types of newspapers clipping, advertisements, diary entries, comics, etc. The students need to understand what the particular piece of text is trying to convey and note the important points to answer the questions.

IAIS English Syllabus 2023 Important Instructions

ICAS questions require students to understand mathematical concepts fully. The content differs throughout the papers to ensure they are suitable for year levels.

  • The syllabus is similar to the Indian curriculum.

  • It will provide a roadmap to the student for better preparation.

  • It will help students in getting familiar with the pattern of questions asked in the exam.

  • Every student can solve the IAIS English sample paper for direction and effective preparation.

  • The question asked in these competitive exams are quite different from the questions asked in the academic exam.

  • IAIS/ICAS Olympiad tests the conceptual learning and logical skill behind every question.

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